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Europa Park Discussion Thread

P. 92: New coaster and more coming to Europa Park!

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thats really hard to believe.... its seems like you`ll be fast in this curve!! very fast.... i mean extrem fast can`t wait to ride this thing! after the first pics i saw of this element i can`t believe that this curve comes after the loop.... it really looks insane

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Dear God.....


Check out the third photo on the link above for the first part of the overbank out of the loop.... is it me or is that stupidly low... i mean that looks about 1/3 of the height of the loop....

Going to fly through that at some speed. this ride just gets better and better.


It doesn't look like that turn comes from the loop. The pullout angle from the loop would be a bity insane if it did. Might be the angle of the photo tho.. i cant see for sure.

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^He's talking about the incomplete track that extends the farthest right, not the completed turn overlapped by the tree (which I think you are referring to). The first and second pics are close-ups of the mentioned turn. Which, by the way, is indeed crazy low to the ground given the expected speed.

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I don't know if anybody else saw this earlier, but its either the concept art is wrong or mack made a mistake with the supports. Take a look,



Concept Art







Don't think those are mistakes. And now they're on the brakerun supports too...

And that turn is definitely after the loop, it's the only incomplete elements left to do, the turn, brakerun and drop into the corks-thingys

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New pics on http://www.epfans.info/?id=2301,2&&


Oh that curve before the brakes looks....


the layout gets better and better! I`m really looking forward how they will connect it after the brakes


what this things on support will be is till now unknown!!! first the most people think they where to build walls which save the neighbours of the park from noise... because they protested and forced the park that they will do something on the track parts the people scream to loud and they can build on this things the walls fast if they are needed. But some of them look in antoher direction were no one lives. so by the way we had to wait till its done to get known for what these things are

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