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I've just ridden my FIRST INVERSION!

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Exciting news! Before I was scared of Inversions. But after today I think I can stand some more inversions!

I did it! I conquered my fear and I rode The Canon (KANONEN) at Liseberg!

But before I tell you all about it, I'm gonna do a bit of a TR of the new year for Liseberg.

Well, trip report and trip report... Does a 20 minute trip across town count?


It was close that I didn't go because the weather kinda turned. Thursday it was sunny (::D), then Friday had high-fog (or haze) yet bright (::)), and then today was... grey. Well, that's April for you.

Anyways, the new things that I saw was the Evert Taubes Värld (Evert Taube's World) which was a walkthrough attraction (with tour guide) of a man who sailed around the world and sang songs and made poems of his experiences, and this strange kiddy thing that is like aeroplains only you have to cycle to get up.

Sorry, not much photo taking because my batteries died after the little snippit I did on the Evert building (stupid rechargables).

Also, on Balder I noticed that there were 2 new emergency exits built onto the construction. One on the second turn-around (after first drop) and one at the bottom of... Darn, can't remember which "valley", but it was a deep one. (Oh, and while riding, I finally spotted that house where you got the beer from. )

Apart from that, everything seemed pretty much the same.

Oh and Lisebergbanan was having problems. At least 3 times I think. I went there and it was closed. Then another time I went just as I was about to board they said there was a problem (and I saw it on the restraints getting stuck closed), and one other time I passed by and it was closed (still, I don't know). But who can blaim it. It is over 20 years old. Worst case scenario is that it will be removed soon.


Anyways, onto my fun ride report on The Canon! My first Accelerator and Inversions! I mustered up all my courage and put myself in the 5 minute line. ... Nervous as hell!

And it grew as I was waiting, and getting closer. The thumping made it worse. I finally sat myself down and was all like "OcrapOcrapOcrapOcrapOcrapOcrapOcrapOcrap. What have I gotten myself into?" The rest is a nice Picture Story Board....


And for you guys who like Woody Porn. :p

(Larger picture of Windows included)


Oh, and last time I went on Lisebergbanan I saw the Queue Time Monitor rebooting, and I was like "LOL! That's XP! No wonder they are having problems!" :lolr:


I did feel the Earth Gs on this twist. This one kinda inverted my stomache. :S

But all in all, I found it quite fun! :D I went on it 4 times (including first time, but not in a row), and at each time I had a bit of a different experience. At one point the restraint or I went in some strange way so that my shoulders were pressed down. Another point my stomache was more squished than my first time. But fun nontheless.

So, what next for me... Nemesis? :p


This "turn-over" was quite sharp. I got a bit of a neck ache from the laterals... :vekoma:

If this was a bit too much for me, I don't think I'd like to know Vekoma.


When I came to the loop I was expecting to be pressed onto my shoulders, but surprising enough it was quite comfortable. :)


That curve up the hill was quite forcefull. Enough Gs to push the restraint just that extra more on my stomache so I was a little squished throughout the ride (and I'm rather thin).


Even if I counted the thumps to prepare myself, it still got me. Was quite an experience as well (as were the other inversions).


Oh crap... I think I lost my own Thump-Thump. :S


Edit: Forgetting that quick snippit of Evert Taube's World.

Very tired seeing as I wanted to get this report done tonight from 9PM to 2AM. :S

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I think it's great that you got to ride your first coaster with inversions. Keep in mind that some coasters have AWESOME inversions, and some are just downright painful (*cough* SLC *cough*). Here's to many more coasters with inversions!

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KANONEN looks really fun!


I'm glad you conquered your fear. I like inversions, but I don't really think they make a coaster. I mean, multiloopers are cool, but there needs to be more than that... (which is why I probably wouldn't be interested in Colossus...)

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<--- Knott's Berry Farm, 1975, Roaring '20s Corkscrew.


I still remember that ride and long after it not believing that I actually went upside down on a coaster. At that time, the Corkscrew was the only coaster in the entire world to have any inversions.


Congratulations on conquering your fear. Sometimes the best way to do that is to face them head on.



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Congrats! Kanonen is a great little ride.


This "turn-over" was quite sharp. I got a bit of a neck ache from the laterals...

If this was a bit too much for me, I don't think I'd like to know Vekoma.

That "turn-over" is actually the sharpest transition I've ever experienced on a coaster. I think you'd do fine on Vekomas.

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Great job conquering your fear. For about the first 6 months of my rollercoaster enthusiast life, I was scared of hypercoasters. Luckily for me, there were no hypercoasters in Israel, so by the time I got back to ride Mamba I was over my fear.


My first looper was a schwartzkopf (sp?)

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Congratulations on going on your first looping coaster. At least your's was an Intamin.


My first one was the fabulous red and yellow Togo machine o' death we all remember fondly as Windjammer.


(I actually liked it the first time as well.)


Things went downhill after that first ride.

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Good for you Edward, too bad that I'm currently 1000 miles away from Liseberg to join you, but I will probably get down to that part of Sweden about the 2:nd week in June to get my first rides this year.


My first inversion on Liseberg Loopen the same year it closed almost 13 years ago.

If you want to experience some more cool inversions then you should go up to Tusenfryd, they have both Vekoma's and more Intamins.

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