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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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Let's hope so. One of the guys who helped him was an ambulance driver who was in the line, and he stated to the newspaper that he hope they will be able to save his leg. So obviously it's serious injuries.


Here is a picture of the loading station (from the park index)


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Something similar to this happened at Thorpe Park on StormSurge when someones foot got crushed. I find it interesting that a boat was dispatched with a staff member near/next to it because that really shouldn't happen. Still I hope they can save his leg as there has been too many leg amputations recently.

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Does this ride require all operators to push a button at their booth in order to dispatch?

Likely yes, but they may have had more team members on the platform than necessary.

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^ Maybe there was a shift change going on there?

New ride ops replacing the ones on the earlier shift?

And keeping the ride going, while this was going on?


That would be a sizable group at the station.

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I haven't been to the park in a couple of years so I cannot recall the operator procedures for this ride. However I have seen a videoclip (unrelated to the accident) with one operator standing on the platform on the left side, close to the front of the boat as it's dispatching. There are no obstructions between the operator in this area and the edge of the platform. They have not provided much details about the accident, but the story that the operator misstepped off the platform is definitely plausible. Then of course we can discuss if the operator should be required to be behind barriers when boats are moving at the platform, but I guess we'll have to wait for the accident report for that...

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Looks like there is some good news, according to the newspapers it looks like he will keep his leg. Tusenfryd have not been required by authorities to close the ride, but they have chosen to keep it closed until all internal evaluations are done.


On a semi-related note I have to share this picture from the news. It's no secret that ambulance pilots are extremely skilled pilots who have to navigate and land in extremely tight spots, and this is no exception! How's this for some bad-ass piloting??

Picture source


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^^ I have seen quite a bit of the norwegian air ambulance showing of during all my ski trip's and vacations, but I will say that that right there is just plain stupid. It would literally take nothing to throw him of just a little bit and into the ride.

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I think it's an optical illusion, I came across another picture showing the helicopter much closer to the ground in front of the drop (above the tunnel). Having seen some of the crazy stuff these air ambulance pilots do in tight spots, I didn't really think about it much, but I guess I got fooled on this one...

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^ Yeah, it makes sense for it to be in front of the ride.


One of the most interesting stuff I've seen is the guy landing in the toddler run at Rauland ski resort. Before putting the heli down the last meters he opened the door and put his head out backwards, just like he was pocket parking a car!

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Will for sure be interesting to follow. With the addition of Helix last year, the competition from Liseberg has certainly increased even further. The last major rollercoaster addition was Speedmonster in 2006, can we hope for something spectacular?

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Invests 45 million NOK (5,4 million USD) on a new attraction:


Opens 500m (1 640 ft) long family rafting in spring 2016


 Now TusenFryd will build Norway's toughest water-based attraction, unique of its kind in Northern Europe. An exciting river rapids on a half kilometers will be constructed, and in the wild rapids await several waterfalls, a maelstrom and other challenging obstacles.


Again TusenFryd invests considerable resources to offer the public new, unique experiences in the park.


"Rapid River" is the project name of the concept which has been planned for several years. In all, 18,000 m3 (4,4 acre) masses to be removed, which corresponds to 1,200 truckloads. Thereafter, 2.000 m3 (0,4 acre) of concrete cast on an area equivalent to 3,500 square meters (0.8 acre). When construction is completed 1.3 million liters (343 423,6 gallons) of water filling the river, and two large pumps that push each 2,200 liters (581 gallons) of water per second will create a strong current in the river.


Intense experiences await


The attraction has a capacity of 900 guests per hour. The guests will go on board in one of nine rafts that each takes nine passengers. Along the river, they have to go through two waterfalls, a swirling maelstrom and a tunnel and other exciting challenges. The whole attraction adorned with a Norse theme, in keeping with the design of "Thor's Hammer" which is another well-known guests favorite in the park.


The river will follow the falling terrain starting close by "Thor's Hammer" and then sling 500 meters on the plot.


- This is a great family attraction. We are proud to offer our audience new unique quality attractions, and look forward with expectation to be able to wish guests a thrilling ride with the new family attraction in the spring, says Andersen.


Concept art




A closer look at the concept art

The station


The first part after the station, you can see the buildings that are on the concept art is the old viking houses that where in the old vikingland.


The whirlpool and the first drop.


Here is a picture of a Hafema Whirlpool that will be featured on the ride Tusenfryd is getting

The last drop and what looks like a huge wave pool before the upramp into the station.






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It's like a newer, better Maelstrom!


I want the Frozen ride!!!


On a bit more serious note, this was definitely not what I was expecting from Tusenfryd. If someone were to ask me what Tusenfryd is lacking, a water ride is not what comes to my mind as in my opinion they're already quite well covered with the log flume and Supersplash. Anyway, I hope it will be a big success for the park. It's not something that will bring me back to the park unless I'm in the area, but the concept art looks great and I'm sure it will be a very fun ride.

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