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That is an AMAZING description. I agree with you on everything you said. Especially about the last roll. That thing is the best moment on a coaster without a doubt!

I'll be riding Ge Force Tuesday, so I'll have a better and fresher outlook on the two coasters. But I think Blue Fire took my number one status from Ge Force. I love it!


I cannot wait to ride again!



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Funny story. I once bought a book called "Just enough Scandinavian" which was basically a travel language book for Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. The intro to the book stated "Most people in these co

^^Come with us first, I make it easier.

Don't worry about it seeming rude to not know the language, nobody in Europe thinks that. We have so many different languages here in Europe so nobody can expect everyone to know all of them  I for ex

Posted Images

As I mentioned before : We ran into the brakes and I immediately had this AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN feeling. AGAIN !

I never had that desire so much on any coaster. Not even on GeForce !

The ride is so soft and so intense at the same time...incomparable !

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Awesome reviews guys, especialy from GeorgT. I really regret that i can`t ride it the first day. But really looking forward to ride it after easter holidays. Can`t wait for it.

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After looking at some german forums and reading lots of reviews about Blue Fire, here`s a little summary of what the people said after riding it:


-- (Still) EVERYBODY (!) I heard of said, that Blue Fire eceeded his/her expectations.

-- EVERYBODY said, that the heartline roll ist the best AND the most thrilling element

-- EVERYBODY who compared Blue Fire with the other coasters at Europa said, that it`s his/her new favourite.

-- EVERYBODY who compared Blue Fire with other german coasters said that it`s the best one in germany (even better than GeForce).


I think this is exceptional, because many of them are experts, who already rode many coasters in and outside of germany, and they do have different tastes !

But when it comes to Blue Fire it seems as if this is not as usual a question of personal preferences. Which proves to me again, that things of a very high quality level are recognized and appreciated by different people with different tastes.


Like some people said (already), "Mack did everything right", otherwise this is hard to explain...

And I`m so happy to be able to reach this coster even by foot...



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Well said.


I personally think it might be better than Ge Force also. Just the zero gravity roll with the lap bars is better than anything in the world. I just CANNOT get enough of Blue Fire. It's one of the few only coaster I can think of were I could spend my whole trip there riding over and over again and still never getting enough.

I truly think it deserves the number one spot it got on my list. Again, I'll know better when I ride Ge Force again this week. But I think I already know which one is better.




OMG its so awesome!

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So guys...think its time to (hopefully) add something interesting to this tread...`


As I mentioned before, it seems as if Blue Fire`s speed extremly depends on the temperature...the longer it runs, the warmer the air is AND depending on the sunshine...the speed varys...

So, of course I was very ecited about how the ride would feel on a warm day...I`m talking about 20 degrees or more (plus) some sunshine.


I was at Europa on Wednesday and Thursday... and when I saw the ride on Thursday afternoon from a distance I was VERY upset, because the train looked MUCH faster...especially on top of the loop and while entering the MCBR...


I was able to ride Blue Fire about an Hour later in the front row...and for me Iit`s still hard to believe, how much better the ride was compared to the first days of opening...


I mean, for shure, I already was a fan of this ride before...but now...


When we entered the final brakes, my friend started to give an applause to this ride (for the first) time, although he was riding it several times on the opening weekend...and so did I.


Man, the ride was so damn powerful...when we reached the MCBR`s...we were like "thrown" up (huuuuuge airtime, MUCH more than before) and to the side at the same time. WOW, what an improvement ! The whole ride felt alot more forceful...the joy I had during the ride is hard to descibe... and though it`s so forceful...it still feels sensationally comfortable at the same time...and thats why I think so many people already fell in love with this ride...


I had the company of an american friend...he visited several parks in the US...his last visit was at SFMM...after the ride he said that this is for shure the best rollercoaster he`s ever been on...


AND, without giving away too many details : The darkride part improved a lot : Better light effects, better sound effects...AND theres more to come !!! I was talking to one of the leading engeneers of this coaster, and he said, that there`s STILL more to come, and what he told us, sounded amazing. Let`s see...


All together I have to say that a good VERY good coaster became a lot better (in my opinion), and there`s still more to come.

Because in the summer, it will be even warmer than it is now, which will improve Blue Fire`s performance even more (hopefully ).


I have to thank this coaster for the most beautiful ride experinces I had until now...thank you very much, Europa Park.


And if you`ll have the chance to ride it, try to choose the warm part of the year for it...or at least try to ride it in the afternoon or the early evening...and I`m shure you`ll love it as much as "we" do...




Edit : I forgot to say, that the heartline roll is DEFINITIVELY NOT a heartline-roll in a usual way...

I think one should call it a bellyline-roll. The real "center" is so "deep", that it produces a strong feeling of being "thrown" out of the train...maybe because the train is so "high" above the rail...

(Just for the VERY small ones I think it feels like a usual heartline roll...)

If you ride this element with your arms up, it`s probably one of the most intense coaster-moments on the planet...

Anyway, it´s lovely and it became even better because of the enhanced speed of the warmed train/rail...


AND, though I would have still voted GeForce as the best/most intense coaster I`ve ever been on after riding B.F. on the opening day...NOW things have changed... and B.F. is definitively on top !

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ah thx George for your report. Really nice to hear this. And i hoped that the darkride part was just not the final one. Because they had to less time. Mr. Mack talked about the darkride and said much more about it in the past then has done till yet. Nice to hear from you that they continue improving it.


One Person in a german forum said that they will built an effect were air comes out of the steam pipe over the train right before the launch to simulate an explosion from the facillity. So I think there will come some explosion effects like fire, smoke, light effects and may be a stop of the train at the animatronics which talk about a problem that occured in the facility. If I´m not wrong this is the story of the ride.

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Hi Kooky...


Yes, you`re right...but what you wrote is what I tried to keep for myself.

That`s what the engeneer was talking about yesterday...and the person, who wrote it in another forum is the one who joined me at Europa and when I was talking to the engeneer yesterday.


There will be some kind of "explosion-simulation-blown-away-thingy"...

But to be honest: This ride is so awfully good by now...that I don`t care much about that...but if it will become even better, of course I´ll not be angry about it...



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Of course...nothing compares to Eurosat...especially when the trims don`t work (like on Saturday)...

DDDDon`t lose your head...

GeorgeT (Who`s probably not objective at all because he`s in love with Blue Fire...)

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Blue Fire is more than just the best Coaster in the Park...


It not hard at all to beat the other coasters at Europa, by the way...


Blue Fire willl be top three worldwide (steel) when the everything is finished...thats what I believe.


Europa got what was missing...the whole park increased alot because of Blue Fire, and everything else is foreplay now...



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Besides : Blue Fire will keep the heartline roll, while Maverick lost it.

It`s got a darkride part, several tunnels, runs perfectly smooth and has no over the shoulder restrains.

So I´m not shure if it really makes sense to compare it with Maverick.

Some people will still prefer Maverick because of the longer track, the more elements and maybe the force.

But I think most of the people will prefer Blue Fire, especially on a warm day, because then the ride is extremly forceful as well.


GeForce is famous for it`s incredible first drop (especially in the back).

In a few weeks/month/years B.F. will probably have a comparable reputation because of it`s unbelievably intense heartline roll.

But that`s, of course, not sure. Time will tell...


And, because of any reason, people say, that Blue Fire get sbetter with every ride...why ever. Maybe because of the increased speed...


I`m (still) looking forward to the upcoming reviews and polls...



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Hey guys,


I'm a regular visitor on this site, it's awesome ^^


Now I have a simple question, since me and my friends are planning an 8 h drive to Europa Park this weekend (or maybe next week, not sure yet) to see the new coaster everyone is talking about... I was wondering how long the wait times (queues) were on weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) for Blue Fire (and other rides), were there loads of people in the park already despite it's nearly start of the season?




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^^this week were still easter holidays in germany! So I don`t suggest you to visit the park this weekend. My hint is to wait till monday the 20. April to visit the park. I think then there will be much less people. And sometimes when you visit on sunday you´ll find the park very empty. But you can`t really predict it, because the weather is really nice the last weeks and the temperatures are very high... So it think you won`t have an empty park.


But even when the park is full, they have good operators and you nearly never have to queue longer than 20-30 min. My suggestions is to visit first bluefire of course and then you should really early visit the "Matterhorn-Blitz" and "Poseidon". Especially Matterhorn has very long waiting times and you often wait there nearly an hour.

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Thanks for the replies guys!


I'll ride Blue Fire more than once so surely it will also be in the afternoon ^^


And a friend that is going with me is a physicist so I'll challange him to explain in detail why the ride is more forceful when it's warmer


Now all that remains is sit back, relax... and watch various weather sites, sigh

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Blue Fire Review (from 5/6/7/8 April)


I managed to ride on Blue Fire around 8 times over my recent break at Europa-Park with TowersTimes, and went into the ride very uncertain as to what to expect from all aspects of the ride.


Upon arriving into the new themed area from the stone tunnel under Fjord Rafting, you are greeted by the imposing vertical loop, which stands pretty impressively high. There's various large scale rocks and the colour of the coaster is beautiful on the eye.


You make your way up the Iceland street, which features various shops and food outlets, and the Iceland Museum.


Blue Fire's entrance is currently a very unimpressive temporary sign, possibly as they had to rush to get the ride open for the start of April - so hopefully this is to be rectified as we go through the season. The present queueline, which still has a lot of theming/electrical/lighting work to be added, consists of a stone wall-lined pathway, through various rock caverns and under various wooden structures. There is ride audio as you wait, and the trains are frequently passing overhead. From the queueline, the ride doesn't look particularly fast, and you really aren't sure what the sensations are going to be like. Before long, you arrive at a split in the queue, for front row and rows 2-10. It is at this point that the Blue Fire experience, for now, begins - the external queue still needs much work to make it into that immersive experience that Europa-Park usually provide.


You enter the Energy Research building and meander round various tool sheds, oil cans etc. while the station audio plays overhead. Trains are despacted quite frequently from the platform, although the ride is only operating at around 75% of capacity at the moment from what I understand as they are still waiting for delivery of 2 more trains.


You are batched (a first for Europa-Park) into the onload area, and board the trains. On-board sound pulses behind you, and the heart-rate monitor generally gives you an indication of your heart-rate. The over the shoulder lapbars are incredibly comfortable, and the seats are spacious and your feet can't quite touch the floor.


The train departs and enters are very dimly lit laboratory area with scientists doing research and various effects. The train passes slightly too quickly for my liking, but nevertheless it builds suspense. You enter a short rocky cavern, before bearing left through a cage with red flashing lights. The music at this stage is quite loud. Smoke begins to pump out of various pipes and furnaces burn. The train stops, you hear several bangs, the gates open at the far end, and the train accelerates!


You launch via LIM from 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds and it flows beautifully to top speed and then begins the ascent to the top of the overbank, before being whipped down into a compact tunnel, which makes you put your hands down for fear of hitting them. You enter the loop, which provides some brief hangtime before being whipped to the right through a very sharp corner, and then rise into the MCBR with some brilliant airtime.


More airtime follows the MCBR, before a dip and small tunnel into a sensational corkscrew element, where you literally hang from the restraints before dipping into a helix surrounded by rocks. Into the horseshoe roll and again the restraints are all that keep you in, as you are liberated from the seat entirely.


A slight airtime hill through the loop follows, before the train slowly coasts round another helix. You think it's all over but the train then enters an inline twist which for me, is now right up there as my favourite inversion ever (along with Nemesis' Zero G). You are flung from the seat and honestly feel as though you're going to be thrown out of the train. A short corner and into the brake run ready to disembark.


Overall, Blue Fire is the perfect rollercoaster to compliment the existing line up at Europa-Park. Nobody in out 25 strong group was dissapointed with the ride, indeed most thought it was better than had been expected. The queueline theming (outdoor) needs work, but this will happen and was ongoing through our stay. The indoor dark ride section provides ample build up and gets the tension building. The coaster is glass smooth and the trains are a sensation to any coaster enthusiast. For Mack rides, it's a real coup - as they've just gone and taken my 2nd favourite rollercoaster spot and my favourite launched coaster spot. You wouldn't have thought this is a company which, until now, has created only family coasters of modest height and statistics. Many of our group have ridden coasters around the world, yet most said that this was right up there with the best of them.


It's a must ride, a beautiful rollercoaster - and well worth the wait! Also a thanks to Roland Mack for offering us ERT on the ride on its second day of operatin after we also had ERT on Silver Star in the morning - this park looks after fans so well! Danke Schon!

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^^That night time pictures is gorgeous, I would love to see some more night time pictures of this ride.


^Nice review, can you compare it to any other coasters? I'm interested to see how this compares to say, Maverick or Fahrenheit.

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