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Europa Park Discussion Thread

P. 92: New coaster and more coming to Europa Park!

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Pic of the new track part:


more pics here:



about the dark ride! the name of the ride is after rumors and a article of "coastersandmore" (http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/eas2008/eas2008_2.php) will be "blue fire" and has a "iceland" theme and one slogan is: "Erlebe die pure Energie" it means: "Experience the pure energy".

Many people think it will be themed with fire, because iceland has many vulcanos and of course of the name. Some of the advert pictures show an adventure/science team (don`t know the excact word for this) with lamps...! So i think the story will be about them!!! They search after something in caves and when they found something they will be shoot out with fire and fog... for example

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Yeah these things were often discussed! Now we think that they build this to add noise protection walls like at the silverstar... this is because the neighbors claimed from the park that they should be able to block the noise if the people scream to loud. So I think they test it and when it will be to loud they put their some walls on.

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