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  1. As you can see I don't post that much on here, more of a lurker than anything. Dollywood is thee most overpriced park that I have ever been to. It's really nice, i'll give them that but their coasters aren't worth the price of admission. I love Tornado, hell, i'd pay the ticket price just to ride that but $70 for a ticket is a kick in the pants for what you get IMO. I really do feel sorry for the whole Dollywood team. I've met Pete now a couple of times and I know that he is probably pretty frustrated at the situation. I hope that they can get it up and running soon. I've heard that it's great but I have yet to ride it myself.
  2. I was at the park on Tuesday, Maverick went down during Early Entry. I waited for it to come back up and it did. I always ride the 2nd train being dispatched. Anyways, got stopped in the tunnel and then the launch was soft. We made it back around but sat in the "Mag" brakes for about 5 min and then the moved us up. Another 10 min sitting in the brakes and then they finally got us off. Its a way better ride now with the new restraints but it seems like they just aren't having good luck with it right now. To others have said it was up and down all day on Tuesday.
  3. I fit on Volcano fine as the belts are in the front, not the side like Wicked Twister. I also fit fine on the drop tower at KD but not KI because of the pads that they put on the top of the restraints. No problem for me on MF or TTD.
  4. I stay at either the Mecca Motel or the KOA for CP. Both are dirt cheap around $40 a night. The KOA you have to bring your own sheets, pillows and it has no heat. The bathrooms are in the middle of the campground along with the showers. The showers are stalls that are private. The Mecca is also another option. This is where I usually stay. Its cheap, clean and has a TV. It does have A/C and heat. The bathrooms are super small along with the shower. It's not that nice but you are there to sleep, that's it. I have also stayed at the Budget Host Inn right up the road but it's like $70 and not that much nicer. I'd save the $$$ and stay at one of the two that I mentioned above.
  5. Smallish trip report. Headed up to CP from Indy on Friday. I hadn't been in a couple of months, since I stopped smoking actually, for one last trip. It worked out that I was going for the final days of Mantis. Mandatory selfie Last Stand for me Weeeeee More...Weeeee Mantis Fast Lane Plus pass won from the tweetup on Saturday Pointcast interviews being done Mantis tattoo anyone? Last train thru the loop. Was a great weekend for sure. Sunday turned out to be the best day but the coldest. Thanks to Tony and all of the CP staff for an amazing weekend.
  6. Shoot me a PM if you want to meet up on Sunday. That goes for anyone, the more the merrier.
  7. Anyone else going this weekend? I haven't been in a couple of months so I decided to head up tomorrow. I'm guessing it won't be that busy looking at the weather but I have been wrong before. Sunday should be fun running around trying to find the last Mantis badges.
  8. I love The Beast, it's a great ride but Outlaw Run blows it outta the water. Who in the hell votes The Beast better than Outlaw Run? Wow! Sad to see CP lose the crown, bound to happen sometime though. Still would like to see Goliath at SFGA on the list, great ride for sure. Since I rode The Voyage that has moved to the top of the wooden list. The Voyage vs Outlaw run is a tough one though. I feel like they are 2 different rides all together. Both are amazing, but different. Really want to ride Outlaw Run at night. Wonder if it's better than The Voyage at night? List does seem akward as hell though. Then again, i'm from the Midwest so I haven't ridden most of the coasters.
  9. I went to MA a couple of weeks ago. Had never been there or ridden any of the coasters. Nice little park but it's not amazing park by any means. They have some really interesting rides there too. Shivering Timbers - It's pretty good. I will say that it is damn rough. You can see that they put work into it but it needs more. The end is terrible, it needs retracked bad. It is a fun coaster though, some good air time. Wolverine Wildcat - The biggest single surprise I had ever ridden. This thing kicks ass! Just needs another train. They were only running 1 when I was there. Thunderhawk - First Vekoma invert for me. Like the B&M's better but it does have some very interesting elements to it. Wild Mouse - That ride is awesome! It's a fun little ride that gives some good airtime at the end. I like it, I will now search out Wild Mouse's to ride. I liked MA but like others have said, seems like the water park is the draw, having coasters is just a bonus. I went as i'm a platinum passholder and I figured why not, it's free, lol. Glad that I did but I won't go back. Not unless they get something that is absolutely crazy.
  10. Hey everybody, been awhile since I posted in here. Ran down to Holiday World yesterday to ride The Voyage at night. I wanted to see where it would stack up against Millenium Force, The Beast and other coasters that I love at night. Good Lawd, lol, that is all I can say. I have a new favorite coaster at night! And I thought The Beast was good, lol. The last trip that I took I didn't ride any of the others, Raven, Legend. This time I took the g/f and rode them all. Raven - 2nd fav. Some great drops and twists, love the tunnels. Legend - g/f's fav. It's rough but it's not like its so bad that you want to tear your limbs off. And The Voyage @ night. OMFG! This thing is amazing in during the day, as I found out earlier this year. But at night? It takes the cake. I would say it takes it, throws it at you and then jams it down your throat while laughing. I kinda agree with people, the ride out is amazing. Really pretty smooth. But once you hit the turn-around, you better be holding the hell on, lol. This thing is MEAN. But that's not a bad thing. It's a wooden coaster. It's supposed to be crazy, stupid and thrilling. The only problem that I have with Holiday World is their schedule. It's hard to get night rides in. I had talked with the ride supervisor about protocol about when they would close the line. She was super freaking helpful. She told me exactly when to get in line. I have never had that done before. After we had ridden I went up to her and said thank you for all that you did with helping me ride at the perfect time. She proclaimed "Want to ride again?" Unfortunately for me riding 3 times in one day tears me up. I'm old, well, 33 but man that thing is brutal, in a good way. I needed a breather. I wanted to comprehend what I had just experienced. It took me a good 15 min to come to my senses about what had just happened and what I had just been through. All in all a great trip. Holiday World is a great little park. I will be going a couple of times a year from now on. But the biggest news? The Voyage is my new favorite coaster at night! Freaking spectacular. First night ride on The Voyage with my g/f
  11. I would agree, it's still very popular. It's a little rough but if you sit in the 4th car front seat it's not that bad.
  12. Looks like the park will not open at all today. Very sad, feel bad for everyone involved. Early this morning, the City of Sandusky experienced a water main break on the main line that supplies water to Cedar Point. The City of Sandusky is currently working to repair the system. Without our normal water supply, and due to safety concerns, the park is unable to open today. All guest tickets will be honored on future dates this season. Please visit cedarpoint.com for the latest updates.
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