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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 403 - Park opening for a limited Holiday Event!

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I visited Carowinds for the first time on Friday. I didn't realize I was going on school music day, so it was pretty crowded. When I first saw the school kids filing into the park, I thought everyone was carrying selfie sticks, but they were actually violin bows. People were lugging giant cellos and upright basses through the park in the morning, which was pretty funny. Almost all the kids left at 6:00 pm, leaving 4 hours of really short lines. All the coasters were open at some point during the day, just not all at once, and I finally managed to snag the last ride on my list, the right side of Thunder Road, about an hour before park closing. (No, I did not ride the small kiddie coaster, but I probably would have if I had been under 60" tall. So apparently if you're a tiny adult, you can ride without a child, and if you're a tall adult, then you need a kid to ride... Really? What'chu got against tall people, Carowinds? )


I got to the park about 20 minutes before opening, got on the first train of the day for Fury, and rode it 4 more times at night.


What I liked:

  • - It's very forceful. The airtime going through the banked dive and the following camelback were the best moments of the ride, IMO.
    - The ride ops were doing an amazing job of keeping people moving and preventing the trains from stacking. I've never seen a line move like that before. What looked like a 40 minute wait only took 15 minutes for me to reach the station.
    - There's a groove in the back of the seat for your spine. (It's the little things that count.)

Didn't like:

  • - It was a little bit rough when I rode in the middle rows, but I guess that's to be expected from a B&M giga. I haven't ridden Leviathan for comparison, though. Back seat rides were smoother in my experience, but still nowhere near as smooth as Intimidator.
    - Assigned seat rows, boo! In fact, they had assigned rows for most rides in the park, even when the lines were fairly short. I never ended up with a front seat ride on Fury, though I was able to request the back row once. I wish they'd just implement proper single rider lines, or let people skip the last section of a queue if they choose to be assigned a seat.


Final impressions of the whole park:

  • best ride: Afterburn
    worst rides: Vortex and Carolina Cyclone
    worst queue wait: Nighthawk with one train operation.
    biggest anticipointment: Oreo Churros. Really, I was not impressed.
    best wooden coaster: Woodstock Express (Yes I'm serious. This ride is actually pretty awesome)

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(No, I did not ride the small kiddie coaster, but I probably would have if I had been under 60" tall. So apparently if you're a tiny adult, you can ride without a child, and if you're a tall adult, then you need a kid to ride... Really? What'chu got against tall people, Carowinds? )


I was able to ride it when the park was still owned by Paramount without a child....lol

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I was able to visit Carowinds again this past Sunday. This would be my third visit to the park (2005 and 2010). I had a good time. Crowds were medium due to the weather, but we already pre-purchased our Fast Lane Plus bands in advance just to make sure we were going to get as many rides on Fury 325 as we wanted. Upon entering the park at opening, I immediately notice how spruced up and clean the entire park looked. Good job Carowinds! Yes, we first went over to Fury 325. We all liked the ride quite a bit. While it does not do anything really groundbreaking, it is a very solid ride. The ride operations were really cranking the trains through. I would say dispatches were between :30-:45 per train. Our first ride was on the front row (which I think is the best place to ride the coaster). The lift hill is pretty quick and yes, very tall. My ears always popped at the top. The first drop is great and the coaster really maintains it's speed throughout the course. There are three airtime moments in the second half. You get some air on them, but they are in the B&M style, so more floaty. There is one trim on the ride, but it was not being used. I was most impressed with the overall speed of the ride. Speed fans will really like it. Airtime fans may walk away disappointed. I just happen to be a fan of both. It is a great addition to the park, and it certainly blows away the Intimidator coaster on the other side of the park.


Good morning!


It was pretty foggy/misty that morning.


I guess no more funny pictures with the sign.


Great ride and a good addition for the park.


Just a couple of fools.


One of many shirts.


That is one upset hornet.


The Taste of Carolina is going on now. It is basically Carowinds version of Food and Wine. I was pretty impressed with the selections.


Another Windseeker credit!


I rode Intimidator the second weekend of operation back in 2010. While it was never a favorite, it was pretty good. This time it was a real disappointment. Too many trims and the overall sluggishness have killed the ride.


Afterburn is still really great.


My favorite ride in the park is still these fantastic set of flying scooters. The park also encourages riders to see how high you can fly them.


I simply love them!


So much fun!


305 at dusk.


The new entrance.


For you music fans.


Yes, they have added grass since the POV was shot.


The coaster just hauls through the course.

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Carrowinds is all over the news today, but not for a great reason. . seems that Fury got stuck AGAIN:




and it's not the only ride in the park having issues:



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^ I can fully understand how the float switch in the underground tunnel could cause a stop if it malfunctioned. Perfectly understandable (and logical) safety mechanism/failsafe.


I assume the faults that are plaguing the Windseekers are most likely related (limit and safety switches sticking, malfunctioning or getting false readings, etc). It's not that the ride itself is unsafe - the sensors are doing what they're supposed to do, but occasionally they are bound to malfunction - sometimes in early stages of operation.


I find it funny how the GP & media make it seem like the ride is destined to crash and burn or even hint that Carowinds might be an unsafe park because of these recent glitches.


We have similar occasional issues with sensors on the engines that the company I work for builds. An oil, ambient or fuel pressure sensor will occasionally get false readings or be damaged or defective and it will cause the engine to throw a fault code or even de-rate depending on severity of the code. It doesn't mean that your engine is going to blow up, it simply means that there is an issue that needs further troubleshooting and just changing the faulty sensor sometimes might just be the true root cause.

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OMG I absolutely love that treble clef shot of the coaster! It's honestly my new favorite picture of any coaster! Nice job on that one


It took me a second to get it but then i was like

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My favorite ride in the park is still these fantastic set of flying scooters. The park also encourages riders to see how high you can fly them.

When I rode it, the ride op called me out and was like "#1, you just went the highest!" I must have misinterpreted that, because I thought he was getting mad at me for snapping, so I stopped. lol

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Its just hilarious to me that they run stories on the rides for stopping one time. If they had a crew on site at the park all day they'd be set on articles for a month!


from the stories, it seems as if people called the news stations, because it stopped a couple of times.


but yeah, the over the top implication that the park is unsafe is hysterical.


I shared because it's sad that's what folks will take out of it

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Now we just need a bass clef element. Maybe a cobra roll sideways?

Carolina Cobra. The bass clef would be missing the two dots, but you can just pretend they're there.

Also, Afterburn's batwing from above is clearly an alto/tenor clef.

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