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Plopsaland De Panne Discussion Thread

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I didn’t realize there was gonna be a cobra roll on this thing! Imagine going through that while spinning. This thing is gonna be crazy!

It's actually a banana roll, so you stay upside down.




Be sure to watch the announcement video. There's all sorts of crazy elements:


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Oh wow, Plopsaland is literally 3 hours away from my house and I didn't even realise it. I'm the worst enthusiast ever.

See you on opening day then. Waffles are on me.


I think a lot of British enthusiasts are closer to this park than they realize. If you're anywhere south of London you're closer to Plopsa than to Alton Towers and definitely Blackpool.

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Haha yes, I think I subconsciously assume it's 'just' France that's easily accessible through the tunnel, not Belgium etc too. I think I will want to do a lot of these quick little European jaunts once we can travel again, especially ones that avoid planes assuming social distancing will still be a thing, so I'll add this to the list.

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1 hour ago, RCT3Bross said:

^ I really like the color, too bad I cannot see what it is, it looks both red and purple to me.

I thought it was a sort of weird shade of brown? It's a weird case of the dress and the sneakers.


Nevertheless I do think I preferred the blue colour, even though this will probably work better with the theme.

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Plopsaland de Panne has announced the theme of the new coaster... The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland.



Tomorrowland and Plopsa announce Europe's most spectacular rollercoaster: 'The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland'

From this summer, fans of breathtaking roller coasters and Tomorrowland fans will be able to experience 'The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland' at Plopsaland De Panne, a brand new and sensational attraction that is unique in Europe and among the most spectacular in the world. The extreme spinning coaster will be built entirely within the magic of Tomorrowland. The festival's creative team is working with the Plopsa Group to translate the unique atmosphere that prevails in Boom every summer into this unique partnership. The investment amounts to 17.5 million euros.

‘The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland' is the very first extreme spinning coaster in Europe and the second of this kind worldwide - there is currently only one in the United States. Visitors are catapulted twice to a speed of no less than 90 km/h and go upside down five times in the process. The cars can rotate freely, giving visitors a different ride experience every time. The attraction has a total length of almost one kilometre and stands 35 metres above the ground at its highest point, providing an exceptional view of the park and the spacious surroundings. In addition to the unique thematic content, Tomorrowland is also creating an exclusive soundtrack based on the Tomorrowland Hymn composed by Hans Zimmer, which will be heard during the ride, making the experience even more sensational for every visitor.

"The coaster can be seen from afar on the motorway and changes the entire skyline of the park, which provides a whole new dimension. The fact that we can do this together with Tomorrowland is like a dream come true. Through this collaboration, we will both be able to entertain an even bigger audience, which will only make us stronger," says Plopsa Group CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof.

The renowned German roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides is responsible for the technical design, engineering and construction of the structure. The creative team from Tomorrowland and the Plopsa Group will be responsible for the theming and overall experience. The aim is to translate the unique atmosphere that prevails in Boom every summer into this spectacular coaster. A separate area within Plopsaland De Panne will be set aside for this attraction, which will become a magnet for visitors from home and abroad from this summer onwards. The cooperation between Tomorrowland and the Plopsa Group is the first step in a far-reaching ambition to make long-term investments in various theme park projects in Europe. The two Belgian companies are known around the world for their far-reaching innovation, creative approach and attention to detail, so this cooperation has come about in a very organic way. The 'Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland' coaster has a price tag of 17.5 million euros.








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Name is a bit pants, but I can kind of see where they're coming from with it since it follows the naming scheme Tomorrowland use for their main stage ("The book of wisdom", "The elixir of life", "The Reflection of Love", etc).

That said, the theming will look phenomenal if they manage to follow through on the concept art. I guess the stage set designers needed to let off some steam after the 2 years of the festival not happening.

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Odd choice on the theming, but the name I don't know I kind of like the weirdness of it. Also this area has a lot more going for it then I thought it would, I thought it would just be  path from one of the main paths to a station building and Queue but this is way better. Also you are telling me I can stand under the Jojo roll? I know I will love standing there having trains go over my head.

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Music festival as a theme is kinda hilarious but works out if they wanted to create a coaster that would give you a similar experience to being a raver on acid at an EDM fest haha!


I really don't care what they call it, the coaster looks nuts and will have good decorations. 

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Does this become an entry in the "Longest Coaster Name Ever" contest? 😋

I remember riding some Asian coasters back in 2013 and earlier, with incredible long names!

Names all gone from my head, now. Age does that. All of the signs in local language didn't help, either.

Thanks to Robb and Elissa for giving us their names in english, lol!


(From one, whose home park's awesome wooden coaster is named ...... Coaster. <sighs> )

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The Ride to Happiness opened today for the public, but I had the chance to ride it last Tuesday during the press preview. I'm really impressed by both the theming and the coaster itself. The queue, the station and the area around the coaster look great, but the ride is just wow. It is really intense, it has some nice airtime hills of which I didn't expect the airtime to be that strong. The launches are strong (they are stronger than all the other Mack launches I did so far). The ride is smooth, but on some rides I still experienced some rattle which can be slightly uncomfortable. The spinning gives a nice extra to the coaster. It is a special feeling to do a vertical loop sideways or experience a zero-G roll backwards. I also expected that the spinning effect would make you nauseous, but in fact it does not. So for those who doubt because of the spinning effect: just do it, you won't regret it! Below are some pics and a POV I shot (with permission of the park).













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