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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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It actually looks shorter to me that I though it would look like...


Me would like one shipped to KD asap!


I second that!!


Was riding flying ace yesterday & that thing gives me vertigo & it's only 85 ft tall so imagine that same basic experience from the height of DT or I305....I'll bet alot of folks are gonna come of shaking after the ride worse than I did on skycoaster.

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It is the entrance to The Crypt (HUSS Giant Top Spin) ride chamber. When it opened as Tomb Raider: The Ride there was a door that closed off the ride chamber from the rest of the que so that those waiting could not see the ride before boarding. When CF took over and had to 'de-theme' the ride the door was removed so that those waiting to board could see the ride in action. This picture shows the new door installed this off season.

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The ride has had its share of problems pretty much since opening. There is a reason that HUSS only built one giant top spin. It is widely suspected that the orignal ride program and water effects took a toll on the ride. It suffered from extensive downtime basically until the current two flip cycle was introduced. The theming and ride cycle when it opened as Tomb Raider were incredible, literally (IMO) on par with many Disney or Universal experiences. Obviously the liscense for Tomb Raider left when CF took over and CF attempted to make up for the 'de-theme' of the ride by introducing a more intense nine flip cycle. However this just caused greater amounts of downtime and the two flip cycle was introduced.

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^ I definitely think so. When it was themed as TR:TR, the theming was probably as good as you'll see outside the Disney/Universal/Busch parks. Where the bat-thing currently stands, there was a preshow giving some backstory, and the door toward the ride was closed, so you didn't know what type of ride you were in for. Now the door is open (at least it was the last time I rode), ruining the surprise.


During the ride itself, there was a massive carving of a goddess on the wall, and you were thrown into a battle between fire and ice. There was a soundtrack that fit really well with the ride cycle, along with a sequence where you got lowered toward the lava upside down. The cycle was a little more intense, with 4 or 5 flips (I can't remember exactly how many) instead of the 2 they have now.


Now the ride just feels like a Top Spin in a box, whereas before it was about as well-themed and immersive as it could possibly be. The theming gradually wore away when Cedar Fair took over...they ran an "insane" program a couple years ago with 9 or 10 flips that almost compensated for the lack of theming. Now the ride is a shell of its former self.


It's still an "ok" ride, but not something I'd wait more than 5 minutes for now. Hopefully the new theming means KI is trying to restore some of the ride's former glory.

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The parts I remember from Tomb Raider were:


1. At the start you were slowly lifted to come face to face with the large goddess on the wall. In her hands were a red crystal for fire and and blue crystal for ice. The face would then turn angry and the ride would then give a freefall-type effect.


2. Another part would be the carriage would then be lifted until you are looking straight up at the stalagtites/stalagmites on the ceiling with skelton remains mixed in. Sometimes you can feel drops of water in certain seats. I believe the first upside down flip was right afterwards.


3. As mentioned you would eventually be held face down as the lava pit came to life. This would be just water with fiery colored lights. There would be small geysers that would shoot up towards the ride vehicle and I believe there was one seat where a rider would actually get hit by the water.


I did the Discovery Channel shoot for the ride in 2002 and it was a blast, getting about six or seven rides during the shoot. The ride experience, from the theming to the storyline to the music all worked really well for this attraction. It's a shame it can't be like it used to be.

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