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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Guys, that sign at nigoland has gotta be one of the funniest damn things ive seen in awhile Too bad american theme parks lack a sense of humor...Im headed to europe next year myself and looking to hit some of these parks while im there....I also had a question about where your staying..how much/night (euro) is it setting you back and what class of hotel/motel do ya stay in??

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Firstly, excuse me of my English.


Then... and Spain?


In Spain there are four theme parks (Port Aventura, Isla Mágica, Terra Mítica and Warner Bros. Park) and one of the funfair most bigger of Europa, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.


In Spanish Theme Parks there are great rides, great shows and great themes:


Port Aventura has the unique 8th inversions B&M roller coaster in the world, Dragon Khan; the exciting wooden racer Stampida, for a lot of people is one of the most spectacular wooden coaster of Europe; Templo del Fuego (Temple of the Fire), an amazing walk-through as Poseidon's Fury in IoA unique in Europe; the newest Hurakan Condor, a multi free fall of 86 metres height.


Isla Mágica is small, it has only one big roller coaster, an SLC named El Jaguar, but it has the one of the simulators most bigger of the world, Cinemoción..


Terra Mítica has a great interactive dark ride, el Laberinto del Minotauro (Minotaur's Labyrinth) with 76 animatronics of Sally Corporation, it's the jewel of the park. Then there is the Magnus Colossus, a wooden roller coaster of 37 metres height and 92 km/h. The peculiarity is that Magnus Colossus is incrusted in a stone pit. The newest Synkope, a revolution of Mondial Rides. Terra Mítica is themed really, really good, it shows the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean sea, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Spain) and the Lost Islands.


Warner Bros. Park Madrid has the best rides of Spain: 4 amazing roller coasters. Superman, a floorless B&M roller coaster with 7 inversions and 60 metres height; the 4th Giant Inverted Boomerang in the world, Stunt Fall; Batman, as the others copies in the world, but its trains has seven wagons each one; Coaster Express, a wooden coaster of 40 metres height and 1300 metres lenght. Then there is La Venganza del Enigma (Riddler's Revenge), three towers of S&S and 100 metres height. The newest La Aventura de Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo's Adventure) is another interactive dark ride of Sally Corporation very amazing.


Parque de Atracciones de Madrid has one of the few inverted Intamin roller coasters in the world, Tornado, with 3 inversions; the newest Tarántula, an amazing Maurer Söhne roller coasters with 2 immelans and a tunnel; 7 picos, a Schwarzkopf roller coaster operating since 1969.


Of course all this parks have more rides, but these are the rides most important of each park. I don't understand why you didn't visit Spain (if you visited Parque Espana in Japan!!!), but if is your decision... To me is a dissappointment, but i hope you will visit our theme parks in the future.


See you!

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Im headed to europe next year myself and looking to hit some of these parks while im there....I also had a question about where your staying..how much/night (euro) is it setting you back and what class of hotel/motel do ya stay in??


We are staying at all classes of hotels!


We have been in everything from "Etap" which is the Motel 6 of Europe to Scandic, which is the Hilton equivalent. From Hotel Ibis, which is like staying at a Ramada in, to a Deluxe Disney resort!


The Etaps and Ibis' have been about 35 - 60 Euros a night, whereas the more expensive hotels have been 100 - 150. Keep in mind that on some nights we are also sharing, so for example the Gardaland Hotel, which was 200 Euros per night, was split between four people in one room and two in the other.


Accor hotels, the group that runs Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn have a TON of cheap hotels here in Europe. All of them have been nice and most of them have had Wifi. Keep in mind, though, that Air Conditioning is NOT a 'norm' of most European hotels, so if you are here during a heat wave, that could suck. I reccomend a 'travel fan' of some sort as something you should pack when you visit Europe.


--Robb "Hope this info helps!" Alvey

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Day Seventeen: Walibi Lorraine and Disneyland Paris


Today continued our "Credit Whoring Journey To Paris" with Walibi Lorraine. This was our last stop until getting to

Disney and after visiting Walibi Rhone-Alpes, we were afriad we would fine another dissapointing park.


And we were right.


Walibi Lorraine wasn't as bad as Rhone-Alpes in that the park had nicer landscaping and decoration, but it was

almost as bad with it's selection of rides.


We had met up with Matthew who gave us some insight to the park, and it seems that ever since they got rid

of the Smurf theming, the park has gone downhill. There were several empty or boarded up buildings and play areas

that used to house rides and attractions that are now gone. It was kind of sad.


As for the ride lineup, they had a wooden coaster that was basically the "PGA Grizzy of Europe", a Vekoma Loop-screw,

A log flume, rapids ride, a couple of flats, a few kiddie rides, and the new Huss Topple Tower.


The Topple Tower was the main reason we were here. At first we didn't know if we would get to ride it since it didn't

open with the park, and we weren't going to be here very long. About an hour later, the ride opened up.


I have to say it was kind of dissapointing. From the photos I had seen (and from the photos we took too) the ride

looks REALLY bad ass! I mean, it's one of those rides that looks much better in pictures and watching it as a

spectator than it does to ride.


The ride is very tame, and I really thought that when it 'toppled' it would do more of a 'drop', but it doesn't at all.

The main ride vehicle spins, slowly, and while spinning the tower leans over, slowly. It was a nice ride, but it

was very gentle, and very tame.


While it was a weird experience, it's not one that I would consider 'thrilling.'


We left shortly after that and made our trip to the Disneyland Paris resort.


After meeting up with Frederic and Louis, we took a ride on the newly revamped Space Mountain: Mission 2.

What can I say? I like Mission 1 a LOT better. *sigh*


At least the ride wasn't quite as rough as when we rode it in 2002. It was still bumpy and you can tell it was

a Vekoma, but it was very rideable, and we will certainly ride again tomorrow.


As for the show scenes, quite honestly, not much has changed. There's a nice new paint job in the queue, and they

have also closed up the areas in the queue where you used to be able to see into the ride. That was a dissapointment

as it used to be very cool standing in the queue watching the trains go through the course.


The new soundtrack is 'ok', but it's a fairly generic techo soundtrack, and I really felt that the old soundtrack felt

more 'classic.' There were a couple of new effects in the mountain, but to be honest, nothing that was too

memorable. Mission 1 used to have 'story elements' that tied the ride into the Jules Verne theme, while Mission 2

just seems to have random effects and a techno soundtrack. The one effect going into "hyperspace" with the red

swirlly lights sounds a lot like one of the effects they have added to the Disneyland ride. I'll let you know once

I ride the DL version!


So overall, while Space Mountain seemed more rideable this time than in 2002, I miss the old show. =(


We took a lap around both parks, but since we got here late we didn't have too much time. We rode Rock N Roller Coaster

a couple of times and I still like this version a lot more than the WDW version. It's smoother and I really like the

"light show" during the ride.


The tram tour is still just 'ok', but the Reign of Fire effect at the end is very good!


Indy had returned to being a forwards coaster again. Some of us got a lot of head bashing, some of us didn't. Weird.


Then we had dinner at the Hunter's Grill in our hotel (Sequoia Lodge) which is like the "French Ohana's" as you are

servered random meats on a big skewer and by the time dinner is done, you feel like you've had way too much to



It was a great time hanging out with Frederic and Louis, thanks for showing us around the park!


Now onto some photos!!!


For dinner we ate at the "French Ohana's" at our hotel in the Sequoia Lodge. (The photo is not blurry, that is how Dan really looks!) =)


The balloon ride over the resort looks awesome! We will ride this on Monday.


So this is where all the props from Horizons came to die. =(


While the movie Reign of Fire didn't wow anyone, this awesome fire effect based on the movie during the tram tour sure does!!!


Brace yourselves...it's going to get a little bumpy up ahead!


Hey look! Indiana Jones is running forward again!


While Space Mountain was a little smoother since the last time we rode, we all agreed that we liked the theming and story elements of Mission 1 much better.


Hey look! This Disneyland has a castle you can actually see!


Yay! We finally made it to Disneyland Paris!


We met up with Matthew and I hope we can spend more time with you if we see you in Florida in October!


"Hello, I am angry bird-creature ride thing! Gimme some candy!"


To be honest, it was a little dissapointing. While it was fun and all, it didn't spin very fast, and the 'topple' was VERY slow. Overall, the ride was very tame.


The new Huss Topple Tower was the main reason for our visit (well, that and the two coaster credits!) =)


Robb has finally found a chair that makes him feel thin!


Also on display for the event was a collection of the "worst early to mid-80s" cars. It was very strange!


Coincidentally enough, it was "American" day at Walibi Lorraine, where they had an event going on with cowboys and "American" music (country! Gag!!!) They also stuck little American flags to every coaster in the park....


Walibi Lorraine has "Anaconda." A Bill Cobb woodie with Morgan trains. Basically, it was the "PGA Grizzly" of Europe!


Joey was all "Since there is no Wok, the highly offensive, non-pollitically correct chinese dragon, to be found at this park, I guess I'll hang out with Walibi!"


They had some rather wacky theming on their Vekoma Loop-Screw.


What is it with us getting to a Walibi park early in the morning and it rains on us for the first 45 minutes???


Welcome to Walibi Lorraine, ex-Walibi Smurf. The Smurfs are gone, and so it seems are lots of attractions in the park! At least this place had an entrance unlike Rhone-Alpes yesterday.

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Robb, the walibi and DLP pics look great!! I was curious, whats different with the theming of Space Mountain Mission 2?


Also, thank you also for the info on the hotels. GF and I will prolly be hitting the ibis hotels in paris proper when we do our london-paris-rome adventure next year.

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Hey Robb,

great update and very good pictures again! To bad it was raining at Walibi!

The Disney pictures bring back all the good memories I have from that Park! Good to hear you like the Rock´n Roller coaster! It is also my favorite coaster there, and I like it much more than the WDW version, too!

I think the Sequoia Lodge is the best Hotel there! I really like the canadian wood style! Yes, and the food at the Hunter´s Grill is perfect!

Can not wait to see more pictures tomorrow!


--Sören "yum, pineapple with honey" Schomburg

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The Boomerang at Walibi Rohne-Alps looks like a laugh actually. The hanging moment when you roll towards the boomerang again would give a pretty cool feeling. If only the ride wasn't as painful as hell!


As for the Pinfari at Nigloland, it looks like the same ride as the one at M&Ds in Scotland, and that only seems to have good reviews as well. Looks like Pinfari can do something right every now and then.

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i suggest to Robb and Elissa on Monday to try after Parc Asterix to go at Le Jardin D'acclimatation to add 3 More Coasters at the center of Paris and also the night at the Fair at the west of Paris in Saint Germain en Laye Same line as Disney and they have schuttles from the Station to the Fair ( 3 More Coasters )


Total of Coasters outside Asterix at those parks 6 coasters .

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I am so exited to hear what you think of tonnerre de zeus wooden coaster at parc asterix! I really love that one! I have read the whole TR now mostly for this reason. Can you please compare it to balder and colossos for me, so i know where i am going on vacation in august So far i think i will go to heide park after reading your review. And maybe tivoli too.

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^ Well, I can tell you that my rides I had on Tonerre De Zues in 1997, 98, and 99 would put it firmly in my #1 spot. However my rides that I had in 2002, were much, much worse, and the ride would have dropped out of my top 20.


Now that was before having ridden Colossos and Balder, which are fantastic, and IMO, better than my original rides on TdZ. If TdZ is running on Monday like it was in 1997 - 1999, it would be in my top 5. But if it is still rough, I doubt it will be in my top 20 or 30.


--Robb "I've been to Asterix about 10 times and yet to see that park empty!" Alvey

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Too bad about your visits to Rhône-Alpes and Lorraine.

I think Rhône-Alpes is in a better condition then you described it. We visited the park 3 weeks ago and yes, it has no decent entrance, and yes, there are not too many rides.


But the park was "clean", and well taken care of.

The malaria swamp is du to the very hot periode we experienced in western europe the last month.


The rides they have aren't too wow but you have to put in perspective to the park's budget. The three French Walibis (originally bought by Meeus from Walibi in Belgium) were only bought 'to have a large group' but were never invested in. They just got their small budget and had to try to make the best of it. Walibi Belgium, Walibi World and MoviePark Germany always got the bigger share of the budget.


This year, management wanted to make more of a family park out of Walibi World and wanted to get ride of some thrill rides. Their double invertor moved to Walibi Rhône-Alpes and their Chance Chaos to Walibi Aquitaine. You see, even IF these parks get something new, it is but second hand material from their sister parks.


The people at the entrance even thought our Walibi Passes were cool since they "looked like a bank card" and their's don't.


You see what I mean. And although the park isn't that great, they make an effort and I can only have but sympathy for them.


By the way, since you were fascinated by the Boomerang, did you have a chance to have a look at their S&S-shot?

When this one's ride programme is finished, it stops halfway the tower and starts descending reeeally slow. Descend for a few feet. Stop. Descend for a few feet. Stop.


Walibi Lorraine has the same problem as Walibi Rhône-Alpes. No budget whatsoever. And with the disappearance of the smurfs not even a theme anymore. Unlike what you said, no rides have disappeared however. The mony ride that disappeared was some sort of bad earthquake-simulator. Sad thing about Lorraine is that they MASSIVE amounts of land. Without exagerration, they could nearly fit an entirely Disney-domain on it. And they are situated alongside one of the major Frecnh highways. This park could have so much potential if only they put the right money and vision into it. By the way, when Anaconda was built, it was the biggest wooden coaster in Europe.


Space Mountain mission 2 has better new effects as you think.

In the old version, you flew alongside static comets and through a comet/bar. This time, you still do that but the comets have moving projections adding to the illusion. Ok, the story is gone but there weren't that many people understanding it, honest. The soundtrack isn't reaaly techno. It is more in the "Incredibles"-trend. The music was composed by Incredibles-score-composer Ciacchino.


Indiana Jones is worse forwards then it is backwards. It has one advantage tough. You can see the curves coming and brace yourself for them.


And Parc Astérix is NEVER empty!

It must be France's most popular parc.

It is very popular with the French themselves. And this has something to do with the story behind it. Asterix was a Gaul (now French) hero who resisted against Roman occupation in the year 50 BC. The comic is VERY popular in France and is an icon of French chauvinism. Since the French don't like Anglo-American invasion of their culture, they see Asterix as the hero defending against the big US-giant Disney.

And chauvinism is a French word in origin.

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Robb mentioned that he prefers the Paris version of Rock N Roller Coaster over the Orlando version which leads me to believe that the Paris version is simply not a clone. Since I am a fan of the Orlando one, I was wondering if there were any other differences between the two coasters. Hope to meet you all in Orlando this October...I hope you do schedule a few weekend days for your upcoming trip.

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^ Nick you should try to do some southern parks if you come back to the US.


I could act as somewhat of a guide at Dollywood, Carowinds, or SFoG free of charge!


Brian, trying to score brownie points considering I might need a guide for my trip to the UK next year


Homey G


Thanks for the offer. Have not decided yet were to go next year.

We will consider doing the southern parks certainly, also looking at doing some parks in the Boston & Washington area.



Nick “Not decided yet” Collins

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Robb mentioned that he prefers the Paris version of Rock N Roller Coaster over the Orlando version which leads me to believe that the Paris version is simply not a clone. Since I am a fan of the Orlando one, I was wondering if there were any other differences between the two coasters.

The track layout is a clone, but the show is totally different!


While the Orlando version is themed to a 'fast trip to the show' the Paris version is themed to you being at the show and you 'ride the music.' Basically, it's just a spectactular light show with great use of fog, lights, and other visuals.


IMO, the lighting inside Rock N Roller Coaster is much better than in Mission 2.


While it's hard to get photos of it, here's some video grabs from our last visit in 2002:



That kind of gives you an idea of what I mean.


For what it's worth, Elissa perfers the Orlando version, but everyone else here who has ridden both (Dan, Joey, Dave, and myself) all prefered the Paris version.



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The Paris RnR has a dance club lighting package throughout the course instead of the black-lit plywood donuts Orlando has.


Other than that I believe all 3 coasters are the same layout wise.


-Don "The third being Xpress at WW" tha gansta



edit because Robb beat me to it, grrrr...

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Day Eighteen: Disneyland Paris Day Two!


Today was our 2nd, and "full day" at Disneyland Paris!


Our morning started off over at Disneyland getting a fastpass on Big Thunder Mountain. I still prefer this Big Thunder to all the other ones simply because of the cool tunnels that take you back and forth under the river where all the track is. (For those of you that don't know, Big Thunder in Paris is located on the island where Tom Saywer's Island is at all the other Magic Kingdoms.)


The second tunnel getting you back to 'land' is the best as you fly down underneath the river, get good speed and even a little airtime! Still, it was a morning ride, so it wasn't running to it's full potential. Maybe tomorrow after we get back from Asterix it will be running better.


We took a quick spin on Phantom Manor, again, the best of the Haunted Mansion's IMO. It's very different from the original layout, at least the last few rooms, and it seems to make more sense here.


Then on over to Disney Studios Paris, which, I just want to say that I really don't think this park deserves the bad rap that it gets. For what it is, it's nice. There's nothing wrong with it. The only thing wrong is that there just isn't enough to do yet. I think after Tower opens, and if they get one or two more "D" ticket attractions, this place will be on par with several other 2nd gate parks. Remember, when Disney/MGM Studios opened in 1989, that park had almost nothing: Great Movie Ride, Indy Stunt Show, Backstage Tour, Animation Tour, Superstar Television, Monster Sound Show, and a couple of other crappy shows.


Anyway....we did the Motors - Action stunt show and I have to say that my thought after seeing this show in Orlando remains the same....the Paris version is better...WAY better!


First off, there is no 'guest interaction' part, which I think really adds to the comedy of the show the way it's done. They basically pull a bunch of people out of the crowd, have them "audition" to play a part, then put them down on the stage in the middle of where all the cars drive and have them "act out" a little scene while all the action happens. It's very cool! And the fact that Elissa managed to be one of the "actors" made it that much funnier today!


Second, the show just seems to go much faster. There are still long gaps in between each sequence as they get all the stunts set up, but they seem to go much quicker and don't drag as much. I remember in Orlando thinking that I just couldn't wait to get out of the damn theater because it took SOOOO LOOOONG to get to the next stunt. Here it was very quick and they put you right back in the action.


Third, they didn't play that HORRIBLE Lindsey Lohan Herbie trailer. Sure, Herbie still comes out and there is a little montage of the old movies as they show off Disney's "most famous automobile" but it didn't feel like a cheap commercial for everyone to watch while they've got you captured.


After that we hit up "Cinemagic" which was new to us, and while it's 'filler' material for the park, it was pretty good filler stuff. Basically it's a movie with some live action, where they show you clips of some of the most popular movies ever. But it's done in a very clever way with the story being that the guy on stage gets 'sucked into' the movies. The effects are very good, and it's certainly worth seeing at least once. The best part of it was the 'misting effects' that got Dan "I don't like to get wet" wet!


We moved back over to Disneyland and into the Alice Labrynth where we proceed to get Dan "I don't like to get wet" wet some more!!! We are mean and horrible, but I'm sure he'll forgive us at some point!


The maze is great, though. Something that I wish would come to more Disney Magic Kingdoms. It's always a good laugh, there are fun little effects, and it took us a long time to get through it since we let Joey lead us. His excuse? "It took Moses 40 years to get my people out of the dessert, so what do you expect?"


Elissa and I still recovering from our cold headed back to the hotel for some McDonalds and rest. The McDonalds here in Festival Disney...wow...what can I say...it really is the worst in the world and it's always been jam packed!


Oh well, we eventually got our food, got some rest, and now we'll meet the others for Dinner in Festival Disney.


Tomorrow is Parc Asterix and More Disneyland!!!


Onto some photos!


Time to go into the hedge maze! We have a secret plan to get Dan wet! :evil grin:


While the show is pretty much the same as Florida's, the addition of the guest interaction part, and the fact that the show 'flows' a bit better here in Paris just makes it much better, IMO.


Let's take a closer look at that! =)


And there she is out in the middle of the action running from the cars and motorcycles!


It's even better when Elissa tries to "act" in the show. Here she is auditioning for the part of "Obnoxious screaming girl!" =)


The Moteurs Action stunt show we thought was better than Florida's Lights, Motors, Action show, and turns out it is!


And there are a lot of these skeleton dudes hanging around too.


Get's the shaft by this angry dude here.


Basically, this chick here....


DLP's version of Phantom Manor is the coolest of all the Magic Kingdoms. It actually has a story!


Time for an early morning ride on Big Thunder to wake us up.


Our obligitory photo with a Disney character!


Did we mention how much cooler the castle is here than all the other Magic Kingdoms?


Worst McDonalds EVER!!!




"Hey Dan, is this an acceptable level of wetness?"


Dan doesn't look too happy with us.

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I have seen the Orlando version of Lights, Motor, Action twice. They have been able to speed up the transitions between the stunts better. The show lasts about 30mins now. I suspect with practice (since its a brand new show) they will get better with the transitions. I was able to see the very first performance of the Orlando show back in March and it was well over an hour to get through the whole thing (and not everything was in place like the sea-doo part). The 2nd time I saw it was in May and it moved a lot better. Having some of the Paris Disney guests participate in the show looks like fun. Does the Paris version have the section where they pick a kid out of the crowd to try out driving a car with a remote control? Thanks for the video grabs from the Paris RnRC, the lighting looks pretty neat. Since the story or the themeing of the coaster seems to be different, do they have the same pre-show? (Since you are at the show now instead of driving to it). One feature that many people seem not to notice in the Orlando version of RnRC is the small lighted city on the floor in the center of the coaster building...I thought it was kinda neat.


Till October for Halloween Horror Nights, and Not so Scary Halloween! You guys doing Halloscream at Busch Gardens as well?

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Hey Robb,

great pictures! Glad to see you have so much fun!

The Moteurs Action stunt show with Elissa as an actor? That must be awesome! I was an actor at the show on my last trip, last year! Yes, I think this is a good effectfull show!

Big Thunder Mountain, I totally agree wit you, Robb! I also think the Paris version is the best! I like the part, riding under the river, too!

However, hope to see more Disney pictures tomorrow.




P.s. On the last pictures I saw you had dinner at the Hunter´s Grill! This is my favorite there, too! But if you want to eat some good food, in a nice atmosphere, than check out the Blue Lagoon Restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! This is the best restaurant ever! You will sit in the attraction, and see the passing boats! It is really good!

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Does the Paris version have the section where they pick a kid out of the crowd to try out driving a car with a remote control?

Yes, but it's actually one of the actors that are picked, then they had the remote control to the actor. The cool thing about it here is that the person that has the remote control is actually out in the middle of the stage, so the car zips right by them. When we saw it in Orlando, the person with the remote control was behind the gates. I'm guessing they probably has some real insurance problems in America having guests out in the area where the cars go racing by!


Thanks for the video grabs from the Paris RnRC, the lighting looks pretty neat. Since the story or the themeing of the coaster seems to be different, do they have the same pre-show? (Since you are at the show now instead of driving to it).

No, the pre-show it totally different. Same premise, same room, same Aerosmith, BUT it's like 20 seconds long! The group is standing in front of a model of a roller coaster and Steven Tyler says something like "...and then when you get to top of the loop you get 1 G's, 2G's, 3 G's......Going Dowwwwn....(queue Aerosmith music and doors open!)"


It's awesome. I hate the pre-show in Orlando (Give me a stretch...make that a SUPER stretch!) so this pre-show being over in like 10 seconds is SO much better!


Till October for Halloween Horror Nights, and Not so Scary Halloween! You guys doing Halloscream at Busch Gardens as well?

We haven't done that in a few years, but maybe this year we will!



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We just got back from the Character Dinner at Cafe Mickey's. Dude, this was AWESOME! Since we had one of the DLP Cast Memebers with us, we were sort of 'flirting' with all the charaters and they were writing us funny stuff on the napkins!


Once again, Mr. Smee was the coolest character! If you remember our 2002 Europe DVD when Mr. Smee was all over us making jokes and stuff, it was the same tonight!


The funniest moment was when we told Mr. Smee that Joey worked for Universal, he wrote on a napkin "Shut it Universal Boy" and every time Joey would try to say something, he would put his finger over his mouth, point at Joey, then point at the napkin! We were cracking up!!!!


And then he took the "Cafe Mickey" napkin and changed it to "Cafe Smee!" The characters here have been awesome (did you guys see in the previous update we got attacked by Baloo!)


Anyway, I just thought I'd post a few more photos from today since we had such a good time, we wanted to share it with you!


And thanks again to Louis for being such a good tour guide! Dinner tomorrow with Frederic, Nicolas, and everyone should be a lot of fun!




Now onto the photos!


"This one is for you Soren!"


"Rodent Orgy"


Which one does Elissa like more? The Rodent or Louis?


"Shut it Universal boy" says Mr. Smee! LOL!


"Joey works at Universal???? Noooooo!"


Mr. Smee remembers me from 2002!


I like my women small and rodent shaped.


This time around Dan and Joey get attacked by Baloo! Baloo even tried to order dessert for Dan...poor dan, there was nothing "sans sucre" on the menu.

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