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  1. Sorry not everyone has time to disregard real life and study theme parks all day. Your post above is one of the most stupid and ignorant posts I've ever seen. It's really more dumb than the genuine question I had. No wonder most of the theme park community hates you... grow up prick.
  2. Looks awesome! I'm curious as to how hard it'll be to maintain due to the salt water it'll be surrounded by. Will be interesting to see as time goes on.
  3. I ran a search for a thread on Lakeside and couldn't find anything, but anyway- A local new website called "The Know" is reporting that Lakeside is adding a new coaster. The photo they provided shows the coaster, and it appears to be a Pinfari coaster. This is a shock to me! I thought the park was going downhill. Photo by Firetyrtle on Reddit. Here's the original article.
  4. That sounds good. I was just thinking I'd save myself some time by skipping it. I know the day I'll be there is the last day of Pooh before a refurb, so I hope it's not swamped with people haha, Thanks for all the info
  5. For TDL Monsters Inc isn't very high up on my must do list. I want to get on Pooh, space mountain & thunder. Do you have any plan of attack for those? Thanks
  6. Thanks! Do the attractions in the back of the park such as Indiana Jones get busy fast? Or do the crowds go to the rides up front first?
  7. Hi! In need of some Japan planning help. I have a few questions about Disney & USJ. I'll be visiting those 2 properties along with Yomiuri Land in Tokyo. We will be at TDL April 1st and 2nd, apparently this is right at the end of spring break so I'm expecting to deal with crazy crowds. We will be spending 1 day at each Disney park. USJ will be after their break is over and the kids are back in school. I'm trying to figure out a plan for DisneySea, here is what I have in mind. Please tell me your thoughts! -Show up hour before park opening, when park opens I send my family with the masses towards Toy Story, but have them go to Tower Of Terror instead. While they're walking in that mob towards that section of the park I'll swoop around to Journey and grab some fastpasses for us. Then I'd go meet them and ride TOT standby. After TOT jump on the Electric Railway to the back end of the park and either do SeaRider if it has a short wait (it isn't one of my "must-do's") or head back towards Raging Spirits & Indiana Jones until it's time to ride Journey. Then after that I'm at a loss as to what fastpasses to get next- I'll probably just end up winging it. I want to focus more on enjoying myself rather than rushing around all day. Attractions that are "must-do's" at TDS- Journey to The Center of the Earth, Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, 20k, and Sinbad. Anything else will be a bonus for me. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  8. I'd have to say painful like death.. Was worse than almost every woodie I've been on, only more-painful woodie had to of been the Georgia Cyclone
  9. Does anyone know if the Gatorland attraction and if the sceeamin swing are still happening?
  10. I'm going to the holiday event this saturday. Should I expect long lines?
  11. I'm going to the holiday event this saturday. Should I expect long lines?
  12. Now the big question is... Will this actually be built?
  13. I was there yesterday and I will be there today, El Loco rocks! Its funny that there is so much left of Rim Runner, You can still see the start of the lift!
  14. Bump! Do you know if this mural is still there? If it is, where?
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