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Drayton Manor Discussion Thread

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DMP seem to be stating most days that G-Force won't open, to give them chance to do regular checks on the ride, and then they seem to open it about 3pm. It's happened before, and it happened today. Unfortunately Drayton was mad busy today, so there was a good 50 minute wait for it.


Don't go on expecting anything too intense, because its not, its just fun, and very random and messed up. The lifthill is just an experience like no other, hnaging there with just a lapbar, yet feeling as safe as possible. Lovely restraints!


The queue line visuals are extremely impressive too, with large video screens with digital patterns moving in time to some really good ambient dance music, and then at 5 minute intervals, the 2 telsa coils on the ceiling are activated and just add to the coolness of everything. 50 minutes passed easily with everything to watch/listen to.

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^ its nothing really special. I havent this ride but this isnt the only ride were you are upsidown with lapbars. Hi-Rollers, Space Raider (those big loop rides), other rollercoasters. I mean its not like your going to fall out. Just look at rides with many negative G's that only have lapbars, i sure it fells just the same.

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If you're talking about Schwarzkopfs and the like, I think the idea is slightly different.


On Schwarzkopfs and Premieres, it's the G-forces holding you in place; you're going through the inversions at such a velocity that it's the G-forces holding you in place. Technically, the inversion themselves wouldn't even REQUIRE restraints, because you're being pushed into the seats; they're just there for whatever other elements are involved.


On the flip-side, the "purpose" (for lack of a better term) of these X-Car coasters is to allow for SLOW inversions, where you can safely fall out of your seat a little; it's not G-forces that are holding you in, but the restraint itself, and, unlike the ones described above, the restraints ARE needed, as you WOULD fall out if they weren't there.


These basically give riders the type of ride that B&M was shooting for with "Hydra: The Revenge"; negative-Gs while upside-down. I can't say how effective Maurer-Sohne has been with these, as I haven't ridden one, but that's definitely what they were shooting for.

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On Schwarzkopfs and Premieres, it's the G-forces holding you in place; you're going through the inversions at such a velocity that it's the G-forces holding you in place. T


You have obviously never ridden Chiller. That Zero G definitely doesn't pin you in your seat, it tries to throw you out.

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I've ridden "Chiller" many times.


Unlike the loops where you're being pinned down into the seats, I'd say that you stay in during the roll because of the combination of the strong lateral-Gs and the high-walled deep seats; yes, your upper-body is whipped around so as to create the sensation that you're gonna go flying, but your lower-body is pretty much pinned to the sides.


As for the time it's been stuck upside-down in the roll, I'd say that just has to do with Premiere having those super tiny cars where you're basically cramped into place.

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Ukrides.info has recently posted photo's of the new English version of Thomas town at Drayton.


Incase you didn't know, Thomas town's are a type of kiddie area that seems to be popping up all over the world. Is a company offering to give parks a makeover of their kiddie area, I don't really know but it's happening so...


Anyway, this one has a new Gerstlauer coaster and a relativly small drop tower. The interesting thing about this is that a Gerstlauer kiddie coaster hasn't been made for quite a while. I know it's not that exiting but its one of the biggest installations at a park in England so yes we are kind of desperate.




Again, many thanks to Ukrides.info for the photo's.

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