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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Just looked back at all the pics from the beginning of the trip, I thought I'd see see some tiredness creeping in, but nothing so far. You guys are troopers!!!


Second, I have never seen Joey look as happy as he looks right here:



I knew you had it in you Joey!!! Just don't tell her your a Jew.

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Great TR and pics! I was wondering how you guys got to do all the behind the scenes type stuff, like go in places the general public isn't allowed, climb lift hills, etc? Did you set it up before hand?

Yes, we contacted all the parks here about a month before our trip. We were very surprised to see how many of the parks download all our videos and read the forums! Most of them have been keeping up with this thread also!


--Robb "So thank you to all the parks for your help!" Alvey

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We were very surprised to see how many of the parks download all our videos and read the forums! Most of them have been keeping up with this thread also!


OK, listen up parks, we're waiting for the new mega-giga-hyper-tera-pixel-coaster witha LIFT HILL any year now.

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We were very surprised to see how many of the parks download all our videos and read the forums! Most of them have been keeping up with this thread also!

Wow, that's cool to hear! Says something about the popularity of TPreview!


Nice to read that you enjoyed EGF as much as you did last time 8)

I'm looking forward to the lifthill-video's!


@ Elissa, did you managed to get the group to Tripsdrill?

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Day Thriteen: Europa Park


Hey everyone! I'm going to have to make this TR very short since I haven't had internet access for two days now, and in case you didn't notice, the site was down yesterday, and I had to fix that too.


All I can say about Europa is it still remains one of our favorite parks in Europe. The park does not dissapoint. We'll do a full Trip Report when we post our "big" Europe update!


Thanks again to Miro for showing us around, we had such an awesome time!


Tomorrow I'll post the pics for Mirabilandia and Gardaland (Katun was awesome!)


Onto today's photos!


And what update wouldn't be complete with our group photo?


Thanks again to Miro for showing us the park and all the backstage goodness and stuff!


Dan is all ready for Jim!!! =)


"Hello, I am Elissa....being up here on Euro-Mir is a scary crisis dilema!" =)


We got some nice photos from the top of one of the towers.


Euro-Mir is one of the coolest, most wacked out coasters ANYWHERE!


Damn, this shark won't need to eat for a month!


You can get some REAL close up shots with the train FLYING right past you from up here!


Here we are on the mid-course of Silver Star!


Silver Star ran really good this trip! It didn't seem as forceless as our previous visits and the trims didn't seem to be on as tight. We had a few really good rides on it!


Early in the morning before the park opened, we got to ride the transfer track while they were adding the trains.


Europa is on par with the quality of Disney or Universal parks. I've always thought this park should get it's own Travel Channel show or something.

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I've been to Gardaland in 2000 and thought the SLC was pretty good then.

The Helix is actually one of the best parts of the ride. And the SLC Blue Tornado ranks as my favorite SLC.

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Hi Elissa, Robb and everyone else on the trip. Thanks for the great time at Europa Park! Achim and me really enjoyed it.


It was a great day, we had the hottest and sunniest weather possible and we were lucky the park was so empty. Waiting times were around 10-30 minutes for major attractions.


We only shot a few pics but I'll post them here. We're really curious about the EuroMir footage. While the train was spinning up the hill we were talking and laughing so by the time the action started I had completely forgotten I was sitting in a coaster and thus the first bend really surprised me. My glasses came off and while trying to catch them I landed in Achims lap. I had a complete loss of orientation. I got bruises everywhere and my tummy still hurts from laughing. :laughing:


Reading your TR feels like you'd magically disappear at one park and reappear at another one. Seeing that there's no superfast private helicopter secretly taking you from one park to the other (okay, I never believed that, but still...) made me realise how tough your trip really is, staying in parks all day long, walking, cueing, being thrusted around and then travelling 500km or more in the van to get to the next location. You should get your own TV series, like Michael Palins travel stuff "The Alveys: Around the world in 80 coasters" LOL and Respect!!! and enjoy the rest of the trip.



Sonja "We love Europa Park but why isn't there a ride inside the shark" B.


Secret shark intestine dark ride, YAAAAY!



>>No swimming in the fountains


Gladiators with waterguns parade


Great weather and only few people


Exclusive Maerchenbahn onride!


What deep insights is Robb filming at the bottom of the fountain?


Beautiful Swiss scenery.


One of the jerky Silverstar shots...


Elissa is doing it right: When the trip is arduously you gotta get some sleep whenever possible. (pic was shot in the dark)

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Wow!!! What a great day in Mirabilandia! Thanks Robb, Elissa, Dan and the other persons that joined us in that beautiful day, very hot!!! That was amazing! Thank you! I can't wait till your return in Italy, hope soon! I know that next year you will be only in the UK, but i hope the next one you will be in Italy again! Thanks! I post a photo of Robb, Elissa and me in Mirabilandia, i'm the guy in the middle of course!







Here we are in the mayan area, near Katun! We have just finished to do an interview with Robb and Elissa, and he has just finished to ride Katun 8 times!

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