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Hey Big Mike,


Thank you so much, that comment rocked!!! And you were equally as awesome! And Ameilia is very impressed. I must say, I think she thought I was a bit batty for this coaster mania biz... (I know Scott does!!), but now she may just be suckered in too!


Now, I am going to do my best to try and meet up with you again... exactly how does the park schedule look for Labor Day weekend? I will see if any of that fits into the plans I already have.


Now, to do some catch up reading! lol. (from July! >:O I was not kidding!!)

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I think Jordan deserves bonus points for saving a ducky you carelessly left behind. Shame on you Big Mike!


Did we leave the ducky behind at Jordan's game?


Big Mike must have been too distracted by his crushing losses at the hands of a little girl to remember it.

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^ Yep!


I still don't know how I lost in that race either! That still bothers me lol.


I think it must be a game malfunction!



When I hit a fast, fast, fast, and another fast in lightning time and I still lose, AND not even come in 2nd, theres something very fishy going on!



Lena I will work on the Labor Day weekend trip tomorrow!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Shazam!

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Ocean Beach Park is a bit of a waste of time to visit. I dont even think there roller coaster works any more. And there kiddie rides are rarely open except for like the carousel. Plus the place is going to be packed since its labor day weekend and if its hot you'll be lucky to even get a spot because the parking lot will probably be filled way before noon. The beaches in that area have been getting there parking lots packed to the max before it even hits 12 o'clock and after that the park is usually shut down till spots open up. It's a nice boardwalk besides those flaws though and the beach is very well kept too. Also while your in the area theres a huge fair up in Woodstock that's really good and can basically be considered Connecticut's State Fair. There's quite a few good rides too and the places is huge. Just thought I'd give you a few little details about things to do in Southeastern Connecticut. Plus if you have some extra time there's a lot of great other things to do in the area such as the Mohegan Sun casino and Mystic. But being in that area is a great time and even if the rides aren't open the park is still a nice place to be at.

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^ Yep!


I still don't know how I lost in that race either! That still bothers me lol.


I think it must be a game malfunction!



When I hit a fast, fast, fast, and another fast in lightning time and I still lose, AND not even come in 2nd, theres something very fishy going on!


A game malfunction honestly wouldn't surprise me. The game I was at yesterday had a broken microphone, 3 broken water guns, and would randomly just shut itself off.

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any word on a schedule yet Big Mike? being from the area i would like to help you out as much as possible if i can. I know your not to far away but i am sure i could offer some pointers. Plus i would like to know if I could finally get my picture with the big man before I go on my Las Vegas/ So. Cal. tour staring that weekend.

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Hello Fantastic Friends!!!



It is that time of year again, one of Big Mike's favorites!!!



It is time to show everyone once again how Big Mike dominates FANTASY FOOTBALL!



It is with great pleasure that Big Mike Productions announces the following:






We are looking for some Fantasy Football Masterminds from right here on Theme Park Review!



Big Mike has won countless Fantasy Football Titles for many years, never really finding anyone who could rise up and give him any type of competition!



This is where you come in, but only if you are serious about playing and think you may even stand a slight chance at beating the Master!



Right now we are just throwing the idea out there to see how the response is and see how many players would be interested!



We could run one league or Big Mike could compete in up to four leagues at the same time, depending on interest.



There will be running updates posted on The Big Mike Road Show and you could make a name for yourself if you somehow manage to beat The Mighty Big Man!



There will be a "Big Mike Road Show Prize Pack" for the Grand Winner consisting of:


A Brand New Valuable Big Mike Reader Pin.

An unused Mikestery Treasure Hunt Card.

One of the two original limited edition Find the Duckies from 2008.

An Official 2008 Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt.


The first ever given away Official 2009 Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt!



All 5 prizes to the Grand Winner! (IF anyone is awesome enough to actually beat Big Mike)



So right now, the registration is open!!!



Reply here in The Big Mike Road Show 2009 Thread that you want to play, you can commit to a live draft on the computer, and that you can provide Big Mike with some stiff competition!



This is only an open registration, and not a guarentee that you will be elected to play.


Anyone with a Valuable Big Mike Reader Banner will get higher priority!



That is it for now, more details to follow after I see the interest in playing!



Registration is now OPEN!!!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - I worked on the Labor Day Weekend Trip Schedule tonight as well as The Big Mike Hotel VIP Guests visit also, BOTH will be up on Monday!


"Big Mike is not only MY Master, but he is a Master at Fantasy Football as well!" - Lucky Dog


One of many many many titles!


Champion Big Mike!

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You know Big Mike, I've been reading your thread for a while, and found it to be quite engrossing and very interesting, but alas, for all of your competitions and challenges, there hasn't been one that I haven't thought "Wow, I am/will more than likely gonna get spanked in this...maybe I'll hold off for now..."





I would like into your Fantasy Football league. Heck, all I basically do at work is watch football...how hard could it be.


Count me in.

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Here is the photo proof that The Bebes have acquired the Castles & Coasters Mikestery Card as well as the Cliffs Mikestery Card.


And since Mr. Bebe went behind Lady Bebe's back and posted the Las Vegas Sign Mikestery Card all for himself, Lady Bebe has decided that these two (as well as the OG from SFMM) are all hers!!



But he was no match for Lady Bebe!


Mr. Bebe put up quite a fight...

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