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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Actually, I was shaking from the Falken and Silver Star walk ups they were really scary. Almost nothing to hold on to, and in some cases just a single 2 x 4 to walk on! Believe it or not I was calm and collected for my beloved Expedition Ge Force walk up!


Elissa "Mmmm, that Ge Force walk up made me hot!!" Alvey

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Ok, so I'm working on the Bon Bon Land segment and I needed to get some park information. While looking around their site, I found this following timeline of attractions that have opened:


1992 Opening

1993 Dog Fart Switchback

1994 The Crazy Turtle

1995 The Water Rat

1996 The Pirate Trail

1997 The Octopus, ZimzalaBon

1998 Rafting - The longest rafting course in the Nordic region – 552 m

1999 The Shrimp, the Croc & the Horse Apple

2000 The Dump

2001 The Cobratower and Hurlum-Haj.

2002 The Wet Fish

2003 The Wild Boar

2004 The Crazy Albatross


All I can is....just look at some of the names of thier rides!!!

"Dog Fart Switchback"

"The Wet Fish"

"The Dump"


Wow. And the footage we have is priceless! All I can say is that this will be one MESSED UP segment!!!!


--Robb "Back to editing now..." Alvey

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Ok, and this tops it all!!! Searching some more I found some information about the park and the candy making company that the park is based on. Check out this link:




and then this one...




--Robb "It all started with a fart!" Alvey :shock:

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BonBon Land is just...wrong. There is no other way to describe it. I've been trying to explain it to people, but it is something you need to see. Though honestly, I doubt I'd ever go back there, as there's nothing I would likely ever want to ride again. But it was certainly an interesting experience...



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I have been eating Bonbon candy for years! Until i got a member of themparkreview i didn't even know there was a bonbon land.


But their candy is very good and it's so much to choose from. I especially like the pack with " big boobies from bonbon". Inside there is pairs of boobies in different colours. LOL But is' true!




This is for Elissa and Robb


Could you help me with this one. We are leaving 6 august on our vacation.

What seats are the best? Front or back on these following rides:



-Expedition geforce



We are going to try to make it to europa park to saturday 13 august. Because Dj Bobo is having a concert "Pirates of dance". I don't know if you know who he is. But anyway i think this park is going to get crowded then. Also europa park is now open until 1200 in the night every friday and saturday.


When going through all my stuff from Paris trip 2003 i found our 3-days passes from euro disney, and i remembered that we only used 2 days. So we are going to finish this 3 week trip in paris.


Thanks for giving us the inspiration to do this trip E&R.


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Colossos - BOTH!

Expedition Ge Force - BOTH!

Silver Star - Either


Seriously though, try to ride front and back on both Intamins, as about half of the people like the front better and half the people swear by the back!


Elissa "have fun!" Alvey

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From the pictures I've seen, mainland European parks can range from very nice to very crappy. I can't stop laughing when I read the trip reports. Many of those rides wouldn't be allowed in America because of the sue-happy attitude of the Americans.

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Thanks Elissa


You said something about "Limit" somewhere at this site, but i can't find it again and i don't remember what you said. Do you remember? And was "scream" drop tower any good?


Limit is just your standard SLC, no better no worse.


The Scream Drop Tower was AWESOME!!!! One of the best! We rode it at least 5 times that day!

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