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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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I hope the fire truck wasn't needed for anything else.....immediately?


Hah, I can just imagine the conversation!


"Hello, is this the fire department?"

"Yes, that's us"

"Please come, my house is on fire"

"Sorry, we spent all the water filling the log flume"

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This is definitely the part of the park, where something like this was needed. Looking good, so far.


EDIT to add: I love that tall arch, by the way. Beautiful theming.

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Tusenfryd uploaded a lot of pictures today, the ride is almost complete and they can soon start to fill the ride with water


The boats has arrived





Upramp and bridge for the ride que line




Walkway to the station













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^ I knew there was a "whirlpool" up there, somewhere at the top of the ride!

Just couldn't see properly.


(I haven't gone back too many pages, if it was shown, there. Old & Lazy, woo hoo!)

Thanks for showing various angles of it. Looks great!

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Thanks for those pictures, i do get the impression that there's still a good amount of work to do here though despite the ride being almost complete. I imagine that it's mostly theming to do though. Looking really good regardless, i really like how it interacts with its surroundings really well.

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^ They could be doing, what Hansa has done for it's last few coasters...


Finish the theming, after the ride has opened. As long as they stick with

the original landscaping plans, and finish it as soon as they can...great!


Or maybe they won't be doing that. Stay tuned...

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Tusenfryd posted a video on facebook with pictures from the testing. They still have some work left to do with scenery and theming, but it's starting to look good. I wasn't really excited about this when it was announced, but as it's starting to come together it's looking like it will be a very good ride.


No official opening date has been set, but someone said in the comments "Hope it's ready by the end of June" and Tusenfryd replied that it probably will be.



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So Ragnarok has opened at TusenFryd and I have had the opportunity to try the ride at least six times now. I have to say that I like the ride more and more after each time.


The second drop. Theming looks stunning. It is more grass now, than when I took the pictures last week.


Love the theming.


Who doesn't want to stay here all day spraying water on all the boats that are passing by?


Here is a short video I made, just to show how the ride was today with the ride soundtrack turned on. I love the soundtrack in the station


Here is also an POV of the ride from youtube

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Looks quite good! Some of the areas around the ride looks like it still needs some work, as well as some time for the vegetation to grow back, but the theming they have done looks really good. Love the broken vikingships!

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Preparing for my trip in August - Can someone tell me whether or not you pay for parking before you park your car (similar to almost every US park I've been to) or do you pay as you're leaving the park for the night? (similar to Europa / Holiday Park).

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