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Adventuredome Discussion Thread

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How is the outside-banked turn? I think the forces would have a component perpendicular to the track upward through the train, almost like a small amount of airtime during the turn. Or does the lateral force completely dominate and you are basically just pushed to the side?

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Alright everyone! I totally went to the park today at noon and it is indeed (soft) open. So we took a spin (if not 7 laps) on El Loco.


El Loco has 7 cars, the ride is capable of running 6 at a time.


So here is my review of the ride:


It is absolutely just plain fun!

Only one of the cars had audio (car 4) for those of you who care. As you leave the station and all the way up the lift, the safety spiel runs. We had the car with the up-beat pop mix and adds a great element to the ride.


The lift, first off, it is extremely fast and you make your way up to the top of the lift in no time.


The drop, really good! A nice pop of air in the front of the car, almost ejector air in the back row.

It is absolutely an advantage having a normal 90 degree un-braked drop, it is way batter than an over 90 degree braked drop, I felt El Loco's drop to be way more intense!


The outward banked turn has a ton of lateral forces and is a great element, the turn into the first twist and dive while yes has a minor shuffle, you barely notice it since the cars are lap bar only. The general public won't even notice it. The first inversion has a ton of hang time.


There is a nice pop of air heading into the second block brake as well. The tick-track is great, but the finale of the ride is crazy, you are upside-down for what feels like an eternity and trust me, you will be very thankful for your lap bar.


The ride is a blast, be sure to head out to the park and try the ride out! It will be a definite hit for the park and for Las Vegas.


You definitely spend more time up and out of your seat than you do in your seat.

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Based on the video, the ride looks like a good addition to Adventuredome. It's good to see the El Locos catching on a bit more. They seem like a good alternative to your standard Wild Mouse.

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Just got word that El Loco should soft open today at noon.


Any idea if it is for the day, or just a few hours? I think I'll head down there when I'm free; should be there around 2:30pm.


From what I hear, the ride is now open daily. The 18th is the official media day grand opening but you can go now to ride. I'm about to head down now for a few laps before they close.

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Might have to change plans and go sunday then.


If you go early, PM me and I may join you before work if you like.



Just left the dome. Got one ride in. Unfortunately the ride went down and I couldn't get in any more. All in all, solid coaster. Best one in Vegas for sure. Highlights are the insane drop and the hang time at the end. I'm not sold on the audio, but I'll need to try other cars before I write that off. Park was dead so had it not gone down I would have easily gotten many many rides. I think the dome has a real winner on their hands.

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That was great!!

Best part was there was practically no one there from 2-4 or so. Rode at least a half dozen times; my thighs are pissed about that, lol! That first drop wants to eject you, very aggressively, regardless of where you sit. That lap bar [with maybe a belt assist ] is your one and only line of defense, and your thighs will take the brunt of the force, or at least mine did. They serve the same function on the air to be found at the top of coming out of the first dive loop. Nice air at both spots.


I swear I got a few rides (most?) where the mid course brakes did not engage. That or they are very, very, very, completely unnoticeable. I noticed on my second ride that the car really took that outside turn much faster than my first ride, which was only a few minutes earlier. Still, I make no 100% claim that the MCB did not engage occasionally, just that it seemed that way. Maybe it is a function of how many other, if any, cars are on the track.


The crew was very adamant about not having anything in your pockets, though they were willing to take your word for it. That hang time is as serious as the videos show, not that anyone is shocked by that...


The Dome has a winner. But what surprised me was that even as slow as it was, there was still way more people on Canyon Blaster than were lining up for El Loco. Nothing at all against CB, but... really, seriously?!?

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Visually, I think that Canyon Blaster still looks more impressive because it appears to be the "bigger" coaster, so I could see why the GP would still wander over to Canyon Blaster. On the other hand, I would also argue that El Loco also looks more intimidating and its possible that could be keeping people away. Give it some time and people will come around.

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