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  1. Hi Robb, I use RSS for some pages I want to keep track of and I find it's really practical. While I agree that it won't make sense in the forum itself, I often have wished there would be RSS for the front page updates. If someone reads the forum on a regularly basis it surely doesn't make sense since you have to bypass the front page to get there. But there are periods where I don't have the time or interest to read the forum and don't visit the page at all. That's when a front page RSS feed would make sense for me.
  2. Hi there, after finally graduating from university one week ago, I'm right now in the final planning stages of my big and well deserved graduation holiday. I'm gonna fly to NYC on May 13th, stay there for 6 days and then will do a four week camping road trip to San Francisco with TrekAmerica. Afterwards I'm gonna travel California alone for three more weeks. I haven't been very active coasterwise in the last years, but those last three weeks in Cali are reserved for my old passion. From June 16 to July 6 I want to visit Disney (3 days), Universal (2 days), Knotts (1 day), Sea World (1 day) and SFMM (1 or 2 days). I'm gonna do some sightseeing along the way too and have to divide the parks between those days now. Is there any advice when I shouldn't (crowd wise) or when I should (event wise) visit a certain park on a certain day? Should I skip the weekends? What about July 4th? I know, it's a big holiday. Would it be a good / bad idea to visit a park on that day (especially MM since I'm gonna be in that area at that time perhaps). One more thing about July 4th. I'm right now unsure whether I should stay in a hotel or a hostel then. If there's a lot of partying going on, it would be better to visit a hostel instead of sitting in the Motel alone. What would you recommend? Where's the place to go on July 4th in LA? One more thing: While I'm in NYC I think it would be dumb not to visit SFGA. But I don't have a car then. So, does someone know, if there's a way to get there by public transportation? And if yes, how long does it take and how much does it cost? Again, should I go on Friday May 16th (Park open till 6 pm) or on Saturday May 17th (park open till 10.30 pm, but maybe more crowded)? I know, it's a lot, but I hope that the community can help me plan my trip right. Thanks in advance.
  3. Part 5. The last one. Hope you enjoyed it. One of the brakemen sitting in the last row. Return run to the station. You can see the side-friction track. A train passing the village section. Nice view of the twisted layout. The lift hill. Up we go. It starts with a nice tunnel section. The theming resembles a small mountain village This ride is just beautiful. Here a train ascends the lift hill. Last, but not least the reason why one should visit the Prater. It still offers some nice views from the outside. It wasn't really painfull, but it wasn't joyful either. The first inversion, the worst part is almost over. A train prepares to be released into hell. Volare the Zamperla torture device.
  4. Part 4. Almost done. It was very old. It was old. The sound and smell literally dragged me to this one. It reminded me of my first ghost house when I was a child. One of the many ghost houses you can find there. A train going down the first drop. I didn't ride this one too. Though it looks like a Schwarzkopf at first, it's actually a Vekoma. Mega Blitz. It's almost impossible to take acceptable pictures of this ride. The beautiful skyline of the prater. How many rides can you spot? Email you know who. The Starflyer. Omg this thing is so tall. Can't wait to try out Holiday Park's version next year. I waited in the rain for 5 minutes to take this picture. Unfortunately it's all blurry. The Boomerang is directly besides the space shot. Guess what it's called. The central plaza is home to the space shot which is called "Space Shot". They charged 5€ for it, so I skipped it. Break Dance and the "I don't know what it's called" ride. Random spinning ride picture. Scary masks appear out of the darkness, directly in front of you.
  5. Part three. More Prater pctures. My favorite picture. Pure, twisted, Pinfari fun. I can seriously recommend this ride. I really liked it, although there was no airtime on it. It doesn't look like much, but its very fast and all the brakes where turned off. Next to the spinning mouse was the Pinfari "Super 8er Bahn". This was a very good ride. Who's the biggest spinner now? It also has a small tunnel section towards the end. They don't look like they have fun either. The spinning mouse. Actually it was my first ever and I really didnt enjoy it. See what these girls do. The ride-op encouraged them to do it. He even knew their names. The second ferris wheel. It appeared to be only slightly smaller than the old one. Splash. The flume ride. You can see the "theming" attached to the small drop. Not a high capcity ride, but it didn't matter since nobody dared/cared to ride it. There was this freaky bell ride.
  6. Part 2. More of the town and the first Prater pictures. The landmark of the prater. The old Ferris wheel. One of the many spinning rides that occupy the place. A standard wild mouse. Since I have ridden enough mice enough times I decided to skip this credit. It wasn't worth the price. There was this nice wooden Toboggan slide. Unfortunately it was closed. Pretty kiddie carousel. Side-entrance of the Prater. Zooming in on the Prater, you can easily spot the ferris wheel, the space shot and the Starflyer Beautiful night shot from a hill outside of the town. This exhibition of 60's psychedelic art was pretty cool. On my last day I also visited the museum district. Being a psychology student I also had to check out Siegmund Freud's house. A toy shop had this politically not so correct Supey in its window. Detail-boobie-shot of the fountain. The parliament building with the nice fountain in front of it.
  7. Hi there. Yesterday I returned from my one week trip to Vienna. Having two friends there, since several months, I finally took the chance to visit them and also check out Austrias capitol. The city is really a gem. Castles, churches, sculptures, museums, you name it, its there. Scattered all over the place and mixed with newer, modern buildungs. I loved it a lot, so I decided to provide some pictures of this as well (just a few). Of course I also had to visit the Wiener Prater (It translates to "the Prater of Vienna", so its not what you may think). In fact, I actually visited it twice. On our first visit, the batteries of my camera got empty pretty soon, so I returned alone the next day to take more pictures for you. The whole place is pretty wierd. This year it celbrates its 250th birthday. It contains large gardens to the right. The left part is the main fairground area. Its landmark is a huge, old Ferris Wheel, which greets you at the main entrance. The Prater is also famous for its different kindsof saussages, also called "Wiener Würstel". The thing that makes the place so wierd is the fact, that you can't clearly declare it as a fairground or theme park. A lot of its rides are transportable rides you can find at the european travelling fairs, except they are put there on a regular basis. You also have to pay for every single ride at the ride's entrance. Then, there are also stationary rides like a boomerang or S&S Space Shot. There are also solid houses in between, like restaurants, casinos or arcades. To top it all of, a lot of the ment-for-travelling-rides are decorated on a staionary basis. E.g. the room under the drops of the Flume Ride are covered. To me the place felt more like a large fairgound, much like the Oktoberfest (Though there weren't any beer tents there). Coaster-wise the park offers several credits. Theres a spinning mouse and a regular mouse. A custom Vekoma Coaster called "Mega Blitz", which I didn't care to ride. Then there is a Boomerang, A Zamperla Flyer called "Volare" and a pretty good Pinfary coaster I enjoyed a lot. Of course, the most important ride is the wooden coaster "Hochschaubahn". In fact, its a side friction ride with a brakeman. It features a compact circular and figure-eight layout. The theming is pretty nice. There are caves, waterfalls, loads of rockwork und a small replica of a mountain-village. Its a classic scenic railway in every sense. The ride itself offes a fast first drop and a nice double dip on the second drop. On my second visit, which was a sunday they, actually ran two trains on it. So, I hope you enjoy my Photo-TR. It's actually my first. And please be patient. There are 79 Pictures waiting to be posted. Nikita Detail shot of the Stephansdom's facade. The Stephansdom. This thing is huge. This Fiaker takes a nap inside his Fiaker. These traditional coaches are all over the place. They are called "Fiakers" and charge you 40€ for 15 minutes. Creepy gothic-style sculptures with bleeding eyes. More sculptures inside the palace. Somehow a prankster managed to hang a bicycle tire up there. Sculpture of king Josef (i guess) in the old imperial palace. Something is wrong with it. What does this mean? The place in front of the house is beautifully themed too. This house was decorated by the famous artist Hundertwasser as part of a social housing programm. Vienna's city hall. Quite impressive. This view never looses its feeling. My flight from Nuernbern to Vienna. Hooray for the cheap 1€-flights
  8. Omg, Indiana Beach looks so beautiful. I definitely have to include the place in my next US visit (if it will ever happen).
  9. Surprisingly not a coaster at all. If I could, I would go back to my 2001 Florida visit and reride Alien Encounter. That was the best ride of my whole trip back then.
  10. I have often thought about how cool it would be to have a B&M Inverter interwinding with a Rapid River. Imagine: Half Cobra Roll that crosses a tree line to the right, a slight right turn and you end up on a long straight track - below you runs a Rapid. You drop down and race the Rafts very close, go through a zero-g and drop down to the rapid again, then the rides would seperate again. That would be so good.
  11. In the last weeks, for me, it was definitely Orgy - Suckerface from the awesome Intamin Accelerators Video (sorry, forgot who it came from). This video should have entered the contest. And I still don't know the song from Greg Spalding's UK Parks Video from this year's contest. Can somebody help me with this please? Greets Nikita
  12. Knoebels look really beautiful. I hope I will be able to go there someday. One thing: Could somebody please explain the whole flyers-snap-PPP-thing to a flyerdeprivated european. We don't have these things over here. Greets Nikita
  13. Something you might want to use is Ch!pz They are from the Netherlands and the first two Singles (Ch!pz in black, Cowboy) were pretty successful all over Europe during the last few months. I actually don't like it too much, but it's plain Aqua and Toybox Style, so you maybe like it. Another song that would be suitable for a video is Holiday by Green Day. And another song from a very successful German Band, that was already mentioned above, is "Nur ein Wort" by "Wir sind Helden". I'll think about more songs Bye Nikita
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