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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

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And really nice looking. The trains really do look really nice. I think the ride fits in really well for the park. I hope it's successful for them.


Hopefully. I've seen way too little advertising here. Has anybody else in the Vegas area even spotted a commercial for El Loco yet?


Have yet to try the ride, and of course right when I get some free time the dang park closes for maintenance the entire week. Looks like a whallop, though. Although I'm still not sure what's more impressive: the ride, or the fact that they actually covered up the former Rim Runner drop with rockwork!

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The park closes at 6:00pm on weekdays? While I don't expect 12:00am close, 6:00pm does seem a bit early.


During spring break and summer the park goes til 10 PM or even midnight on weekdays. I've been in the dome around 5 PM on a winter night, and it is indeed dead as a doornail in there most of the time.

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Going to be at the park tomorrow to get my first ride on El Loco!

Looks like I will be there tomorrow too. Taking my work buddy for only his second ever rollercoaster. If you see a really tall blond guy in a club tpr shirt walking around with a scared looking guy feel free to say hi. It's probably me.

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I went on El Loco for the first time this morning and I was impressed by the ride. The airtime on the first drop is way better than any airtime in California. El Loco's restraints are great and I'm glad to go on a ride that suspends you completely upside down for a few seconds and isn't painful or uncomfortable. This ride is a huge win for the Adventuredome.


Now if only Canyon Blaster can receive new trains...

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