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Europa Park Discussion Thread

P. 92: New coaster and more coming to Europa Park!

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I have to say this new coaster from Mack looks very impressive i love it. I really do like launch coasters anyway since going on Rita at Alton Towers. I love the loop aswell its vertical isn't it?


I cant wait to ride this in April with Towertimes

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This really looks like everything that is right with Maverick plus a vertical loop and that elusive heartline... . I want to go to there. Bad.


Thanx mate for saying that i knew it was a vertical loop but was not sure.


This coaster going to be insane but really good.

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^ Just for future reference, a vertical loop is one that goes straight up and down like that one. Now picture that loop on its side and you've got a horizontal one (I believe).


Man, I'm super excited for Maverick right now, as I may be going to Cedar Point in May or June. But Maverick doesn't look like its going to live up to even the impression I've got from this beauty.

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i forgot one pic where you see the tunnel they build after the first drop:




looks really small... this will give an exciting headchopper effect


and a good recreation on youtube:




if now the darkride part gets the same good quality, this ride could get my favorite one (ok, it was next to my home town too )


Update: More new Pics from http://www.eprust.com from today!!!


really big station building (hopefully because of the darkride part, because MACK said the Darkride Part begins while you are standing in the line and waiting to ride):

walkthrough the rocks!!!

now the rocks where black/dark grey painted!!

if this doesn´t look like porn show me some better

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some wonderful nightpictures from http://www.lifthill.net/galerie/baustelle-europa-park_de/:



other new pics on http://www.ep-fans.info/?id=2314,14&&


here some pics from the park when it gets closed befor the winter season:


and here you`ll find pics from the last days from the coaster and the wonderfull winter theming:

http://www.ep-fans.info/?id=2305& and


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^I wouldn't say so. You guys have to remember that the MCBR is a slow-point of the ride, as it has to be high enough for the train to complete the circuit if it is stopped there. Also, the track isn't just turning there...it is mostly dropping vertically, which would greatly reduce the laterals. I hope that makes sense...it could actually end up being a very cool part of the ride if there is any hint of airtime there.


The theming on this ride is looking VERY impressive...I look forward to seeing the end result.

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I guess you are right...

But, still, dropping vertically doesn't reduce the lats...

Also, if airtime occured there, the train would probably be going pretty fast. And judging by the rest of the layout it is will be passing the MCB with a pretty high speed...


But, i don't think the lat's will be extreme, just a bit higher than the rest of the layout... Except the heartline roll, that should have pretty high lats too...

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The latest pictures at EPFans show a new headchopper tunnel on the drop down from the Block Brakes, just before the close "valley" round into the horeshoe, where there'll be another head chopper.


Looks like the rock theming on this is going to make it even better, so I can't wait!


I still can't quite believe this is a MACK ride!!!

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