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Europa Park Discussion Thread

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Does Europa Park should be worry about the New Holiday Park's Owner ? Studio 100 seems to have lots of money to invest into Holiday Park .


Europa Park is still a very very good theme park in general . The only park who can beat Europa Park would be Efteling in the Netherlands . Once again Mack should add a Wooden Coaster from GCI with a great layout and then they would add more family experiences to their park.

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Close to the Europa Park Sea, some kind of Fairytale Forest with a Castle and a few different Houses, with Scenes of the Grimm Brothers (are they famous outside of Europe ?) Greeds...GeorgeT


They are famous but most people think that Walt Disney created the characters.

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So...Europa Park will open one more Attraction for the upcoming Season. There`s a riddle going on on facebook where more and more Pictures of the new Ride are shown...


According to what Roland Mack told somebody totally unimportant at the IAAPA...I guess his name was Bopp Halevey or something...it will be THIS :




Yepp...another one was sold to Blackpool (AFAIK)...



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Fairy-tale adventures for the whole family – this and much more is waiting for visitors of Europa-Park from 9 April 2011 on! Between the English and the Austrian themed areas, the guests can plunge into the narratives of their childhood in the new “Enchanted Forest”, while the youngest visitors go on a somewhat different gondola ride in the new children´s attraction “Piccolo Mondo”. A very special rollercoaster experience is on offer in the world´s first loop-restaurant “FoodLoop”, where cooking pots actually loop the loop!


More than 100 attractions and shows, an area of 85 hectares, 13 European themed areas, 6 hours of show-programmes, 4 hotels – Europa-Park, which is located in the border-triangle Germany – Switzerland – France, is a unique destination for short-holidays with leisure activities for all age groups and tastes.


New 2011: Fairy-tale adventures and gourmet loops

On time for the beginning of the season 2011 fairy-tales come alive at Europa-Park! Between the English and the Austrian themed areas, an “Enchanted Forest” is mystically nestled along the big Europa-Park Lake and takes the visitors into the magical world of their childhood fairy-tales. Together with Hansel and Gretel they enter the world of the Brothers Grimm and not only visit the Witch´s Cottage and Sleeping Beauty´s Castle, but also the Grimm Library. There, they have the opportunity to watch the famous storytellers at work during a unique multimedia-show, before they admire the interactive Fairy-Tale Gallery inside the Euromaus House.


Europa-Park´s youngest guests are in for a somewhat different gondola ride in the new children´s attraction “Piccolo Mondo”. Venetian gondolas take them to Pisa, Venice and Florence where they will not only meet famous Italian personalities such as Michelangelo, but also see the typically Italian version of the Land of Cockaigne. With its interactive elements “Piccolo Mondo” is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for little globetrotters.


Europa-Park´s food & beverage section surprises the guests with an outstanding new location: “FoodLoop” – the world´s first loop-restaurant! On shiny steel tracks that wind down from the upper floor and through the room, the food and drinks rush through loops and tight bends before reaching the guests´ tables - a spectacular experience for all hungry rollercoaster fans. The new “FoodLoop” restaurant is the innovative finale of Europa-Park Historama, which has been displaying the highlights of Europa-Park´s over 35-year old history since summer 2010.


Once hovering high up in the air in one of Leonardo da Vinci´s ingenious flight machines – this dream comes true on Whitsun 2011 in the new family attraction “Volo da Vinci”! The adventure begins in the Italian themed area, where da Vinci´s workshop is waiting for the visitors with an interactive ragbag of models and constructions realised by the ingenious artist and inventor. Leonardo da Vinci was known for his habit to test his inventions right away. Therefore, the guests can enter his flight machines right after leaving the workshop. And then it´s all about pedalling! Because as is generally known, engines had not yet been invented during Renaissance. Passengers young and old have to use their muscular strength in order to be able to “hover” along the 300 metre long track. From Whitsun 2011 on, the new family-attraction “Volo da Vinci” promises interactive fun for the whole family!


Experience Europe!

13 different European themed areas cover the 85 hectares of Europa-Park. Typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation offer plenty of holiday atmosphere. While “blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM” and the family attraction “Whale Adventures – Splash Tours” are waiting for the visitors in Iceland, the water coaster “Poseidon” invites the guests to go on a trip to the ancient world of Greece. “Silver Star” and “Eurosat” await all rollercoaster fans in France and close by “Matterhorn-Blitz” rushes along the windy tracks in Switzerland. On top of that, mother Russia sends audacious passengers on a trip to the stars with “Euro-Mir”, while Scandinavia promises splashy water fun with “Fjord-Rafting”, in which the guests race down a rapid stream, passing the new “World of Trolls”.


New: “Faster! Better! Further! 125! years of innovation” – this is the motto of this year´s exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Hall. A number of different activity corners, vehicles and interactive elements provide the guests with plenty of information about the innovations in motorsports during the past 125 years.


Moreover, the international artists of Europa-Park dance, juggle and perform magic to guarantee unforgettable moments and spectacular show-programmes also in 2011. Europa-Park´s international ice-skating team for example melts the ice with pirouettes, flips and other artistic figures in the new Ice-Show “Surpr´Ice”. Artistic top performances, comedy and dance are waiting for all visitors in the new Variety-Show “Luminocity” and the Spanish Arena is the setting for spectacular stunts and daredevil manoeuvres on horseback in the new programme “The Devil and the Queen”. The youngest guests can look forward to the new children´s musical “Dorothy and the Wizard”.


Fun and events all year round

Europa-Park has been realising the concept of different seasons for more than 10 years and the range of offers has been enhanced consequently during the years. While spring is all about the new activities to be discovered, summer promises plenty of event highlights and adventurous refreshment on numerous splashy attactions. For Halloween, all kinds of weird creatures gather at Europa-Park. 160,000 pumpkins and numerous autumn plants turn the park into a bright orange world of nice and eerie fun and numerous specials such as the “Horror Nights – starring Marc Terenzi” make for truly creepy moments. After a short break, thousands of Christmas trees, countless fairy-lights numerous winter attractions and a fascinating show programme guarantee wintery fun surrounded by a unique ambience at Europa-Park.


Plenty of events promise diversified entertainment all year round. “Music meets Magic” on 30 April, the “Pirates´ Beachparties” in July and August and the “SWR3 Halloween-Party” on 31 October offer plenty of entertainment for all party fans. Culinary delights are guaranteed with the “South African Weeks” from 30 July until 14 August and during the “Baden Wine Festival” on 9 July and all inquisitive youngsters should not miss the “Science Days for Kids” on 7 and 8 June and the “Science Days” from 13 to 15 October. Moreover, European themed festivals take the guests to a number of European countries, such as Holland, Spain and Russia.


Sweet dreams…

After an adventurous day in Germany´s biggest theme park the Europa-Park Hotel Resort promises sweet dreams in a Mediterranean atmosphere. The 4-star superior hotels “Colosseo” and “Santa Isabel” as well as the 4-star hotels “El Andaluz” and “Castillo Alcazar” not only offer inviting beds but also Italian “dolce vita”, Spanish zest for life and monastic Portuguese flair. Adventurous guests will love the Camp Resort with its authentic tepees, themed log-cabins and covered wagons.


New: Overnight guests of the suite “Cesare e Cleopatra” can now enjoy majestic relaxation in the private sauna- and whirlpool area.



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Just got back from Europa Park... ONE WORD... WOW...


It seems the ride ops had pressed the pure evil button (or immensely high capacity button)... you couldn't feel the trims or brakes on any of the rides, while this worked on Silver Star and Blue Fire to turn them into the best thrills in my life, it turned EuroMir, EuroSat and Poseidon into some pain... OUCH! In fact Pegasus was running so well it beats most English coasters


There were hardly any queues, the biggest was about 15 minutes, we managed to do 11 rounds of Silver Star and five rounds of Blue Fire over the two days.


FoodLoop was fun, even though the novelty wears off, the food is so reasonably priced, making it beat any English amusement park restaurant by a mile... If you are going have the penne with spinach, it was sooo good.


I have never had so much fun at a theme park...

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Just got back from Europa Park. It was very crowded but like always, I still had an amazing time.


Just some notes:


- Trims seemed nearly off on Silver Star. AMAZING rides now.

- The new area doesn't have much to do in it. But it is off to a great start and is at least better than what was there before! I can't wait to see what they do with it.

- And that's it. The park is still awesome!


Here are some pictures. I don't have too many because I didn't have my camera So here are some bad ones from my itouch. If you want to see more pictures of something, or have any questions, just ask and I can upload the rest and/or answer




Ready for a fun day at one of the best parks in the world!


I love this coaster so much!


It was very hot today. As you can see, the heat doesn't go well with my itouch camera. :(


I'm not gay, but this dude had a nice badonk!


Every rider is out of their seat right now. :)


NOW every rider is getting completely thrown out of their seats. Try keeping your hands up, even after 35+ rides, it's nerve wracking!


You go so fast through these tunnels, you barely even notice them


On a hot day like today, this was perfect!


tHE NE... opps caps lock.... the new area is great in hot weather. Very nicely themed and shaded.






They are tricky ones!! Hiding there families s**t in their park like this! Kinda neat


My best friend and his girl friend.... who cheat on him with over sized mouses


This place is so nicely themed. Europa Park does it perfect! It is like the Gary Oldman of theme parks!


No, this was not real. :( In America, some fat idiot could probably sue and actually win.


There are advantages on being able to speak English and German ;)


Any girl that is weird like me is... well not only weird like me but awesome!


"Jake, if you don't get out of there I'm going to dump you."




Nicely shaded, which is great on a hot day like today!


Looking back down the midway in Enchanted Forest


Too much weight can bend the pole.... come on now, grow up.


Why is it when I start drinking at theme parks do I take better pictures??


Yep, riding Silver Star and Euro Mir drunk is the way to go!


This is a P.O.V on their NEW COASTER!!!!! OMFG!!!!


Their new coaster for food and drinks at least :->


It is very impressive, but more fun to watch than to actually eat and drink here. Don't miss out on the other restaurants that this park has that are more amazing!


These bottles are getting ERT!!!


And I end with me wrestling a shark, just because it's dangerous.

Have a good one! :)

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Just like every year i've been to the openingsweekend of Europa park and I seen the Food loop restaurant. Here are my pics:












I love this darkride!










Oh, and I made some onrides too if you like to see it.


Ciao Bambini in a new theme:






Scene in the new area:

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Hi all of you EP fans and hopefully locals


I am going to be in the park's area at june 14-17 2011, And thought of visiting both Europa park and Holiday park at these days.


I just learned about the "Pfingsten" vacations for 2011.

As i understand they are:


Baden-Württemberg 14.06.-25.06

Bayern 14.06.-25.06.

Bremen 14.06

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 10.06.-14.06

Niedersachsen3) 03.06.+14.06

Sachsen-Anhalt 14.06.-18.06


Can anyone tell me if these usually effect crowds at places like europa park and holiday park?

As i thought ,since i will visit in mid-week days the park should not be too busy in mid june,But I really don't know anything about the "Pfingsten"


Thanks for the help!



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