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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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It's OK - I already lived in Strasbourg for a year...!


I haven't been on Maverick nor Farenheit, but from looking at POV's Blue Fire doesn't look anywhere near as "wild" as the former. However, I can compare Blue Fire to several coasters, Colossus at Thorpe Park probably being the most appropriate. It beats Colossus in every way...!


This rollercoaster is not particularly "G Intense" but it rides as beautifully as Air, whilst having 10 x the fun. The seating arrangement really is a sensation, and the dark ride just adds to the experience. This coaster isn't out to leave you entirely breathless - it's out to give heaps of fun - and it does that more than any other coaster I have ever had the pleasure of riding.


Mack are on to a winner.


(and yes, for me now. 1. Nemesis, 2. Blue Fire, 3. Black Mamba).


For the record - Silver Star is also running beautifully now, I swear that ride gets better every year!

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So, if you allow me to ask : What makes Nemesis ever better, though Blue Fire is "the most fun" coaster ?

When I look at the pov`s of Nemesis I don`t get the special thing about it. Would you please explain ?


P.S. Hopefully this is not a too much off topic thing...

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That third picture is AWESOME. Thanks a lot for posting this! I don't think I'll be able to get over to Europe any time soon, but when I do this ride is going to be top on my list!

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Just letting you know I've been to Europa Park on Tuesday (and Holiday Park on wednesday). Weather was beautiful and Europa Park was pretty crowded (whilst HP was nearly empty O.o). Waited about 30 minutes for Blue Fire in the morning and 50 in the afternoon.


But it's well worth the wait. It's awesome! Loved every part of it, especially the first part. I'd agree though that the dark themed part of the ride is a bit too fast, you barely see anything.


Already planning to make a similar trip in the summer ^^.

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I just love EP and I'm planing to go there this spring. But I have one question regarding the seats in Blue Fire.


I had a little problem with the silver star. My a** was too big to fit in the seats. Fortunately it's not a problem anymore...

but Blue Fire does have similar seats (according to the pictures..) and I want to know if they're just as tight as the Silver star ones..

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I had a little problem with the silver star. My a** was too big to fit in the seats. Fortunately it's not a problem anymore...

but Blue Fire does have similar seats (according to the pictures..) and I want to know if they're just as tight as the Silver star ones..


The seats itself are the same as on Silver Star. And yes, I think, they were tight. I mean, I like those the most, but yes. They are pretty tight.

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I rode it this weekend, and it is pretty cool, with a nice waiting line. Especially the last very slow corkscrew is awesome.

Although it's not really a short track, it feels like the ride is over way too quickly.

The frontseat waiting line was immense last weekend, so I didn't get to do it!

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This is, what I just found, a part of a trip report from a guy from the netherlands...I think it`s really worth reading :


"Previous Sunday a group of Dutch coaster fans from coastervision.nl went on a trip to Southern Germany to ride Europe’s (the worlds) best coaster in Holiday Park and to look at the new Blue Fire mega coaster at Europa Park. Well, we did ride the worlds best coaster.... but not in Holidaypark. Blue Fire is the best coaster I've ridden so far. It delivers a feeling not delivered by any other rollercoaster I did so far in Europe. Expedition GeForce doesn't even come close to it."


So...still EVERYONE (AFAIK) who had the chance to compare, voted B.F. over E.G.F....WOW



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Looks like Blue Fire was a huge hit for the park this year. Plus some information on upcoming winter events at the park :


Summer 2009 ends with new record

Double-digit growth rate for Europa-Park in spite of crisis

More than 2.5 million rides on „blue fire“ / World premiere of DJ BoBo concert


In spite of the economic crisis, Europa-Park celebrates its best season since its opening 34 years ago with a double-digit growth rate. Thereby, the brand-new “blue fire Megacoaster” proved to be a real “magnet” for the audience. 54 percent of park visitors took a ride on the megacoaster. The occupancy rate of the four themed hotels is clearly higher than last year, reaching more than 90 percent. Currently, the planning phase for a new hotel has started. More and more people visit the park several times a season. Nowadays, already 80 percent of park visitors are repeaters. This is a confirmation of the season-concept which has been realised successfully by Europa-Park for several years.


In representative surveys, Europa-Park is constantly well-rated by its visitors. Europa-Park is considered as a very clean, well-arranged and big park. “Europa-Park managed to increase its quality and service despite of a constant growth in quantity“, says Prof. Dr. Uwe Fichtner from Fichtner*Piotrowsky Projektconsulting, responsible for those surveys. The megacoaster “blue fire” was especially successful. In the past six months, more than 2.5 million people dared to take a ride on this spectacular launch coaster. The new rollercoaster is a real “hit” among the visitors, as the scientific-based survey demonstrates: the “adventure-rate” reaches + 4.7 on a scale going from -5 to +5.


“Europa-Park is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Germany“, acknowledges Andreas Braun, director of “Tourismus-Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg”. Not even towns with millions of inhabitants have such a high inflow of tourists.

Despite temporary decrease in the beginning of the year, the event department “Confertainment” reaches its last year’s level. Numerous reservations for Christmas and next year confirm this positive trend.


For the future, the worldwide energy-group Gazprom and Europa-Park will be partners and are to cooperate in the Icelandic themed area. Gazprom joins therewith a range of high-class industry partners of Europa-Park, such as Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Schöller, adidas or Kraft Foods. The main focus of this cooperation will be the building of a 3-floor event and information hall just beside „blue fire Megacoaster“. On 1,300 square metres, visitors will be given contextual information on Gazprom and natural gas. In addition to event rooms and an extended waiting area for „blue fire “, some interactive offers await the visitors for the new season.


During the winter opening from 28 November 2009 to 10 January 2010 (except 24/25 December), Europa-Park turns into a magical winter world. A lot of exclusive attractions and winter shows are there to please the whole family during the cold season. Europa-Park also offers an extraordinary art exhibition during this period: „Faith, hope, love – Marc Chagall’s dream of the Bible“. The visitors are given Marc Chagall’s vision of the Bible and how he transposed it into his illustrations. Beside the 36 original, hand-signed lithographs by Chagall, which are owned by his family, this exhibition also offers to experience art with all the senses. This is already the third exhibition of this kind realised at Europa-Park with the cooperation of Meret Meyer, granddaughter of Marc Chagall.


Another Highlight of the winter opening will be the world premiere of DJ BoBo’s new show “Fantasy” on 27 and 28 November. He will be starting his tour by May 2010. The Dinner-Show Cirque d’Europe presents itself with the new programme “Déjà Vu“. Illusion or reality? The audience can seek the answer to this question from 21 November 2009 until 16 January 2010.


The start of the season 2010 will be very wet in Europa-Park! A new water ride in the Icelandic themed area will await the visitors for some splashy fun. In contrast, the new-built saloon of the Tipi Village offers a real wild-west feeling with cowboys and Indians. The action-packed Indians’ show will surely captivate the Camp Resort’s guests.


Blue Fire!

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Hi friends !


Hope it`s okay to post this link from the suisse Europa-Park Fanclub called EP Fans.

The photographer, who`s name is Mark Polster, took these excellent shots. Probably very nice to look at for evereybody who`s even a littlebit into that park.


Now, here`s the link : http://www.epfans.info/?id=2855&lang=&




P.S. I think Blue Fire looks absolutely marvellous from above

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I will be in the area in late May/early June and am hoping to get to this park for a day - will it be busy on a weekday ?


School holidays don't start until the end of June correct ?


Can't wait for Blue Fire !


There are some short holidays in Germany which were called "Pfingstferien" they were from 21st or 25th may till 06th june. In this time the park is normally extremly crowded.... so if you can, you should go there before or after these holidays. Then i think it will be okay... and most times i don´t go wednesday because of the french people which have their no school, then its mostly very crowded, too.


When it is crowded i would prefer a two days ticket to ride everything...


and by the way there is a series of videos from crazy bets what you can do on rollercoaster, like changing clothes, or shaving during the ride on bluefire.... i thaught you have to see this:







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Well, some things are necessary, while others aren`t...


Besides...there`ll be a huge roll-over-Europa-Park this Saturday plus some barbecue later at the tipi dorf AND having a huge and cold Weizen at the Mille Miglia (Colosseo-Bar) in the night-time.


Anybody else from TPR gonna join us ? And what about you, Kooky ?

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Europa Park has sent us a press release about their two latest additions to the park.


Europa-Park – Germany’s splashiest theme park


Ship ahoy! In 2010, it’s getting wet at Europa-Park! The new family attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours” invites young and old to go on an exciting expedition towards Iceland. But those who prefer staying on the mainland will also have plenty of things to discover in Germany’s biggest theme park: on an area of 85 hectares, more than 100 attractions and international shows as well as 13 European themed areas with their typical architecture, vegetation and food specialities await all adventurous Europa-Park visitors.


Ship ahoy!


An exciting trip through the seas around the volcanic island Iceland awaits Europa-Park visitors from 27 March 2010. With the new family attraction „Whale Adventures – Splash Tours“, young and old will encounter some splashy fun! From a distance already, a colourful lighthouse indicates the way to the volcanic island Iceland, where seagulls announce the forthcoming appearance of the sea giants. Now, just recruit your crew and sail away! In colourful fishing boats, the adventurous expedition begins and the sailors get ready for action. Each boat is equipped with eight water cannons which invite them to start a splashy water battle with the other sea adventurers. But caution is advised, because the audience ashore can join in the splashy action!


GAZPROM theme world – the wonder of energy


Another highlight of the new season is the cooperation of Europa-Park with the worldwide energy group GAZPROM and, consequently, the new GAZPROM theme world. This brand new construction is located next to “blue fire Megacoaster" and takes the visitors on an intrepid voyage of adventure from Russia to Germany – going through Siberia and the Baltic sea. The queue leading to “blue fire Meagcoaster” goes through the “GAZPROM theme world - the wonder of energy”. With all senses, the guests can experience how energy is generated, transported and used. The offer is attractive for young and old and leads the guests through the fascinating world of energy with plenty of games and fun. For example, the visitors will discover an interactive photo-station with Russian motifs, a giant table football and a video game with an exciting race through a pipeline.


To reach this world of fun and adventure as fast as possible, the visitors also need the adequate conveyance. That’s why guests of Europa-Park will be able to head directly for the Icelandic themed area with the new “Monorail”. On their way to the island of fire and ice, the passengers will travel above the rapids of the “Fjord Rafting”, through the Portuguese themed area and next to the new water attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours”, before reaching the beautifully themed station in Iceland.


From Italy to Iceland & from Spain to Scandinavia


But the rest of Europa(-Park) is also full of surprises! Adventurous visitors can discover 13 European themed areas with their typical architecture, vegetation and food specialities. In Greece for example, a racy ride between sky and see awaits the guests in the water attraction “Poseidon”, while the youngest visitors may go for their first experience on a roller coaster in the YoungSTAR Coaster “Pegasus”. In Russia, audacious passengers will go for a trip to the stars with “Euro-Mir” and France proposes a high-speed ride reaching 130 km/h and a very special adrenalin kick on “Silver Star”. Some refreshing and splashy fun awaits the visitors in the “Fjord Rafting" in Scandinavia or in the setting of the water attraction “Atlantica SuperSplash” with its impressive Portuguese sailing ship.


All those who would like to take things at a slower pace should watch the brand new show programme: in the Spanish Arena, a fearless fight rages on for "King Arthur's Sword", while the ice-show in Greece stays true to its new motto “Pure Ice”. And the youngest visitors are invited to a special birthday party in Italy with Euromaus & friends!


For all hungry adventurers, each one of the 13 countries proposes plenty of delicacies to please the visitors’ palates. Typical Greek gyros, Scandinavian fish specialities or Spanish tapas - Europa-Park has everything a gourmet could dream of! This year in the Italian themed area, the Pizzeria “Venezia” has been entirely renovated and shines in new splendour. The restaurant can now host up to 600 pizza & pasta lovers in a typical Italian ambience. Hungry guests will also find relief in Portugal thanks to the new "Casa Atlantica” which will be opened by the start of season 2010.


35 years Europa-Park – let’s celebrate!


Happy Birthday Europa-Park! In the season 2010, Germany's biggest theme park celebrates its 35th birthday. This is one more good reason to propose numerous extraordinary and breathtaking events to the visitors. More than 300 events and specials are organised this year. For example, typical themed festivals will take the guests, among other countries, to Russia, Iceland and Italy. During the South African Weeks, culinary delights from the Cape of Good Hope await all gourmets from 31 July to 15 August. This year's party-highlights will be the SWR3 Party-Night on 10 April, the big Birthday Week from 12 to 18 July as well as the Birthday Party with midnight-opening on 31 July.


Moreover, each season proposes varied offers and decorations throughout the year in Europa-Park. Spring is the time of novelties, while summer proposes some adventurous refreshment with numerous splashy attractions and summer highlights. In autumn, Germany’s biggest theme park becomes a privileged meeting point for all scary figures and offers numerous Halloween-specials like the Halloween Festival with the spectacular show “DJ BoBo´s Fantasy goes Halloween” or the Terenzi Horror Nights. In winter, the time of the magic moments begins and Europa-Park turns into a magnificent winter wonder world with thousands of decorated Christmas trees, scintillating Christmas lights, a charming Christmas market and plenty of exclusive winter attractions.

Dreamy moments


As the ultimate ending to an exciting day, the Europa-Park Hotel Resort promises blissful moments in a Mediterranean atmosphere. In the 4-star superior hotels “Colosseo” and “Santa Isabel” as well as the 4-star themed hotels “Castillo Alcazar” and “El Andaluz”, guests will not only appreciate the inviting beds, but also Italian dolce vita, Spanish temperament or monastic Portuguese charm. And outdoor types will love the Camp Resort with its Native American tents, log cabins and chuck wagons along with a camp site right next to the main entrance.


Splashy fun with the water cannons: Roland, Thomas, Michael and Jürgen Mack.


The new “GAZPROM theme world – the wonder of energy”.

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