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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Hey everybody, long time lurker, first time poster.


Kings Island is my home park now. Been going to Cedar Point since 1985. Since I moved to Indy I wanted a closer park to call home and i'm happy that Kings Island is that place.


I will be at the park a bunch this summer, at least once a week. I will be starting this adventure on May 3rd. I was thinking about going this Saturday but it looks like the weather isn't going to cooperate. If anyone is going to be there on Friday the 3rd I would love to meet up with some TPR peeps. I will be with a friend from college that hasn't been there in 10 years.


Thanks everyone.

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Are this year's "Education Days" the KI version of other parks' physics day? Have they been spreading it out like this in previous years? I would suppose that this would level out the crowds a little better than having just one day or weekend for such events. I have heard that some parks can be inordinately busy on their physics day.

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The thing is that no one under 35 remembers ever seeing anything Brady, it just seems to me to be a really long reach to get people at the park.



I remember watching the Brady Bunch as a kid. It was one of my favorite shows. I still see it when I am at my parents house (I don't have a television) on the retro channels... and I'm only 19...

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I might go on Sunday if I don't work to get my pass processed and ride Diamondback.


PS For those who don't know, KI has webcams, and I generally check them before I go to make sure there's not a random crowd.


You won't get in on Sunday.


They are closed for a private party.

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FTFY? Pardon my age, but I don't understand this text speak. "F^@k that, & F^@k you," is all I can come up with.


"Fixed That For You"


This term is used when a user quotes another user, but then re-edits the original quote to make changes. Typically this is used to change the quote in an humorous fashion, However, corrections to make the quote factually correct or to express a different opinion are common as well. In general FTFY is used as a marker to say “I quoted you but changed something within your quote.”


Where TPR uses the term "Fixed", larger forums like Reddit use "FTFY".

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Bahahah. We better not be. I'm not opposed to a sit down B&M but I don't see it fitting in with the terrain and such; I'm still sticking to my sources and saying we're getting a Leviathon-style coaster. Glad to see there's already a decent amount of progress being done already!

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