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Funny story. I once bought a book called "Just enough Scandinavian" which was basically a travel language book for Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. The intro to the book stated "Most people in these co

^^Come with us first, I make it easier.

Don't worry about it seeming rude to not know the language, nobody in Europe thinks that. We have so many different languages here in Europe so nobody can expect everyone to know all of them  I for ex

Posted Images



It's to measure your heartbeat which to what I've heard you can see on a small display.




Do we know why they would have this on a coaster? I mean, its interesting, I guess, but still...why? lol

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After reading a few german reports of first riders the ride is very good.


Some points:


-very smooth

-comfortable seats

-not the "most thrill" coaster but more then enough


I'm trying it next monday .


Oh and its the first coaster in germany with a single rider line, yay! About time we use a very good idea .

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^^^ here the direct link to the photo reports:

one from the complete day, the really nice theming, the coaster, the nice darkride part, the pulse monitor and much more. DON´T MISS to VIEW THIS REPORT, very nice pics:



Some nice things that were mentioned in this reports:

-The park told them that there will be some geysors next to the launch added the next days.

-The coaster had some rollbacks on the media day.

-It really looks slow from the outside but onride its really fast.

-there is a single rider line

-it has a nice preshow. But the onride sound system doesn`t work that day. But it has two speakers in every front of each car, two tweeters in the upper of every seat and one woofer directly in every seat, so that the vibration is directly permitted in your body.

-Its really a family coaster with some thrill elements, but not to extrem for younger people.

- the Launch is very family style, not very hard

- the first curve give an unnormal feeling, but not an unpleasant one.

- the loop is family style too.

- the curve after the loop is very thrilling element.

- the brakes didn`t affect on the speed very much.

- the rest of the track is really thrilling, especially the part trough the canyon

- the best inversion is the heartline roll

-its smooth like the skin of a baby botty (hope you can say this in english)


some more pics and a offride video with the smoke effects on the trains:



one german TV report:



and some pics from http://www.coaster-fans.de/thread.php?postid=25964&sid=#post25964:



more pics from http://lifthill.net/:


this pic shows the vertical (yellow) and horizontal (blue) g`s till the brake and maybe the pulse(purple) from the monitor on the restraints.



the village:



the main entree to the new area, which was constructed under the river rapids:



and the coaster:



arg... ah german B-TV/music-star. No one knows why:

the station:


Pic from the part before the Launch:


and more coaster:


and another onride video:


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WOW! The ride is beautiful and the theming is VERY impressive. The trains look awesome and the whole park in general looks so cool!


I am very impressed by this ride.


I just wish I could head over to Germany to ride this thing as well as iSpeed.

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Oooooh me god.


Blue Fire is so amazing. I luv it! LUV IT!


Rode it two times today, and it was simply AWESOME!!!


The Darkride Part at the beginning is... well. Supershort, but okay. The train rushes through the tunnel, with at least 20 km/h. You don't even have time to watch the scenery. The sound all around is just fantastic. It works with a deeeep bass, like drumbeats, and with the sound of a siren.


Than the gate opens.


OMG OMG! Frikkin intense Launch ahead!


The Launch is smooth as silk, but far more intense than I thought - well, it's not the ultimate killerlaunch, but it pulls you quite into the seat. The launch part of the track is pretty short (35 Meters), so I think I know why the launch is actually intense^^


The Horseshoe after is probably the most amazing part of the ride. You know everybody talks about "Wooow, first Looping Coaster at EP" and "That loop will kill me" but it's actually the Horseshoe. It's not only incredible fun, but also intense as hell. Through the launch you get up there pretty quick, and I wasn't expecting such a steep curve at the very top. When you look on the photos, you don't even get an idea of what awaits you. It's even more inclined than the horseshoe of Silver Star, and that means something.


Than you rush down and through the cave into the loop.


One tip: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put your hands up in the air until you are in the loop. Everything else would probably let you cost your hands. The cave into the loop is so basely, I ducked my head. And so did everyone else on the train.


Believe me, I mean it. This cave is dangerous.


Then Loop. Giant Loop - Giant Fun. From the watchpoint besides the launch it looks like the train is pretty slow at the top of it. But that's wrong. You rush through it verry fast.


Than Hump. (Is it a hump? Can we call it THE hump?)


The hump's pretty sweet, and just as inclined as the horseshoe. I think, it's EVEN MORE inclined than the horseshoe. You might think that it is an inversion, but it isn't of course.


Anyway, up to the brake.


The brake doesn't really decrease the speed. Well, maybe a bit, a few mp/h. But no much. You just hav enough time to clap your hands for applause.


Than next inversion, giant corkscrew through the cave.


The cave is far more safe than the first one. Here you can put your hands up if you want. You won't get injured. There's enough space over you.


Right curve through the canyon and into the next corkscrew, this time above the giant volcano rock.


One word: Sweeeeet. When you reach this point of the ride and upside turns down you think that the giant rock is a borer because it twirls under you. Funny to look at, really.


Through the loop, left curve, and than....


OMG! Heartline Roll!




The heartline roll is the most intense inversion I think. Maybe because the train isn't as fast anymore as it was at the beginning, but you judder pretty much in your seat. But anyway, also funny inversion.


Right curve, final brake. Done!




I like it. I really like the coaster. It's smooth, it's got inversions, absolute awesome theming (as always), and you don't have to wait very long because there are always at least three trains on the track - one in the station, on in the darkride, and one outside on the track (When the secon d one reaches the final part of the darkride, the first one is mostly at the first brake).



Yep. That's it. Go visit Germany and ride Blue Fire. You will love it. LOVE IT I SAY!


I wanna hear an AMEN!



Oh, and by the way, later today, I rode Silver Star in the Front Row with Roland Mack

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Of course, it`s just an Headchopper-Effect...but believe me, it take`s some courage to keep the arms up.

My whole impression of my first three rides will follow this evening...all I want to say at the moment is, that I already call it the "Scream-Coaster"...because there`s a reason to Scream ALL THE TIME during the ride...and I think nearly everyone on this coaster did the whole day !!!

And it`s definitively IMPOSSIBLE to judge this ride from the outside...

Later more...


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So, here`s my opinion about Blue Fire after riding it tree times on the opening day...

First of all I`d like to say, that this coaster is a beauty...the combination of the huge and very realistic looking rocks and the shining blue track is really great...especially when the sun shines...it really looks great.

And in reality it looks MUCH better than on the pics, I think !


When I watched the first few rides, I was making jokes about the speed, because it looked sooooo slow, that it was already a littlebit funny.

But I watched several rides while I waited in the queue, and I noticed, that the ride became faster by the time...

AND I noticed that the riders were screaming nearly all the time during the ride.

I never noticed that on a coaster the WHOLE ride long...but because it was still looking a littlebit slow, I didn`t understand! Later I did...


After nearly one and a half hours I was able to take place in the front row... and my first impression of the seat was : Perfect !

The first seat, that felt better to me than the B&M seats...totally open, but safe and comfortable at the same time...definitely the new standard (in my opinion).

Well, there`s not much say about the darkride part...we went through it very fast...too fast, I think, just a little time to look at the scenery ...and then, a lot of fog spread...the door opend and the launch started...

(besides some people think that the darkride part will be longer in the future, because they`ll use five trains instead of three and "use" the indoor section to compensate the waiting time before the launch).


The acceleration part is not too intense...but very long...I enjoyed it very much...it`s not "hard" but really fun...


And I have to say that the first hill, that "top-hat-thingy" is better than it looks...not thrilling, but fun and intense...

The first tunnel gives a very strong headchopper-effect, it really takes some courage to keep the hands up...and because it`s so tight, the 110 km/h (thats the maximum speed) feel VERY fast !

The loop is quite big so it takes some time to ride througt it with just a littlebit of positive G`s at the top...I like that very much.

The overbanked curve after the loop feels very intense (someone in a german forum said "you`re THROWN in it)". I think that`s a good expression for it, and that element really IS thrilling !

When reaching the top of the second hill you get a littlebit of airtime in the front and the back...and the trims slow down the train just a littlebit (luckily).

Then, there`s some airtime again (especially in the back) when you go down...

You`re riding through another huge rock before you ride through the double horsehshoe roll...and because of the "canyon" and the rocks this element is just amazing...it`s sooo much fun...and I think Maverick cannot compare with that, because the great theming adds so much to it.

It`s marvellous...

The Hump trough the loop has some nice airtime (especially when the train is "warmed up").

And the last element is the best one, I think.

The heartlineroll should be called "thrown-out-roll" ! Especially with the hands up and because of not having over the shoulder restraints this element is just freaking amazing, you`ll have a very intenese out of control-feeling ! The best at the end...why not ?


All together I have to say that blue fire eceeded my expectations by far...and as far as I know EVERYONE said that after riding it ! EVERYONE !


The ride feels very fast, is unbelievably smooth and has a nice mixture of fun and thrill elements.

The seats are great, the restraints are great, and because of the rocks and the tunnels EVERY meter of the track is a lot of fun. Really.


And I`m shure, that a lot of TPR`s will LOVE (!) this ride.


But I think it`s important to know that this coaster gets faster during the day. I mean A LOT FASTER !

It`s very good from the beginning...but when it`s warm, it`s just amazing !


I hope you enjoyed reading my little rewiew...and I really can`t wait to read yours !

Have a good time...



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