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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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New Images from the construction site! This time not much from the coaster itself, but from other areas. Tons of new plants, trees, road works et cetera included! Enjoy!

























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so looking forward to our first ever visit to europa park in early July.

Saw a comment this is being called a family coaster - have the age and height limits been announced yet? Did not see mention of that yet.

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^ good question.

To ride this you had to be 10 years old and minimum heigt of 1,40 meters (=~4,6 ft). I think they just call it so because the park especially concentrates on familys as costumers. In press material they talk about a "megacoaster"... So i think they will use the expression which is in the best context depending on where the text is published. For teens its a megacoaster for familys its a family one.

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This image sorta funny to me, I seen all kinds of heavy equipment, but never seen a back hoe (track hoe or whatever it is ) with wheels instead of tracks. Awesome pictures.


Lol, these kind of machines are so usual in Germany. The ones with tracks are also used, but not very often. Mostly it's this shown type. Because you can drive with it far better on the streets.

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I had the Chance to take a look at Blue Fire "live" a few days ago.

Man, this Coaster is a Beauty ! Seems as if the Pics are unable to show how shining the Color of the track is.

I looked at the overbanked Curve just after the Loop from different angles...this is definitively "Maverick-style"...amazing !

And I cat`t help but ask my self how the reactions will be, especially in THIS Community, when Blue Fire opens and the first feedbacks will appear...

AND : I wonder if this Coaster has the Potential to enter top five, maybe even top three in the forthcoming Steel Coaster Poll...

Man, I`m so curious...


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