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The Official "TPR In Europe" Ongoing TR Thread.

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Here we are at CDG airport. After a few woes of cancelled and delayed flights, we'll be on our way, this time through NYC to get back home!


Oh, well, it was a great trip and we'll post a recap probably tomorrow at some point when we are home and have had a chance to relax for about twenty minutes!



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good luck at CDG I know what a hell hole that place is... i spent a lot of time traveling there for work and the place sucks..... if your bored go try and spot the guy that the the film the Terminal was based on. He's a real guy who lives at CDG terminal 1 on the food level... He's an Iranian wanting to get to the UK but we wont take him and he wont enter France... he's been there quite a few years......

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it is strange that during the last 3 weeks you were always in the neighbourhood and now you guys are back to the Usa

We miss you already


I have quite firm plans to make a 'Usa tour' next year June with for the moment still only a small group of friends. We would like to visit Sfga, hershey, Dorney, Paramount, Geaugau and cp + some bonus waterparks in about 10 days and perhaps we can meet over there again. I will certainly revert to you on this soon as i will have a lot of questions in organising this in a proper way (do i throw my questions on yr forum or shall i send you a pm ?)


-- Benny

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Hey Robb,

glad to hear you have really enjoyed your Europe Trip. On the other side it is very sad to know your trip is over, because I think I will miss your daily reports! However, all in all thanks for let us share in your Trip, with the daily photo TR´s!

Not to forget, thanks for the GREAT 3 days, on which I allowed to accompany you!

Have a save flight right back to your home!



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and then went to what is the last dinner for the group together. That's right, this is the end of the trip. *sob*

Aaaaww... I'm very glad to read you enjoyed Europe!

Thank you for keeping us up every day! I really enjoyed hanging out with you and reading all the tripreports! 8)


About the group-trip-thing, why not give it a shot? If there'll be group trips, I'll try to join one (or more if possible)

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Hi TPR-lovers,

really enjoyed reading the reports and wachting the pictures of your fabulous trip!!


A little bit late, but what did you think of Asterix' Transdemonium?


I hope you recover quickly from this giant trip!



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Hey, loved all the photos and the reports, makes me want to go back to those parks i have not been to for ages, and go to the ones i have not been to atall, looking forward to all the pics and videos to come

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The trip is over.


We are back home safely and RatTums seems very happy to have us back!


The trip home was kind of messed up, though, since our British Airways flight from Paris to London was cancelled due to someone on the plane the night before having an "Infectious Disease!" :shock:


So we were re-booked onto American Airlines getting back to Los Angeles by way of New York City. It just meant longer waiting in the airport, and longer total flight time (14 hours versus about 11 1/2)


And we're home now!


But don't worry, for those of you who have enjoyed following our TR's, there is the "real" update coming soon complete with tons of photos and videos!


But for now to hold you over, I have posted the video I shot yesterday of Tonnerre De Zeus to the Members Only Forum:



And I'll do a re-cap post tomorrow.


For now, onto a couple of photos from today!


--Robb "Thanks for reading!" Alvey


Once on the plane we slept most of the way home. It's sad to be back. We were having such a good time we didn't want to leave! Until next year when we spend 10 days in the UK.....


When we finally go to board the plane, the jetway takes us to a BUS!!! :o I guess we're taking the bus back to LAX?


RatTums is happy to have us back home!

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Those TR's were awesome! Thanks for posting them! The boat jump thing of doom looks really fun, and so do those Intamin Plug-n-Plays.


I'm going to be heading across the pond to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland on Saturday (Jul. 9) and coming back the 28th. But, I'm not visiting any parks, just doing some of the other attractions. I'll be sure and post a TR for it!

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I'll be posting my own TRs and photos at some point (Mary took about 1800 pictures!), but I just wanted to say that Mary and I had an AWESOME time on the Europe trip. Almost all of the parks were great, and I now have new #1 wood and steel coasters (Balder and Expedition GeForce, of course!).


Thanks to Robb & Elissa for organizing all of this, and for putting up with us on the trip. And to Dan and Joey for putting up with us too. Really, you couldn't think of a better group of people to spend three weeks with. And all those people that came out to the parks to hang out with us were cool too. I suck at remembering names, so I can't name people individually, but we both enjoyed talking to you all and learning more about the parks and places we were visiting.


We came home to a house full of cranky animals (though they seem to have been well fed in our absence, so I'm not sure what they were complaining about!), a giant box full of mail, and no interest in eating at McDonald's any time soon...


Thanks again everyone!



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^PLEASE post the POV of your fall!


Anyways...Dave summed it up pretty well. It was a great trip with some great coasters, but most importantly it was done with great people.


I'll have TR's and photos later on too.


A big thank you to Robb & Elissa for organizing it, and also to Dan, Dave, and Mer for being cool. A big thank you also goes out to all the people we met who showed us around, gave us tips, having fun, and so on, and so on.


-Joey "I miss our German chicks" Mandel

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Hey Dave and Joey,

glad to here you are safe back home! I really enjoyed the 3 days with you guys.


- Dave, I can not wait to see your own photo TR! Can you please sent me Mary´s mail? Because I lost it! No McDonald´s? I can not understand why!


- Joey, maybe you will meet some German girls again! I have seen your "Cocktail" picture from the Redwood Bar! I hope that was as goof as the evening at the Dragon Bar! However, I have the mail from one of the chicks, if you want I can sent it to you!



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Gee, this was like a soap-opera addiction. I swear, you guys should have a TV show. Thanks for entertaining us for 3 weeks. Looking forward to the extended updates!


DenDen "will miss the daily antics".

I totally agree! I'm having withdrawls.

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