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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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It's all in the name of future expansion. The rumor's of Thunder Road's departure bud from the supposed massive water park upgrade/expansion for 2016, extending beyond the coaster's footprint. Keep in mind, rumors are rumors. Kings Dominion's water park extends beyond Rebel Yell with a path beneath it.

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yeah that's where KD messed up just my opinion. The water park should have been a seperate gate not inside the theme park. It just looks so cluttered right there by Anaconda. I dont know why they didnt just put all of the water park past Rebel Yell.

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My Carowinds review from Friday night and all Saturday


This is a really amazing park. It had southern hospitality and a great collection of rides. If it wasn't for Intimidator , Fury and Afterburn I would have probably not have gone to the park. But even without those three it's a very nice park and we had an amazing time. I think I may visit again this summer because it's such an amazing park. The food also did not disappoint here. Hopefully I will also be able to get a few more laps on Fury.


Fury x6 10/10 All I can say is wow! I am an Intamin lover and I would go anywhere on the east coast to ride an exciting Intamin. When I normally make my theme park trips I always got o the park with an amazing Intamin because I know it will not disappoint me. This is the first time I have ever made a trip to a park for a ride that wasn't an Intamin and I am in shock. Many people wrote about how Fury is a forceless floaty coaster and I have to disagree with them. My definition of a forceful coaster would be Maverick, Bizzaro, El Toro, Kumba, etc. And a forceless coaster to me would be Gatekeeper, Steel Force, etc. Fury is definitely a forceful coaster! The first drop in the last row gives you ejector airtime that can be comparable to an Intamin. The front row hits you with 95mph winds that yank your face back. Riding it felt like I was on a Millennium Force mixed with Maverick. (When I went to ride I305 it was broken all day) But this coaster could put just about any other B&M to shame. The only thing I would change about it would be the turn after you come out of the tunnel. It's to wide and it feels like it could have been a snappy turn to fling your body. The trim is noticeable but if it wasn't there lots of the GP would be freaked out. The helix is long and it does feel like it could be better but it gives you a few seconds to breath before you hit the two airtime hills. The ride in general is phenomenal. I rank it better then Millennium Force and every other B&M. I may be back to Carowinds this summer just to get a few more rides in on Fury! Everyone needs to get there butt out there and experience it!


These workers were also the fastest workers that I have ever seen. I clocked them while waiting and they were sending out a train every 30 seconds at the latest. I'm going to call Carowinds and let them know how good there workers were.


Intimidator x1 8/10 Intimidator had a longer line then Fury all day. Intimidator is also a ride that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Ever since I heard about it being bigger then the mighty Goliath and Sheikra I wanted to try it. Well I finally did try it and it was a really good coaster. Goliath was still a better coaster then it but it came in a close second. They both beat out Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure. I wish I could have gotten a second ride on it but I only got one ride in the last row which gave me great airtime. Definitely an amazing coaster.


Afterburn x2 8/10 I have been on many B&M inverts and at this point they have all started to feel the same. The first time I ever heard about the immelin inversion on a roller coaster it showed a photo of Afterburn and I was intrigued by it. I waited in about a 30min line for it and it turned out to be amazing. I love in Florida and I haven't gone to Bush Gardens Tampa in about two year so I forgot what the amazing Montu was like. This sure did bring back the memory's of it. Afterburn shows know sign of slowing down throughout the corse. It rips through the course at a fast pace and inverts insanely fast. When you go through the batwing underground it roars in the tunnel and it shakes your ear drums. What a good powerful coaster! It would probably beat Montu if it was a little bit longer, but this coaster comes in close second to it.


Carolina Cobra x1 6/10 This coaster had the new Vekoma trains on it so that you have nothing to bang your head against. It pulls good G's like all boomerangs but it's still a boomerang. This and the boomerang at Hershey are the best boomerangs that I have been on.


Carolina Cyclone x1 3/10 I have been on the Anaconda and Corkscrew so I know how they ride. I rode in the very front and it did make the ride a little better but it was still rough. At least it looks nice.


Ricochet x1 4/10 It's your standard Mack wild mouse. I liked the layout of the one at Kings Dominion and LegoLand better.


Scream Weaver x2 6/10 I'm not crazy about spinning rides but I do like Enterprises. I don't know who made this one but it was a really nice and fun ride.


Drop Tower x1 7/10 If was my first second generation Intamin drop tower and it was really good. It rode better then some of the other drop towers. But I still prefer Drop Zone at Kings Dominion and Zumanjaroo to it.


Thunder Road South/North 6/10 This was probably the surprise of the trip. I expected this to be a credit coaster but it turned out to be pretty good. It a had a few pops of air and it's just a fun coaster to throw your hands up and scream on. Not to bad on the rough side but it was a little shaky.


NightHawk x2 6/10 I was excited for this considering how much I love B&M Flyers and I was excited to see how it would compare to Batwing but it turned out to be terrible. It was very jerky and there were no good forces on it. We rode it on Friday night because there was no line and we even sat in the last row. It still had weak forces and shook the crap out of me and my friend.


Vortex x1 6/10 I don't really care for standup a but this one was nice and smooth. We rode in the front row and it was cool going through the Helixs on it. Not as good as the Georgia Scorcher but better then Mantis and the awful Apocalypse.


Windseeker x2 5/10 Really cool ride. I got some sweet pics at the top of it. This is the third Mondial Windseeker that I have been on. But for some reason this one felt slower.


Boo Blaster x2 5/10Cool Sally dark ride. Very fun shooting ghost and competing with friends.


Carolina Goldrush x1 2/10 It was a pretty bad mine train. Very short and simple. The ones at Cedar Point and Six Flags Over Georgia were better.


Hurler x1 2/10 It was a boring ride. Had a very shaky lift hill. The turns shook us to death. We also didn't get any airtime. I would not care if it was knocked down or destroyed.


Southern Star x2 6/10 I love pendulum rides and I find these Intamin looping starships amazing rides. If it weren't for there old harnesses I think much more people would rave about how awesome they are. The only downside to this one was how the ride cycle was shorter then the one at Bush Gardens Tampa.


Hopefully the park will remove Dinosaurs Alive and replace it with something good. I wonder how much money they make with that junk. I didn't see anyone go to it the whole time I was at the park.

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My Carowinds review from Friday night and all Saturday


This is a really amazing park. It had southern hospitality and a great collection of rides. If it wasn't for Intimidator , Fury and Afterburn I would have probably not have gone to the park. But even without those three it's a very nice park and we had an amazing time. I think I may visit again this summer because it's such an amazing park. The food also did not disappoint here. Hopefully I will also be able to get a few more laps on Fury.


I love your trip report! We were there on the same day Saturday! I might of probably seen you. I'm uploading my trip report now. I just have so many pictures! It'll be up soon enough!

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Friday and Saturday (the 17th and 18th), we decided to take our first trip of the season and visited Carowinds. Neither Travis or I have ever been to the park so everything here was new to us! Plus it was my birthday on the 18th :) We have Platinum Passes to Cedar Fair, since we frequent Kings Island and Cedar Point during the season.


We live in West Virginia, so it took five and a half hours to get to the park. We left early Friday morning and made it there around 3. When we arrived at the park, it wasn't too busy and we waited at the most 35 minutes, which was awesome! we managed to get all the rides we wanted in that evening. Night rides were even better, the longest we waited was 15 minutes!


Friday was my birthday, and when they scanned my pass at the gate it popped up with a message that it was my birthday on their screen, which I thought was cool. :) Lines were a lot longer on Saturday, we got some morning rides in and then took the opportunity to make some laps around the park and take lots of pictures! I've really missed the sounds and smells of amusement parks<3


Overall we had amazing trip! Great park to start of the season with! heres some pictures I took:)


Driving through and around the mountains makes for some awesome views :)


WOW! what a skyline! <3


free parking with our Platinum Passes! :p


more skyline pictures!


I loved that you walk in-between the ride as you walk in


great views of FURY walking up to the park


Thought this ride would be awful and painful, but I actually liked it!


This ride traveled just about as far as we did!


Look at that loop! <3


I'm sure no one has taken this photo before :p


Love these rides<3


No thank you... xD


going into the cool bush tunnel!


This little guy didn't budge when we got close to him and was feasting on a wasp. You go, Glen Coco!


selfie in the bush!


It sure was dark in there!


another VERY original picture


These things were EPIC! Thanks to TPREric for making us check them out, and introducing us to the world of gliders! :)


The theming for this area was awesome! fun ride!


we literally could just walk on Friday evening!


see! :)


OOOOOH glow-y!


lines for FURY starting on Saturday. NOPE! :)


Drop Zone here was SO different from Kings Island's!


Look at all that Arrow Dynamics beauty :p


Great way to cool off! Really liked their entrance to Boo Blasters.


Travis never wants to ride these, it's not like they go upside down or anything...


Great ride!


more original pictures! :p


We took advantage of our passes and walked around Dinosaurs Alive. This sign is misleading, because to me, it looks like going off that path would be a fun thing to do! :p


This dinosaur is very irritating ;)


I like to imagine this is exactly what the Jurassic Period looked like


Great views of Intimidator from Dinosaurs Alive



Speaking of lunch….


OM NOM NOM…time for lunch!


This is very similar to Kings Islands Festhaus, and we were very entertained by some worker moving things around on the stage while we ate :)


they even have a bar section in here with lots of TVs! really nice!


the entrance area was beautiful :)


This little guy looks like he found a new home under FURY :)


great for a #furyselfie too!


They have lots of areas at the entrance for awesome photo ops!


loved all the photo spots!:)

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Photo Trip Report: My First Visit To Carowinds!


April 18, 2015: Hola! My trip report is finally here! I know many have been waiting, but I had to get some rest after that 8hr drive back from Charlotte, NC.


I went to the park on April 18, 2015. My original day was supposed of been April 17, but I changed my mind because it was raining and cold. I wanted my first visit to be pleasant, or somewhat partly cloudy.


I stayed at the Comfort Inn Carowinds which is right across the street. I could of walked, but I already purchased my preferred parking ticket online. I didn't want that to go to waste.


But I'm very thankful that I did wait till Saturday because it was GREAT DAY! It was also the start of the "Taste of the Carolina's" event. IT WAS AMAZING! I also got a chance to see Mike Fehnel and other well known people that day! I strongly do apologize that I don't have any photos of the event. I was really there for the roller coasters. SUPER SORRY!


Overall, I had a Fantastic first time at Carowinds! I would highly recommend this park to anyone looking for a thrill. If you need a coaster fix this is the place to go!


*Roller Coasters:


Fury 325: OMG! Where do I begin! I was out of my seat 98% of the time! Well, not that much, but it was close enough! This was my first coaster of the day, and rode it twice in a row (thank goodness for Fast Lane Plus). The first drop was FREAKING INSANE! I was floating from that point till the end of the ride. AIRTIME MACHINE ALL THE WAY! That overbanked turn going into that tunnel was the most INCREDIBLE, SCARIEST, and THRILLING moment of my life! The only other giga coaster I've ridden was Millennium Force at Cedar Point, and all I have to say is this: Fury 325 DOMINATES Millennium Force! End of discussion.


Carolina Cyclone: This coaster packed a punched! It was a good ride.


Carolina Cobra: Amazing ride, but not a fan of those restraints. I prefer the old style better.


Intimidator: This thrill coaster provided great airtime HILL after HILL after HILL!


Hurler: Good ride! Wasn't really rough at all.


Carolina Goldrusher: Your typical mine train. I really enjoyed it!


Nighthawk: One train was running, but I had Fast Lane Plus, so the wait wasn't too bad. This was my second Vekoma Flying Dutchman coaster behind Firehawk. Amazing ride!


Afterburn: Love it! Love it! Love it!


Ricochet: Typical wild mouse, but a very fun ride.


Thunder Road: Smooth, rough, and smooth. I was able to get double the credits because both sides were running. THANK GOODNESS! I'm glad I got these two credits because if the rumors are true, it might not be here in the near future. RIDE IF YOU CAN!


Vortex: Short, but it packed a punch in such a small space.


Flying Ace Aerial Chase: Skipped. I rode the clone at Kings Island. It would have been great for a credit, but oh well.


Woodstock Express: I hate I missed this credit, but once again, oh well.


*Thrill Rides:


Windseeker: I love Windseekers! Each one provides a different view. I got a chance to see across two states at once!


Southern Star: Ride this ride if you want to be scared too death! I was screaming like a mad man. LOL!


*Family Rides:


Boo Blaster on Boo Hill: I love Boo Blasters! They're fun and provide shade!


Carolina Skytower: I was SUPER PISSED it was down. I wanted to ride this so bad!


*Extra Attraction(s):


Dinosaurs Alive!: Yes, I love dinosaurs! Yes, I paid $5.00! Yes, I had fun walking through this "almost" Jurassic Park! I also got some cool coaster shots.




Yes! I'm here!


What's that I see?


I do see "Welcome to Carowinds"



So beautiful!


That'll be me very soon!




So photogenic!



Happy riders!


That drop is HUGE!



Front sign picture. It's a must!


Look at me. All skinny and happy!


My loving parents!



Front entrance is nice!


North Carolina.


South Carolina.




Of course I had to get a Fast Lane Plus. DUH!


Looks good!



Taste of the Carolina's!


Happy couple!



Random picture!


I did not ride.





I'm coming for you!



This coaster is all over the place!



I'm loving the sign!


That's me!


That's me again!






Happy riders!


What could that be?






Loop after loop!




That lighthouse reminds me of Disney for some reason.








Yes! A stand up coaster!




The restraints were not my favorite! But good ride though.



Closed. Nothing to see here.




I need help. I'm addicted to coasters.








Loved it!



I love Windseekers so much!






I got both credits because both sides were running! YES!





One of the best inverts!



Yes! Jurassic Park River . . . I mean Dinosaurs Alive!


He's looking at me!




I wanted to do it with a coaster, but couldn't wait for a train. No lunch today!


Just absolutely stunning!


That's a big butt!


I see you trying to hide!



The end!


So relaxing.



Nice place to cool off and eat and watch shows!



Amazing ride!

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Photo Trip Report: Part Two: Sorry everyone, but I had to create a new post because it wouldn't let me finish uploading the rest of my pics on my first post. But it's all good. Hope you enjoying this massive trip report!


I love this coaster so much!


I was on my way to ride Fury 325 for the third time before I left, but it was stuck. DANG IT!


Once again, PHOTOGENIC!


Still stuck I see. Dang it!


Heading out the park.


Why must I leave you behind?


This smile was fake. I was pissed because I couldn't get my picture taking closer by the sign because of all the kids.


One more look at the front entrance.


Just look at me.


Full of joy and sadness at the same time. LOL.


One last look at the bridge.


I give Carowinds a thumb up! Great place! I LOVE IT!

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Two great trip reports of a park that I'd really like to visit sometime. I always check out the different parks through the TRs posted to search out any good ideas or things that we could possibly steal/implement at SFSL. One thing that Cedar Fair has done extremely well with CP and Carowinds is the complete rebuilding of the front entrance plazas. When the majority of parks were built, 90% of Guests still had to purchase their tickets at the booths, which is why most parks have them directly in front of the gate. However, today, it can be almost the opposite with online sales and increased season pass holders. As an Admissions & Guest Relations guy at heart, I truly marvel at the beauty of those entrance plazas. Besides the huge front gate facade/canopy things, the coaster going above and below the entrance path really creates one of the best thresholds possible to really build excitement.


I also have to really say how surprised I was with the thrill level of Windseeker, for me at least. I've ridden the original size Sky Screamer dozens of times and even got to be one of the test riders when they were looking into running it backwards for a limited time (which was definitely a very unique experience), but for whatever reason, Windseeker felt scarier for some reason, whether that be the height or the fact that I actually felt safer with chains holding me up rather than this smooth, silent piece of equipment.

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I am visiting Carowinds for the first time this summer, so I have two questions:


Which is better, Intimidator or Fury 325?


What should be our first ride of the day?


They are both different...not a matter of which is "better".



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I'm loving all of these reports!


markysharky17: It's amazing how much I agreed with basically everything in your report. I seriously felt like I could have been reading my own trip report with the only exception being that I actually enjoyed Nighthawk. I agree about Vortex too... I hate standups but I really liked this ride for some reason.


partycat: Great pictures! Regarding that picture... I assume you took I-77 through Virginia and West Virginia? If so I agree, that's a beautiful drive. Both are beautiful states.


I was suprised to see your review of the flyers because I personally thought those flyers were crap, despite all of the great reviews they get the bumpers were huge. At Knoebels and Kings Dominion I can snap the heck out of them but I got nowhere with these... maybe I'm just out of practice. lol


ThemeParkJunkie51290: Great pictures. I know you were really excited to get to Carowinds so I'm glad it lived up to the hype. It's amazing how much this place has transformed in the last few years. By the way I love how as soon as partycat posted about how nobody did Dinosaurs Alive we got 2 Dinosaurs Alive trip reports. lol


I am visiting Carowinds for the first time this summer, so I have two questions:


Which is better, Intimidator or Fury 325?


What should be our first ride of the day?


Both offer very different experiences but I think Fury blows Intimidator away. Some people might disagree though... I think those people are crazy but they're out there.


And jarmor is right, ABSOLUTELY ride Nighthawk first. The 3 best coasters in the park, Fury, Afterburn and Intimidator all have great capacities and are all very reliable rides. Nighthawk's capacity is brutal and it's unreliable so make sure you get that out of the way first.

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