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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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let the battle begin



the last days we had little bit snow, so here are some nice winterpics of the bigBlue:


they installed some technic on the blockbrakes this day

the last pic shows very good how big the new park area is!


a panorama pic which was to big:



all pics from http://www.ep-fans.info

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BIG MASSIVE PICTURE UPDATE: here are wonderful new pics from the attraction, the theming and the rest of the park from http://frederic.cuntz.free.fr/EPKINGDOM/index.html. I post all pics here because they really nice, even the ones which are not from the new coaster. They show many details and theming which was build in other parts of the new area.


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By this point, I advise you to ban my account and delete the pictures.



In the mail I sent you,I didn't speak of the fact that the photos were official or not.

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Hi everyone,


I did hear back from Europa Park and they did tell me that the photos taken by "Sio" were NOT permitted by anyone in the parks management and they did not arrange a tour with any park officials.


At best it sounds like they may have just asked random people who were in the area if it was "ok" to take pictures, and quite honestly not all your "front line" employees are going to know how to respond to a request like that.


If this was actually the case, the park should be making sure that no one is allowed access to any construction site and the front line employees should not allow this.


In the mail I sent you,I didn't speak of the fact that the photos were official or not.

You implied that you had permission to take these photos. But not having proper permission, this goes against our site's ToS and most other groups code of conduct.


I will inform everyone here now that just going up to a random employee to ask if you can do something, especially things like walking into a construction area, taking a camera onto a coaster, going backstage for ANY reason, is *NOT* something most employees are allowed to grant access to.


You may be putting yourself at risk and the employee at risk for being kicked out of the park, banned from certain groups, or have their employment terminated. For what? A bunch of photos? It's not really worth it.


Sio has been banned from the site for his actions as it should be common sense that if you're going to walk into a construction site, you need to talk to the parks management.



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Unfortunate, but to be honest it doesn't suprise me Robb, one bit!


If the official EPFans website does not have photo's quite so up-close and personal, then there is no way anyone else should or would have them.


Shame, but I guess it keeps it more of a suprise for April 4th!


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I am disappointed the pictures have gone but i can understand that they shouldn't have been posted in the first place as they didn't have permission and it was dangerous walking around a construction site. I do admit i did like seeing the pictures i can not wait for April my first ride on Blue Fire with TTF.

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These pics were really great but in the official german europapark forum we had the same discussion about this illegal action. No one should do something like this... hopefully the park will present us soon some official pics with such nice details!!


But it shows nicely that the park looks exactly what is posted in forums all over the world...

... some kind of viral marketing control!



But now some new photos arrived.... not official but from outside of the building area, so enjoy these ones (source:http://www.lifthill.de/):


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