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^^Park isn't even open at 9:30. You sure it is the right day?


Glad you guys had fun at lagoon and CB, both are really fun parks.


Look, If you were working Saturday you know how busy the park was.


Yes the park closed at 9pm. But they still had to let the people ride who was in line... And if you know how busy it was the line was really long.


I boarded twister 2 at 9:10pm after waiting 25 mins.


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Hey Friends!!


Big Mike coming to you LIVE from Bryce Canyon!!


We actually arrived here yesterday and Shawn, Shawn Reese, and The Mighty Big Man actually took a hiking trail down into Bryce Canyon!


Today is more of a picture taking day at Bryce as I am seeing all the vantage points along the rin!


After this is complete, it is off to Best Friends Wildlife Sancuary to say hello to some animals and then it is off to Arizona and the North Rim of The Grand Canyon!!


Still organizing a breakfast meet early tomorrow morning in Arizona with my super great friend Jimmy Bo!


Stay tuned here later tonight for final details!!


That's it for now, and did you notice???


NO coasters today????


What's wrong with me. Lol



Peace, Big Mike

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+ Went to Red Rocks Concert area. (Phish was playing, did not go in )

Well at least our Colorado trips have 1 thing in common!


Sounds like you're having a great time in the Wild West, I was just in CO over the last 5 days and boy is that place pretty, I had an amazing time even though I passed by 3 amusement parks (and Water World) and didnt stop.


Keep the show rolling Big Mike

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Looks like we'll hit Enchanted Village at 10am and then get breakfast afterward. Since CnC doesn't open till 12pm we'll have some time to get sit down and eat. Looks like it will be more like a brunch.

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Big Mike has made it safely to Phoenix Arizona!!!!



Now that I have my computer, let me update todays schedule!!


My Blackberry is not sending me my emails and Facebook updates yet once again. Grrrrrr.



WED 8/5


10am - Meet at Enchanted Village and try to get on the kid coaster and take pictures.


Breakfast after that at a place to be determind at Enchanted.


Noon - Castles and Coasters


2pm - Schnepf Farms (Still waiting for a confirmation to ride)


3pm - Funtastics


Trying to rush through these places to make Western Playland in New Mexico by 9pm with the 1 hour time change.



See everyone later today!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike coming to you LIVE frpom a car caravan of Valuable Big Mike Readers on the way to Schnepf Farms !!


It was a great turnout for the Big Mike Breakfast Meet this morning as we filled up the whole table.


So far we are 4 for 4 with coasters today!!!


You must ride with a kid = no problem for Big Mike and Co.


You must be under 54 inches = no problem for Big Mike and Co.


Must have full trains to ride = no problem for Big Mike and Co.



Now we have to see if the coaster being closed on weekdays is a problem for Big Mike and Co.???



It is OFFICIAL, Big Mike will NOT make it to Western Playland on time tonight, stay tuned for an updated schedule and to see if the Big Mike Charm works yet once again on the next coaster!



Peace, Big Mike

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Have no fear Patrick, there will be no ducky games before I get back from this huge road trip on Sunday at least!


There may never be a ducky game EVER again depending on if Big Mike gets abducted by a UFO today as he visits Roswell New Mexico this afternoon!!!


There has been some major intergalactic chatter picked up by NASA in regards to another UFO landing in Roswell this afternoon in an attempt to time it perfectly with Big Mikes visit!!!


There seems to be a mass female Martian colony that wants to abduct The Mighty Big Man on his visit so that they can bring him back to their planet and make him their sex slave for all the unsatisisfied and sexually depraved Martianettes!!!


If Big Mike does not voluntarily try to get captured, then he will be off to catch the 3 missed credits at the 2 parks he missed last night afterwards!


Carlsbad Caverns could work the way into the mix too possibly.



I just want to say thanks to all the guys that made yesterday so much fun and everyone else that I met on the trip so far too!!


This trip has been GREAT people wise!!!



This may be the LAST Big Mike Road Show update from planet Earth, but be safe in knowing, if I am abducted, I will still post some Mars theme parks for the TPR Park Index!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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It was great hanging out with you yesterday Big Mike. Getting all the credits and getting two "surprises" at Schnepf Farms (If you were there you would know what I mean). Good luck on meeting aliens and hopefully you won't be driving through anymore dust storms or monsoon storms like we did yesterday!


Thanks again to Big Mike and the others who showed up yesterday...it was a great day in the bloody hot hell of the US.


Jimmy "I get 400 of Mike's credits" Bo

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^ Easy one, X2 at Magic Mountain!









So after yesterday, I thought I had used up all the Big Mike Charm on getting on 3 coasters that were either kid only, needed a kid to ride with, or just plain closed on the weekdays..... got on all 3!



Today, I topped all 3!



I had called Oasis Lanes in El Paso Texas last week to make sure the coaster was open and that adults can ride, got a YES on both questions!


I arrive today to find out that the coaster is now standing but not operating as it has been sold to a Canada Company and has not run in the last week and will be gone ASAP!


Sure, you could look at it as the glass half full, Big Mike once again proves that he is the North American Leader in Coaster Info as he gets YET ANOTHER scoop on all the competition and makes Theme Park Review look great again!!!


I didn't look at it this way, I needed that credit and drove a long way to get it!


What to do???? I used all The Big Mike Charm yesterday three times????


I should just leave right? There is no way I am getting on this coaster now


Wait! I am Big Mike dammit!!! I am da Man!!! I can't let The Valuable Big Mike Readers down!!!!!!


I prepare to battle!


Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt - Check

Sob story on how far I traveled - Check

Good looks - Check

The ability to do the impossible -CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sweet talk the counter girl into getting the manager.


I sweet talk the manager into a conversation of The Big Mike Road Show and the possibility of one lap on the coaster.


The lines of comunication are open, but the coaster is in need of parts and has trouble making it up the lift.


Also, it has been sold and it has not run since then.


It is not looking good, as the coaster just sits idle and hope of riding it just about vanishes.




I just remembered something!


I had a little extra flask of Big Mike Charm for my good buddy Josue in Cali who kept asking for some but I never got around to giving him any yet!


I had to use it now!!!!


The Cobra had given its last ride at Oasis Lanes, or did it???????


Did it have ONE LAST RIDE to go out in style liked it deserves, with The Mighty Big Man aboard??????


Before the swirl of The Big Mike Charm had even disappeared, Big Mike was outside with the Manager trying to start up the coaster!!!


It had not run in a week, so we gave it about 10 minutes to warm up!


The test runs were barely making it up the lift EMPTY!!


By now, other people were in line wanting to ride too, but were told that there was only 1 person getting a ride today, maybe, and it was Big Mike!


HOP IN he says, and in Big Mike goes!


Try one, a roll back, cant get up.

Try two, same thing.

Big Mike moves to the front seat.

Try 3, no help. It is just missing the next tire to propel it up.


One last time the manager says!


Try 4, the last hope.....



Slowly, slowly, it catches the tire and away Big Mike goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






3 laps later, The Cobra retires and has run its last lap in Texas!


Despite complaints, no one else gets to ride and The Cobra is officially closed forever!



It should be fun to see how long the rest of the World takes to find out this news!


Be thankful that Big Mike can come up with these block buster news updates on a constant basis to keep you informed instead of relying on other coaster websites



So if you are ever asked in trivia who was the last person EVER to ride the Cobra at Oasis Lanes in El Paso Texas, the answer is Big Mike!!!!!!!!!!



When I get home and sit and relax and have time to think on how the heck I got on all these coasters that I shouldn't have this past week, I still won't believe it!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - By the way, here is todays schedule:


11am - Cliffs

2pm - Itz

6pm - 4 Corners USA!!!!!!!!!


We are back on schedule!!!!

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