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  1. Well, since there are no more horses left, I suppose I'll take the MIAMI HEAT to repeat in 2013. woot woot!!!!
  2. With picks #10 - #22, coreysjunk (MR BEBE) will make it easy and select: 2013 KENTUCKY DERBY HORSES #1 - #13. I've seen that look on Megan's face before. Definitely A: Shenanigans under the Boardwalk! WIth and exclamation point! I'm gonna go with 7 duckies. LOCK IT.
  3. Big Mike, You didn't include the very first ducky that I found at Magic Mountain in your recap. The one that I had to dig through the spider webs for!!!! JUMPp=1184954#p1184954]http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1184954#p1184954[/url] Also, FYI for anyone else... SuperShawn nabbed the Knotts ducky.
  4. Well, Coasting for Kids was a pain in the ass. No, LITERALLY, My ass is killing me still. 9hrs on one of the hardest surfaces available on a coaster takes its' toll. But it was a good experience for a great cause!!!! All in all, The Bebes managed 131 laps, taking two short bathroom breaks after laps 25 & 50, a mandatory one-hour lunch break (they actually removed us from the ride together and brought us back on together after lunch), and one more potty break after lap 100. There were a few people who managed (i believe) 141 laps and only got off during lunch (congrats to Josh, Bruce, Matthew and Jake)! Everyone at Knotts was great, and accommodating. Continental breakfast spread was setup on tables near the Jaguar entrance and they left it out for us until just before the park opened to the general public at 10am (about 3hrs). We were able to store all of our personal belongings in the ride op booth. Jennifer brought up bottled waters and left them for us at the station. We were provided a Mrs Knotts Box Lunch (3pc chix, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuit) OR a Veggie Wrap (for the vegetarians) for lunch. We were also provided our choice of Canned Pepsi, bottled Sierra Mist, bottled Diet Pepsi or bottled water to drink during lunch (and take with us). They also had a special spot setup where we could get fresh baked cookies and bottled water from lunch until 5pm whenever we wanted. The ride ops were really great and enthusiastic throughout the day as well. Thanks Knotts!!!!! Job well done!! NOBODY said "HI to the Bebes" at the event, although Greg & the Condon family said it was "nice to spend some quality time with The Bebes". Thanks Greg!!!! Ditto! The Bebes will have an official Coasting for Kids day photo trip report up soon! Of course, it's sure to be more funny than informative, so stay tuned! -Mr Bebe
  5. Great Report! CHAD cracked me up with the "fire hose"! I don't feel real good about it, But lock me in with 9 duckies.
  6. AND..... I'm going to guess SIX duckies in the report!!!! AND.... Here are FOUR more DUCKIES that have been found. I'll take (at least) 12 consecutive picks, please. DOH!!!! PS - How appropriate to find the Uncle Sam Ducky at SeaWorld during Memorial Day Weekend!!!!! SFMM Ducky Boomers Ducky Belmont Ducky SeaWorld Ducky
  7. Here is MY Carousel Horse!!!!! HIS name is Bob Malugalugalugalugaluga. That's ONE Maluga, FOUR Luga. Bob Malugalugalugalugaluga
  8. ^Of course it does! The REAL question is: Do you count each separate track an individual credit, or just ONE credit for the whole thing???
  9. OK, I've got a few points to make here: #1 : The first rule of coaster club is - you DO NOT talk about how you count credits. #2 : YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT HOW YOU COUNT CREDITS! #3 : I can'tr believe this thread is still going. SERIOUSLY! #4 : I couldn't agree more!!! Some of my favorite parts of our trip reports are from the kiddie coasters, especially the ones that involve kidnapping children to get the credit OR having the kids flash a TPT:P3 sign for the on-ride photo!!!! LOL!!!! #5 : YES, ABSOLUTELY!!!!! But, as Wes pointed out earlier, you wouldn't be around to update your credit list, regardless of what counting site or spreadsheet you use. #6 : AW CRAP!!!!! That just knocked my count from 198 to 194. You BASTARD!!! AND, Now I'm gonna have to cancel that trip to Albertson's that I was planning on for Memorial Day!!!! #7 : HOW EFFING AMAZING IS THAT???!!!!! #8 : regarding BACKYARD coasters: What if I was SUPER RICH, like Michael Jackson, and bought a unique coaster from B&M and had it installed in my Neverland backyard? Would it count? What if Big Mike were the only person that I ALLOWED to come ride it? Would he be shunned for counting it? Awwwww, poor Big Mike. #9 : ROBB, why hasn't the name fairy changed my donkey tag yet????? --- "I would count cupcakes, but not cheesecakes". Would a change be more likely if it contained the word DONKEY. "If Donkeys count as a credit, can I also count a JACKASS?" #10 : See points #1 & #2 Love, Mr. Bebe
  10. ^^WOW! Awesome name & parenthetical too!!!!!! Soooooooo Looking forward to this find the double ducky business!!!!!!!
  11. But what if we were counting CAKES. Would cupcakes count as a cake credit, or NOT? And then there's cheesecake. It has cake right there in the name,but, honestly, it's a pie. And then there's Little Debbie cakes. They ARE cakes, right? But what about Ho-Ho's and twinkies? Cakes as well? Sheesh!!! All this cake counting is going right to my thighs. Please ask the name fairy to change COREYSJUNK's tag to "I would count cupcakes, but not cheesecakes". -Mr Bebe
  12. How did THIS happen???? I chose #33, but somehow Big Mike marked me down for #25. I actually WON with 10 points!!!! Ok, so I'm lying. Congrats Brian!!!!!!! Ultimately, I'm disappointed not to win, but glad that a supporter of the "Bebes' Theme Park Adventures" thread DID win!!!!!! BTW - The Bebes actually collected a total of 6 Mikestery cards (4 were posted in the thread). We also had the Santa's Village card, which we were sandbagging and didn't post. And.... funny story here..... I have a friend who lives across the country in Virginia Beach, and there was a Mikestery Card hidden there!!!! I called him up and asked him if would go get it. "Sure" he says. Later that night he asks me "Do you need the actual card, or just a picture of it?" Cuz he went there, found it, took a picture of it, and put it back. I sent him back to retrieve it and it was GONE!!!!! But I DO have pictures of it!!!!!
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