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  1. I loved riding Blue fire on Sunday the coaster is amazing i still love the launch even though its not as intense as Intermin. I think meeting Ronald Mack on Sunday was a highlight even when he gave us members from TTF special ride time after the que line closed. I loved seeing those pictures they capture the ride really good.
  2. I am disappointed the pictures have gone but i can understand that they shouldn't have been posted in the first place as they didn't have permission and it was dangerous walking around a construction site. I do admit i did like seeing the pictures i can not wait for April my first ride on Blue Fire with TTF.
  3. I hope to be going October Halloween event with TTF i love Terenzi Horror Nights. I think its worth going for Blue Fire, Silver Star, Euromir and Eurosat.
  4. I am so loving this coaster i think Europa Park have really outdone themselfs and have got themselfs onto a winner here i really am looking forward to riding it when they first open in April.
  5. I am getting excited about the station building now I cant wait to see how there going to do the theming inside the building and out.
  6. Thanx mate for saying that i knew it was a vertical loop but was not sure. This coaster going to be insane but really good.
  7. My count is not very high for 2008 but here it is as follows Alton Towers (quite a few times this season ) Thorpe Park Blackpool Pleasure Beach Europa Park (For my first time ever ) Chessington World of Adventures Camelot
  8. I have to say this new coaster from Mack looks very impressive i love it. I really do like launch coasters anyway since going on Rita at Alton Towers. I love the loop aswell its vertical isn't it? I cant wait to ride this in April with Towertimes
  9. In two ways i want corkscrew to go as its had its time now and needs to be replaced with a better ride. In another way now its been annouced I am sad to see it go now it will be weird in the 2009 season seeing a big gap where corkscrew is until the rumored new coaster has been built for the 2010 season. I do like the corkscrew and i still like riding it i don't find the ride that rough not sure if its because of my height or not the first drop still gets me. I am looking forward to the goodbye event on the 9th of November.
  10. those are some fantastic picture i love seeing rollercoaster pictures. That looks like a nice park to go to.
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