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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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It was irony...and I thought it would be clear...!

Besides...in reality there`s more theming than you see in those animations.

For example: You`re driving through a tunnel right before you reach the first Corcscrew...it`s not there in the Video...but there are more differences...

But maybe the Speed that we saw in the Testing-Video is the final one...but i still hope it will be faster though...


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It was irony, ideed, but sometimes I really think that you take away something of the experience that you have when you are riding a Coaster for the first time WITHOUT seeing a Simulation or even an Onride Video before...


P.S. Thanks for this polite reaction, Mr. Gumbo. Rrrrrrrespect !

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This coaster has really surprised me. Every time I saw more pictures and more of the ride being built it has looked better and better, and now after seeing these animation videos of the complete layout and ride, it looks amazing. Everything about it, the elements, the pacing, the speed, it has a ton all in one ride. This will be a great ride for Europa Park.

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here are all facts from the coaster! They corrected the minimum height from 1,40 to 1,30meters. Another intresting point is that they confirmed the onride sound system and pulse monitor on the trains:


Typ: Launch-Coaster (Katapultstart) mit Linearmotoren

Höhe (height): 40 Meter

Schienenlänge (track-length): 1.056 Meter

Spitzengeschwindigkeit (maximum speed): über 100 km/h

Umlaufzeit (ride duration): ca. 3 Minuten 20 Sekunden

Beschleunigung (acceleration): in 2,5 Sekunden von 0 auf 100 km/h, 1 G

Beschleunigungsstrecke(launch-length): 80 Meter

Max. Beschleunigungskräfte (max g`s) : ca. 3,8 G

Über-Kopf-Elemente (rollover elements): 1 x Looping, 3 x 360°-Schrauben

Anzahl der Züge (number of trains): 5

Fahrgäste pro Zug (guests per train): 20

Gesamtkapazität (overall capacity): 1.720 Personen/Stunde(hour)

20.000 Personen/Tag(day)

Mindestgröße(min height): 1,30 m

Mindestalter (min age): 7 Jahre

Gewicht pro Zug (weight per train): ca. 10 t (voll besetzt)(fully loaded)

Gesamtgewicht Stahlbau (weight of the complete steel construction): ca. 620 Tonnen

Gewicht gesamte Anlage (weight of the overall construction): ca. 650 Tonnen

Einzelstücke (segments): ca. 130 Stützen(supports) und ca. 120 Schienensegmente(track elements)

Hersteller(manufacturer): MACK Rides GmbH & Co. KG

Besonderheiten (special features): Kombination aus Dark Ride und Launch-Coaster mit Über-Kopf-Elementen (combination of a dark ride, launch and looping parts), innovatives Sitz-/Sicherheitsbügel-System mit Sound und Pulsmesser (innovative restraints system with sound system and pulse monitor), höchster Looping bei einer Katapultbahn in Europa (highest loop in a launch coaster in europe)


source: http://www.europapark.de/lang-de/c51/m242/d459/default.html

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This ride is of great interest to me and looks amazing. If this ride proves to be as good as it looks, we could possibly see more installations of this type from Mack in the future elsewhere around the world.

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For those of you, who understand "a little" german...


"Darüber hinaus verfügen die Sitze der Züge über ein revolutionäres High-Tech-System, das innovativ Audio- und Spezialeffekte kombiniert. Die raffinierte Multimediatechnik spricht alle Sinne an und lässt die Fahrt im neuen Megacoaster zur Sensation werden."


This is a part of a press-text that from the europa-park itself.

It says :

"Furthermore the seats will have a revolutionäry high-tech-system, that will combine audio and "special"-effects in an innovative way.

The sophisticated multimedia technique will appeal to all senses and will make the new megacoaster a sensation."


That sounds good, doesn`t it`???


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excellent news on the age - well it is for our family

My middle son is over the 1.4m but would have failed on the age 10.

but 1.3m and age 7 he is fine and can join me and his big brother in the Q


So looking forward to riding this in July

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