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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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So I went to Tusenfryd today to check out Thor's Hammer. (I never go on a weekend, but I really wanted to try the new ride).

I have not done any of the world's most impressive dark rides at Universal or Disney, and my favortie one to date is Maus au chocolat at Phantasialand.


The story is basically that the evil god Loke steals the hammer from Thor, and you will help him get it back.

It's a pretty big investment for the park, and the result is kind of impressive.


For being Tusenfryd the theming is exceptional, and the theme song was very cool as well. The only thing to complain about is the roof in the queuing area, it could be much nicer if they had decided to go with some themed wooden planks, instead of the black steel roof it has now. Other than that it is very well done.


The ride itself was kind of a let down, as it's more for children and families, and it was over way to quickly. It probably should have been twice the length for me to be satisfied with it, but the space was very limited, since they used the old cave.


Overall it's a very good addition to the park, and I think it will be very popular for years to come, but it's just not what I was excepting from all the art work.


It was very difficult to get good photos from inside the cave, since it was very popular and full all day, but I did my best.

And also gotta give the usual shout out to Tusenfryd's staff, GET MORE EFFECTIVE! Brad new ride that can accommodate 6 persons per vehicle and they were leaving with only 3-4 persons.



The big ass walk down to the Super splash and Thor's Hammer area.


Ta-da, the dragon head is gone.


It looks rather good, even though I preferred the dragon head.


Thor's Hammer.


The ride sign.


Big ass sword, right inside. Entrance to the right, exit and gift shop to the left.


It leads straight into the big queue chamber.


It was hard to get a good photo from in here, finally caught a moment were the queue emptied out for a few minutes.


Some of the old Nordic characters


Let's have a look at the area on the right of Supersplash.


Up here is the Viking village.


It's a pretty big area.


And it's closed this year. Could it be to make way for a new attraction? It would make sense for them to keep expanding this area, so that the walk down here would be more worth it. They could easily fit a pretty big family roller coaster here.


As you can see, they have enough room to the left of the Super splash (where the Viking Village is now) to build a roller coaster.

A viking themed Gerstlauer spinning would be and awesome addition to the area and the park.

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What's up with only allowing people on the first two cars on Thundercoaster "because of the rain"? (It was running GREAT tho


It has something to do with the speed on the ride. If the train is going to fast when the track is wet, then they will have to send it half full.

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While I would not mind a RMC makeover, I do not consider it necessary for Thundercoaster as it has been for some of the other coasters. Its one of only two major rollercoasters in Norway and its still popular. I would prefer if they put such an investment into a new rollercoaster. Besides Tusenfryd writes on Facebook "coming in 2015" so anything spectacular should not be expected.

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Its good to hear that Thundercoaster has been running well, I havent been on it in over a year and a half. By the way, Busch Gardens have a couple of trains they wont need in a couple of weeks...



It's not gonna go backwards, but the change is amazing, can't tell more.


You are definately making it sound like its going to be more than just new trains/retracking. Could we perhaps be seeing an inversion of some sort??

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It's not gonna go backwards, but the change is amazing, can't tell more.


Oh, interesting!


The trains are actually really comfy. Lots of padding.


Yes, there's nothing wrong with the upper part of the trains, it's the technical bottom part who is the problem!

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