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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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^ Where is The Dungeon walk-thru located, in the park? And is the Firehouse still the same indoor attraction it was, before?

I've been there twice and pretty much know most of the layout over that mountain! Including (ugh) Loopen.

Even with the new changes and additions since my last visit there (2014).


Back then - this caught my eye at Tusenfryd. 


Then, I laughed out loud, when I saw you could charge your 25 kr on credit, LOL.

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^The Dungeon will be located up by Sky Coaster in a building they used a few years back for a haunted house during Halloween. 


The Fire Station used to be Nightmare and it will now have the Kids Bumper car inside.

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^ Really enjoyed Nightmare, as it was such a unique indoor ride.  And there's not many of these in the world, from what I've seen.

I knew about the ride setup itself, for several months, but I never thought I would ever ride one. Which made it extra cool, at Tusenfryd!


Loopen, and what used to be Nightmare. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

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^^ It's an oddly placed park compared to others like it (literally on a mountain side), but that's what makes it unique, to visit. And a workout, lol!

Been there three times thru the years (thank you TPR tours) and always neat to see what's new, what's old, and what should be demolished, ha ha!

Worth a re-visit, some day, I'd say. 🇳🇴


Watched it. Did not ride it. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

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Speed Monster will from today only be available by Virtual Line. 



Some construction update on the new coaster 



This year TusenFryd introduced Coke Freestyle at the park. 



And also Express Pass, that can be bought for 399 NOK (42$), that can be used at Speed Monster, Loopen, Thunder Coaster, SpinSpider, Western Expressen, Super Splash, SpaceShot and Ragnarok.




The park feels fresh with the new changes and theming. There are still some finishing touches that are beeing done. I just love the look of the Fire Station.



Huri Huri, new Zamperla compact spinning coaster.



New Sign for Ekom Nkam (Log flume) 



The Dungeon, new haunted house. 


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Construction on the new inverted coaster is moving forward. Station has started to go vertical 😃




The park has now started to use the new Park music in the two themed areas Route 66 and Expedition Lost Kingdoms. 





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