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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

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I may not be much help but I went there once over spring break (only visit ever) and El Loco had a twenty minute line all day and canyon blaster walk on. I would hit el loco first before anything else. Also, Chaos had a big line and it was my favorite flat so if you like that kind of thing do that third after Canyon Blaster.

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^^ There's an all-ride pass you can get, and it's worth at least 3-4 rides on El Loco,

I remember being posted. After that, it's all rides including the other coasters, free!

When you arrive, check out the crowds and buy tix accordingly.


EDIT to add: Oops. Re-read that you're getting the wristband. Great!

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I'll be heading to the park in about 3 weeks finally! My BF will be with me but he does not ride any rides so I am at it alone unless someone wants to meet up. El Loco looks awesome and I am excited they have a Chaos! I plan on buying the ride all day to get many rides on both coasters as well as rides all of the flats.


Does anyone know if their Chaos requires two people to ride? I think I remember going to a carnival once and they said no single riders.


Keep me posted when your going. My daughter and I could always use an excuse to ride the coasters


I apologize for never getting back to you. I ended up going to the dome on the 28th and OMG it was so crowded. I only rode the coasters, Chaos, and the 3D penguin ride and rolled out. I wanted to ride everything but it was so dang crowded. I did not like that I had to pay to store my bag on El Loco but I did not have to on Canyon Blaster. CB even has cubbies for bags but they were not letting people use them this past Friday.


Overall the park was clean and tidy. Operations were OK. They were not using all of the cars on Chaos but I did not want to confuse the girl running it by asking her why not. Rides are kinda placed wherever there and there are lots of walk ways. I got a little confused at times. Both coasters were great actually. I wish they were using both trains on CB though - made the line kinda long. El Loco had the longest line, I waited about 20 minutes.

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After finally making a visit to this park, here are some of my critiques on some of the rides.


Disk'o - It's a fun flat that allows for some moments of air. I liked it, and it was my sister's favorite ride at the dome.

SlingShot (or whatever the drop tower is called) - I think that an S&S drop tower would be better. This was just too peaceful.

Miner Mike - It's a standard kiddie coaster that's also a bit rough. If you are still short enough to ride, by all means, get the credit!

Chaos - Wow. This flat was just insane, and I'm glad I rode one of these rare rides. However, not all of the cars were running.

El Loco - This was my first ever S&S coaster, and it was a great one. It's a really fun ride, and while it's not the smoothest coaster ever, El Loco at the Adventuredome is worth the wait. The first drop was excellent, and everything else was twisted and fun. I loved it.

Canyon Blaster - From one good coaster to a horrible one. Although there were new trains, the headbanging was very prominent. I was exclaiming "ouch", and my head was in pain after riding this coaster. It's a shame too, because Canyon Blaster looks quite beautiful.

Canyon Cars - You call this "bumper cars"? The arena was quite small, and there was controlled traffic. Plus, operations could have been better.


Did I enjoy my visit? Absolutely. Would I force my parents to come here again? Maybe not in a few years. Although there is a pretty decent selection of rides, there's really nothing that makes me want to come back. I'll post a more in-depth report later on.

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Going to the dome on sunday and if anyone else was planning on being there hit me up with a pm. Haven't been on el loco since the opening last February.


send me a text, or give me a call, I might be able to drop buy for some el loco

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was in vegas last few days for CES. went to adventuredome yesterday morning before the convention. i was disappointed they changed the hours to close at 6pm instead of the stated 9pm. at the time, i was thinking i could go back after CES. but really, i had enough in the morning.


i hadn't been in a long, long time. i was literally the only one riding the coasters almost the whole time i was there. (2 hours) few more came toward the end.


el loco is a lot of fun. there's 5 jerks i wasn't a fan of going up the lift. maybe it was because i was loner style and not much weight. sorry, haven't read through the thread if this was discussed. anyway, not a huge deal. fun drop, fun hang elements.


canyon blaster. i once rode this thing 50 times with maybe a train break here and there at a coaster conference. but that was almost 20 years ago. again, maybe cause i was alone, but the turn after the double loop was pretty brutal. i have a huge bruise on my left elbow. lol i still love that first drop when in the back of the train.


anyway, had some fun. rode both 10 times doing a figure 8 entering and exiting each ride back and forth.

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Thank the Heavens! It was starting to look prety bad. Girlfriend and I visited on Sunday morning and Canyon Blaster was running like a dream! El Loco was down for about an hour while the mechanics worked on a drive wheel in the station. Once we finally got to ride I was thoroughly impressed. The 1st drop packs a punch.

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