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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

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Just got back from riding El Loco this ride was awesome! Never ridden a coaster quite like this one. Nothing about this coaster felt rough to me but I would agree there is lots of air time. Never forget to let your arms loose when they turn you upside down, it's an amazing feeling!


They did close the ride for another 15 minutes because a child was locked in the lap restraints. But once they figured things out everything was back on schedule.


I'll be going again very soon!

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Well done the dome on an excellent addition. I can only wonder what they'll do next, would they dismantle the mountain structure to add a new ride?


I can say with a very high level of certainty that this will never happen. That structure isn't something that would be easy to just take out. I would require a lit of work and lengthy park closures.

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A lot rougher than I thought from what I've seen. Both Dive Loops has a pretty big bump at around 90 degrees side hanging position. Maybe there is a gap between the track and the wheels like Vekomas?


I rode it twice today. No roughness to be found. Terrific little ride.

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Anyone that travels to Vegas to ride el loco. Make sure you post it. There are a lot of TPR members that would love an excuse to go ride this coaster again!!!


I'm going to be in Vegas for a convention in June. It's still quite a ways away, but I'm excited to ride it. The biggest hurdle will be figuring out how to make the trek out to ride Desperado while I'm there.

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Hey everyone! An update from the El Loco Media Day on Tuesday. The event ran from 2:00PM to 5:00PM with opportunities to ride El Loco and the rest of the park's offerings. The park offered a lot of digital media, which can be found above from the link Robb posted.


TPR produced all the video and photos used for El Loco's media day and press release. Check it out here: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/65713-circus-circus-el-loco-opens-at-adventuredome-las-vegas-newest-attraction


All of the park's staff and those working the media event were extremely nice and very welcoming. We absolutely appreciate their hospitality.

I must say again, El Loco is an absolute hit, it doesn't look like it packs a punch, but it absolutely does. Photos do not do justice on how intimidating the ride's structure is. The ride is a beast! After being able to ride multiple times, the best seat on the ride is the left front seat, great laterals, hang time, and airtime.


El Loco has 7 cars, and each of those cars have their own soundtrack that plays while you are traversing the course of the ride. My favorite is car 4, the pop music is very upbeat!


The lift hill is very fast, it only gives you about 9 seconds to prepare for the ride, easily the best part of the ride is the first drop, a non-braked 90 degree plummet to the park's floor and you hit 45 mph. Amazing laterals in the first turn and then up into the first un-braked block section. Next is the outward banked turn, very odd laterals, and something I would like to see on more rides. Next, an inward banked turn into the first twist and dive, a great spot of hang time, then you dive once again to the park' floor and up and over the old splash bridge for Rim Runner. There is a nice pop of air time here as well! You then blast through the rides second un-braked block section and into the outward banked twist into the final twist and dive. You execute this maneuver at a fairly slow speed which leaves you upside down for what feels like an eternity, you are very thankful for your lap bar and seat belt at this point. And you finish the dive smoothly into the final brake. You spend more time out of your seat than you do in it throughout the course, and that is a terrific thing!


If you are in Las Vegas, be sure not to miss El Loco! It is an amazing addition to the park and easily one of the best rides in Las Vegas!

Thank you again to the Adventuredome for having us at your Media Day!


Now onto the photos, all I can say is, it has been an absolute blast following the construction of El Loco for the last year, thanks for reading and following all of the updates everyone!




Peeking into the station, they are very efficient in loading the cars, keeping the line constantly moving.




The logo lights up on each of the ride's 7 cars.


Some rider reaction shots, they opened the ride up to the general public for us to get some off ride shots.








The reaction was the same each time, riders scream as they are taken off guard on how good that first drop really is!


Even towards the end of the event, the ride was still a walk on.




Time to check into the event! Everyone was very very nice!


A new park brochure and park map and a Crazy for El Loco pin!




El Loco utilizes the old Rim Runner station, honestly, you cannot tell that it used to be a water ride's station, they did a great job!


Some goodies on here for all media who attended!


Jabbawockeez made an appearance at the event and went for a spin on the ride!




If you have the opportunity to catch their show,do it! It is such a great time!




During the event, the ride was basically a walk on the entire time, which allowed for many rides.


I really like this part of the ride, odd laterals here!



Amazing how much they were able to fit in such a compact space.


That's right El Loco is now open!


The reason we are here, for El Loco's Media Day!


Overview of the majority of El Loco (photo produced by TPR, provided by Adventuredome)


Rider Reaction (photo produced by TPR, provided by Adventuredome)


Rider Reaction (photo produced by TPR, provided by Adventuredome)

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