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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Disneyland Paris looks just as great as when we were there in 2002, except for Space Mountain. Wish I could be there, but as a consolation prize, Silver Dollar City is pretty sweet. Have fun at Asterix (if thats possible), hope its not too hot this time around, and that Zeus is running a little bit better. My thoughts will be with you all, and narcotics will be mailed out tomorrow to everyone's houses after they ride Gouderix. Alveys, I'll send you some Zithromax instead. Powder Keg is really sweet and the rest of the park is just as amazing. Photo TR sometime this week.


All clear...Dispatch, enjoy your ride,


Derek "Skillets EVERYWHERE!!!" Ruth

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OMG! :shock: That is the biggest and most packed McDonalds i have ever seen! You'd think they were giving away free hamburgers How long did you guys have to wait there? Was the food really bad? It looks like you guys are having a great time. Can't wait to see the videos from your trip

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"This one is for you Soren!"



a good Cocktail at the "Redwood Bar", at Disney´s Sequoia Lodge - my favorite Hotel there! I think that was great. I am so sad, that I could not be there with you guys! I hope that evening was as good as the one at the "Dragon Bar"?

However, it looks like you have a great time at Disney Resort Paris!


--Sören "miss you all" Schomburg

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The funniest moment was when we told Mr. Smee that Joey worked for Universal, he wrote on a napkin "Shut it Universal Boy" and every time Joey would try to say something, he would put his finger over his mouth, point at Joey, then point at the napkin! We were cracking up!!!!

That is soooo funny!


Maureen "Mr. Smee RULES!" O'Donnell

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Robb said about Rock N Roller Coaster MGM pre-show.

I hate the pre-show in Orlando (Give me a stretch...make that a SUPER stretch!) so this pre-show being over in like 10 seconds is SO much better!


Yeah the pre-show on Orlando's version of Rock N Rollercoaster was fun once or twice but after the 50+ times I have ridden it, it does start to get old very fast. I think its goes on for at least 3 minutes it seems....(still short compared to Mission Space's..."I want to go to Mars NOW!")


Have you ever seen a Disney Cast Member act out as Aerosmith's roadie named Chris during the pre-show? I have only seen this twice..both in the same visit to the park. When Joe Perry asks for, "Chris could you get my Black Les Paul." Joe looks over to the right side of the screen nodding to a live employee standing beside the gutar rack. The employee grabbed the black Les Paul and took it through the back door of the recording studio. The line of the other roadie telling Joe, "that he would get it for him," is still there. I guess the movie roadie magically receives the guitar from the real Chris. Like I said, out of the many times I have ridden this ride I have only seen this happen twice...and that being this past April.


Does the Paris version also have the countdown at the start of the launch? One of the most interesting moments of the ride occured during the countdown. We were sitting in the car during the normal Steven Tyler countdown (does he speak in French in Paris?) as he reached to "1", when the launch is supposed to occur, our car just remained in the parking garage. The music was blaring out of the car like normal but we just sat there. After a minute of sitting there we all assumed that the ride broke down and we will be getting out of the car soon. How wrong could I be as in a blink of a eye the light turned green and down the tunnel we went. That made quite a thrilling launch not knowing when you were going to launch...maybe they should make that a new feature..heh heh heh.

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Yes, there is a countdown in Paris. It's in English.


Rob, you're talking about Festival Disney but the name was changed I thing about 6 years ago to Disney Village.


Hope you had fun in Astrix!?

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Robb said about Rock N Roller Coaster MGM pre-show.

I hate the pre-show in Orlando (Give me a stretch...make that a SUPER stretch!) so this pre-show being over in like 10 seconds is SO much better!


When I went to DLP last June , I did'nt even bother waiting around for the pre show - I either opened the doors to loading station area or they where already open.


Nothing gets in the way of my Vekoma credits


Paul "I love Vekoma's - really" Chapman

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OMG! :shock: That is the biggest and most packed McDonalds i have ever seen! You'd think they were giving away free hamburgers How long did you guys have to wait there? Was the food really bad? It looks like you guys are having a great time. Can't wait to see the videos from your trip


I've seen a different contender for "most crowded McDonald's": The World's Largest McDonald's in Orlando. 2 stories of pure madness...

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That MacDonalds at The Village in Disney Paris is truely horrible!

ALWAYS crowded.

ALWAYS the wrong order.

NEVER a place to sit.

ALWAYS look where you step if you don't want to slip on fries, lettuce, burgers, or stick on cola

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hi guys love the disneyland pictures!!


i went earlier this year. end of january!!!! freezing and sometimes wet and miserable.


i went for four days wi my drama class wi college! we had to go to three talks about backstge performances and costume design and how to put on a parade, quite interesting.

i didn't go to see the motor stunt show i was too busy riding the indiana jones ride which was running forwards which i was preety upset about i was looking forward to riding backwards.

space mountain was shut when we went due to the winter like that is an excuse apparently the effects dont work in cold weather!!!! i dont how true that is but anyway had such an amazing four days.

what hotel did u stay in? we stayed in the cheyanne (full of other students)

did you go to the buffalo bills wild west show? that was pretty cool

im with elissa on this one i prefer the rock n roller coaster in florida!!!! although i had fun riding the one in paris

cant wait to hear from you guys.


oh and ive also been to phantasia land in germany about 5 years ago before the fire burnt things down!!

what did you think to the micheal jackson thriller ride


i loved that that is the best ever runaway mine train EVER!!!!!

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I've seen a different contender for "most crowded McDonald's": The World's Largest McDonald's in Orlando. 2 stories of pure madness...


No that one gets my vote for "World's tackiest McDonald's"!!! Man that place is so horrible looking inside.


My one and only visit I didn't have problems with crowds or anything though.

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space mountain was shut when we went due to the winter like that is an excuse apparently the effects dont work in cold weather!!!! i dont how true that is but anyway had such an amazing four days.


That's when they were redoing Space Mountain to make it the Mission 2 theme.

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Day Nineteen: Parc Asterix and more Disneyland Paris!


OMG! Tonnerre De Zeus is BACK!!!!


Wow, I couldn't believe it! A woodie that was firmly in my top 5 (or at least in my 'A' category) from '97 - '00 fell SHARPLY in 2002 when it was performing terrible. It was rough, sluggish, and overall just a huge let down.


I'm happy to report that today Tonnerre De Zeus was BACK to it's old self!


In fact, after riding it, it easily plants itself into the top of my "A" list along side other woodies such as Balder, Pheonix, Colossos, and Raven. It was THAT good! Crazy airtime all over the place, insane laterals, it was running FAST like a bat out of hell. I'm not sure what was wrong with this coaster in 2002, but I'm happy to see that it's back in top form now! It might not be quite as smooth as when it first opened in 1997, but it certainly is NOT what I would consider 'rough' or 'sluggish' like it was in '02.


As for the rest of Asterix, well, the place totally rocked today! The day started off with a little bit of rain, but cleared up by mid-morning. It seemed like it kept the locals away, because there wasn't a queue more than 10 minutes long for any ride all day!


That meant as many rides as possible on the awesome running TdZ. It also just confirmed my thoughts one more time on what a completely stupid time of year the ACE ECO trip was planned. I mean, let me just go on a rant here for a second....


On the ACE ECO trip in 2002, just about every park visited we were met with HUGE crowds, school group outings, hour long queues for most rides, etc, etc.... We were lost on many occasions for hours at a time, missed out on ERT, and even lost out on some ERT due to ACErs who were too big to fit on coasters trying over...and over...and over again! If you can't fit, DON'T RIDE, and stop wasting our time!!!


After that trip we thought for sure "Wow, if this is an organized group who have hired a professional company and there were so many things that went wrong on that trip, how the hell can we ever do things on our own?"


Well, what we realized is that it was a lot easier than we ever could have imagined! And oddly enough, not many people on that trip saw the mess we did. I guess our standards must be set a bit higher. Gee, so we want to go to parks when they aren't crowded, and we don't like to get lost on the way to parks. Why is that such a big deal?


Had someone actually done a little research like we did, they would have found that the middle to end of July is *NOT* a good time to go to Europe theme parks!!!


On our trip, none of the parks we have visited have been crowded, we never got lost, not once, we have not missed out on any coasters, and we have actually gotten MORE rides in during this trip than we did during ANY ERT session during the ECO trip.


The moral of the story....let Robb & Elissa plan your coaster trips!!!


Ok, rant over....back to Asterix.


The park was great. No crowds, TdZ was amazing, the bobsled was fun as always, the log flume was nice and wet, Elissa got her kiddie coaster credit that was closed during the 2002 trip, and we got in more riding in the 5 hours we were there this year than we did during the ECO trip being there almost all day with an hours worth of ERT. Go figure!


Asterix has always been a favorite of mine as the park is VERY clean, well kept up, and nicely themed. I've visited the park about 10 times since 1997, and I'm glad this visit can wipe out of my mind the bad visit I had in 2002.


After Asterix we headed back to Disneyland Paris for the last few hours of our night. We spent most of the time just taking photos and shopping, but we did grab a couple more rides on Rock N Roller Coaster and Space Mountain: Mission 2.


We went back to the hotel, packed up most everything, and then went to what is the last dinner for the group together. That's right, this is the end of the trip. *sob*


However, this is not the last Photo TR as we'll do one more when we get back home with a little 're-cap.'


It's been an amazing trip so far, and now after having done Japan in October and covering most of Europe this trip, with both trips being flawless, maybe it's time we take the next step and start doing group trips. I think we've got a good shot and being able to do them right! We'll see.


Anyway, thanks to everyone who has read these reports for the past three weeks. This has seriously been some of the best times of my life, and I'm really happy I've been able to share it with everyone and see the great response on the boards. It's really made the trip for me being able to share it with all of you! And it's been so great being able to meet all these people for the first time! That made the trip really special. So.....


Onto today's photos!


Our final dinner in the Disney Village with our Europe group and Nicolas, Fredric, and Louis! Thanks for hanging out with us!


Oh, and for you dirt lovers, this big hole of dirt will soon become Paris' version of Tower of Terror.


And to complete the trifecta of Vekoma multi-loopers today, a spin on Space Mountain: Mission 2!


This ride is really hard to capture in photo, but you can kind of get an idea of the lighting inside.


Back at Disney it was time for a few more rides on Rock N Roller Coaster.


Our group photo with Zeus' panties after a GREAT day at Asterix!


Joey is bracing himself and Dan is just hoping that it won't hurt too much!


While Tonerre De Zeus might have been running better, Gouderix on the other hand, was not!


Parc Asterix' bobsled ride is the only bobsled NOT themed to a bobsled! =)


He wants paper, not a greasy fist!!!


It seemed as though almost every hill was producing massive amounts of airtime!


You can tell by the hair the amount of airtime this ride is producing. It was amazing, sick, crazy, all of the above!


...and this is what you see on the right.


Going up the lift hill this is what you see on the left side....


I am happy to report that Tonnerre De Zeus is BACK! It ran AWESOME today. Right back into my top woodies along side Balder, Phoenix, Colossos, and Raven!


We prepare for our first ride on Tonnerre De Zeus a little unsure since this didn't ride too well in 2002.


Bah! Who can be afraid of an ancient god who wears spotted panties? =)


Beware! The "Thunder of Zeus" will strike you!


Asterix, who is a very popular French cartoon character, greets everyone at the front of the park.


The park looks a LOT different from when we were here on the ECO trip in 2002. First off, there is NOBODY here, second, it's not a billion degrees out!


Today started out a little wet. No one really seemed to mind though....well, no one other than Dan! =)

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Well, I gotta echo Robb on this one. I remember saying at Walibi World that Zeus was fantastic when I went on it in May, and that's some real praise coming from you guys. It's gonna take a lot to move that woodie from my No.1 spot - having said that, that four other coasters you've mentioned (which I haven't been on yet) probably would!


I can't believe how quiet Parc Asterix was in your TR. Not only was it completely devoid of any other human life, but the rain probably made the rides run a little faster! Next time I go, it'll be on a weekday! 8)


I'm really glad you all had such a good time in Europe, and with the exception of Gardaland (which was incredibly unfortunate) you've done everything and more, and had a damn good time doing it. I can honestly say that Walibi World was the best day I've ever had at a park, and believe me, I've had a few of those. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and to meet all the people who came out.


Thankyou for sharing it with us, and roll on your next trip!


-Non-German Tom

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Glad your trip was insane! Glad everthing went great!(exept for Gardaland) And when you said Goudrix wasn't running well, What can you expect! Goudrix running well is not having your head bleed on both sides! You should have taken my advice and told Dan and joey to stay away from it!

Kevin"Now you're stuck back in Southern California with me "Bujold

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So, that was your Euope-Trip.

I still think its amazin how much you did in such a short time.

I don't think I would be able to do this. I'd have to include several non-coaster days for relaxing. Being up on your feet all day and driving afterwards for xxx km every day deserves respect.

I'm also sad your trip is over, just what am I gonna read now, while having breakfast and before heading out to university? I got used to it very quick and it was a good start of the day.

Nontheless, your reports got me back into the whole coaster thing again (you could call it a relapse also ). Since I'm a student (since 2002) I haven't been able to visit parks more than one time a year due to not having much money. And when I did, I didn't really enjoy it. So I thought that part of my life was over. I didn't continue my membership of the ECC also. But now, I'm all passionate again and am already making plans for a big US Trip, thats gonna be my present, when I've finished my studies in 2006.


So, how can I conclude this better than saying thanks


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