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Fantastic TR. The park looks awesome! My eyes are kind of burning from the bright flashes of white near the end of the TR. LOL


Looks like you and Shane are checking out the hot babe when he is checking off the shirt. (I am sure you were).


Admission prices and food are VERY reasonable. I actually like the 4 hour option which you do not see much.

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Amazing report and park!


The attention to detail at CB is amazing. Almost Disney-esque! It just shows what a difference having an enthusiast at the helm makes.


Can't wait to see more TRs from here and of course future expansions.

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I may or may not have snuck that bikini babe into the picture of Big Mike & Shane!


As for the park, it was truly awesome. To say this park is clean is an understatement. Shane clearly understands what a park should be and delivers in every way. I can't say enough how much I appreciated Shane and the entire staff's friendliness.


Oh and one more thank you is in order. I want to thank Big Mike for including the profile picture of me with that big zit on my cheek. I will have to get back at him with some racy pictures of Big Mike and the girls of Cowabunga Bay.

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Everyone dreams of owning thier own park, and my good buddy and TPR's own Shane Huish fulfilled his dream!!!



LOL...Let me tell you, it is much more fun in RTC than in real life.


Great trip report btw. It was a pleasure having the Big Mike Road Show stop by Cowabunga Bay!

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Great ongoing report Mike. And especially cool on Cowabunga Bay Water Park that Shane owns and runs. But....


Holy crap Shane! How much weight have you lost??? I didn't recognize you there beside Mike at first. You look great, but it was still a small shock (bzzzt) seeing you a bit.... slimmer?

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Wow Shane, you should be absolutely proud of your park (as I can tell you are). It's incredible looking.


We were going to try and hit Lagoon this summer and this waterpark was on our list too, I didn't even know it was owned by somebody on TPR. That's so cool.


Hopefully next summer we'll get out there.


I also LOVE the pricing structure you guys have. Makes a LOT of sense.

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Out of all your great updates Big Mike, to quote you, this one "DESTROYS" the others...in a good way.


Can't tell you how cool this was to see and all the good vibes radiating from it. Just awesome! Got a kick out of the sign and the fun extras Shane threw in to make the day fun for you. Really happy for him and his success as well as for you and yet another tops report.


At some point, I'd love to see a screen cap from the RCT3 build of Cowabunga Bay if that's remotely possible.


Hats off to both you guys!

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Hey Friends!!!


Just a reminder that Big Mike will be at Great Adventure all day Saturday!!!



I am bringing a whole slew of TPR friends, so come out and say hello and keep me company when Rick and Gwen go to the concert at night!!




Big Mike promised a Valuable Big Mike Reader he would pass this message along for him!



Jeff (y2j2003y2j) is looking for some help raising money for a charity event he is attending in a few weeks.



Big Mike is not too keen on asking people for money and even goes out of his way not to be around when it is time to ask his employees at UPS to contribute to the United Way.....






I will just post the link for everyone to check out and let you decide yourself if you think it is a good idea for you!


(I read it over and thought it was a good cause)






OK, this will probably be it from me for a few days since The Big Mike Hotel will be full of TPR guests for the next 5 days!!


Maybe I will squeeze in a report or two, we will have to wait and see!



See everyone at Great Adventure!



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Jeff, feel free to fill everyone in now on what the cause and function is all about!


Jeff (y2j2003y2j)

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Hello everyone,


Thanks Big Mike for posting this and donating to this worthy cause. Coasting for Kids will be an event held at Cedar Point on August 26th. That day in support of our cause and raising money we will be riding Gemini all day from 7am til 5pm. Our goal before the event is to raise as much money as we can before going.


Give Kids The World Village (GKTW) is a 70-acre, non-profit resort in Central Florida that creates magical memories for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. GKTW provides accommodations at its whimsical resort, donated attractions tickets, meals and more for a week-long, cost-free fantasy vacation. With the help of many generous individuals, corporations and partnering wish-granting organizations, Give Kids The World has welcomed more than 97,000 families from all 50 states and over 68 countries.


Please help out by going to http://www.firstgiving.com/jeffmccabe


I know the economic times are tough right now and everything but think about this. The economy will recover and get better, those children won't. Lets give them this so they can enjoy some fun in life because they deserve it.


Thank You,

Jeff McCabe

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GKTW is a very worthy charity. Even if you can only donate a couple of dollars, that's enough to buy a Mickey bar for a kid with cancer!


Good luck, Jeff!


Maureen "has seen GKTW kids having a blast at WDW, many times!" O'Donnell

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Great trip report and photos from Cowabunga, dude (hehe)! I believe the big man has surpassed himself with this one! Thanks for sharing with us Mike!


Also, I have to say Shane has really outdone himself with the Bay. It looks absolutely stellar! I love all the extra hidden touches and nods to his kids. Thus, I hereby proclaim Shane is the new Walt!

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GREAT looking water park!!!!! Congrats!!!! Whenever we make our way to Utah, we'll be sure to stop by.


Big Mike & SFGAdv team:

Have fun on Saturday!!!!!



OTHER Big Mike Readers:

The Bebes have secured the Castles n Coasters Mikestery Card. Picture will be posted soon.

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Cowabunga must really be new, maybe next summer when i go back home to visit my grandparents i'll make a trip out there? I thought Lagoon was amazing, can't wait to see a new waterpark.


Also, does anyone know when/if Big Mike is coming to Six Flags Over Texas @ Arlington, or Six Flags Hurricane Harbor @ Arlington? Or if he already has?


i tried to read through his first post for hist rip plans but it confused me so i couldn't find anything in it

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