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  1. 212 feet tall and it includes water... first thing to come to my mind is that its a B&M dive coaster with a water break like those found on other models such as sheikra and griffon.
  2. do you think the Halloween Horror nights express pass will work for this attraction? I don't think the express line has been operational so far.
  3. The ride before all the modifications was amazing and the ride now is still one of my favorites in the park. If I remember correctly the only thing to hold onto was a metal bar under the sides of the log, which is unbelievable considering the size and angle of drop. is their any word about fixing the shack so it would actually explode like it would in the old days?
  4. I don't understand how the company could have messed up these trains when they have them in operation in other parks around the world grant it they did add a sound system and LED's but is that enought to cause this?
  5. I was at the park when they were testing the ride and it was absolutely silent. Do you think that this would allow universal to operate the ride during Halloween horror nights or would they still have to close the roller coaster down early due to the contract they have with the surrounding public. ( please correct me if i am wrong about the contract ) they did build the ride close to the middle of the resort too if that helps at all with sound level.
  6. i was there yesterday as well and they were sending multiple trains through all day with lights on and off . Due to weather everything closed twice, but as soon as the outdoor rides were going they were testing as well.
  7. IF Carowinds were to get a b&m hyper i see that giant horseshoe looking thing as being the water splash area and to the left of the huge footer it looks like the maintenance building to me. (but that doesn't look right if the footer is a lift hill support) I might be way off but its just my two cents.
  8. I second that nomination that was the coolest ride I've ever been on it was so much fun. The only problem i see is that they have dinosaur at animal kingdom which is the same ride layout.
  9. if you look above the dumbo a and b it says next generation queue. what do you think that means?
  10. You've got to be kidding me what is wrong with this coaster! i don't know what universal did, but they need to make a peace offering or sacrifice to whatever god they ticked off
  11. I think if they decide to keep the vortex off in poseidons fury they should use that as a show building for an indoor roller coaster and give some life to the slowly decreasing area that is the lost continant
  12. i remember a long time ago looking at a brochure for busch gardens tampa and it had a concept art of sheikra that had vekoma track. it might just be a concept art picture and vekoma has nothing to do with it! just my two cents.
  13. i am planning a trip to seaworld may 25th. schools are out so i think it will be crowded Can anyone answer these questions... 1) does it only work once for each attraction? 2) how fast do they sell out? 3) if anyones used it is it worth it? thankyou
  14. on the mack website there is a great picture of the inline twist hit more in the visiting europa park( front page )
  15. see look at this picture http://www.epfans.info/bild.php?c=24&ord=2290
  16. The picture you are looking at is outdated. That turn is complete, the turn we are talking about is coming from the loop, this picture doesn't show the newly constructed turn.
  17. if it is a "spiderman" type of ride, would they still have the "amazing animatronics". i hope and pray this ride makes its way to orlando. for once i'm jealous of universal studios hollywood
  18. haha wow i am such an idiot, i didn't realize they had to be put into place, i thought they were tilted in permanently
  19. is it me or does the brake section look tilted in towards the middle? new style of breaks?
  20. yeah...an overhead lapbar? doesn't that kinda contradict itself?
  21. i cant believe i just noticed that! ill have to look next time i got ride sheikra! i didn't even know they had magnetic breaks...it makes so much more sense to use them.
  22. correct me if i'm wrong and i looked into it before i asked, but are diamondback and behemoth getting new b&M breaks? look at the mid course break runs and the first break looks different from the others. Same goes for the Final break run
  23. The website was updated today with maverick, fahrenheit and the surf rider
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