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I'd like to join the fantasy league. I've only done fantasy for 2 years, but the first year I won it all, and the second I lost in the final. I have been following football in general since I was a little tot, so you can expect some good competition from me.

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I am up for fantasy football, my team, the Cunning Linguists, have won a few league championships. I am up for the challenge.


I do think you should exclude anyone that roots for the Miami Hurricanes, like monorail boy. lol

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I've defeated Big Mike in a shooting dark ride after no one has ever beaten him so I think I'm up for kicking some Big Mike @$$ at Fantasy Football.


Count me in Big Man!


Jimmy "The Big Man will fall" Bo

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Big Mike does feel bad for all the lovely ladies who are not interested in playing fantasy football!!


Big Mike always tries to have contests that everyone can play, so no one is left out and has the same chances to win the very cool prizes as everyone else does!


So, to combat this problem, Big Mike has come up with a solution!



Big Mike is now accepting applications to become one of the very exclusive and highly coveted Big Mike Road Show "Show" Girls, the best fantasy football cheerleaders in the world!



All the job entails is an occasional cheer throughout the fantasy football season for Team Big Mike!



If Big Mike wins the fantasy football league (most likely), the prizes will be split umongst the Big Mike Road Show "Show" Girls!!!



I am sure we could do a special report on the "Show" Girls too.



So anyone interested in being a "Show" Girl for Big Mike's fantasy football team this season, please post your interest!!!



Also, we are looking for about 6 more teams to play!



Peace, Big Mike

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I'll throw my hat in the ring for Fantasy Football.


I also found 3 extremely hard to get Mikestery game pieces. The photos are below...


As always, you must leave with the host and a behind the scenes shot from Big Mike Headquarters!


Just for safe keeping, I decide to eat the next ducky.


Cool, Six Flags Great Adventure. I was there on this day.




Lucky me! There is number 3.


Liseberg, that was tough. All I need is to find a third one and I don't have to find that ducky anymore.


Yep, number 2!


Is that a second one in the same place?


WOW! Power Park, and I didn't have to leave the country.


Yep, one of the Mikestery cards.


Woah! What's this?

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