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  1. this is just what this park needed. i went there on a school trip once in 1999. it was the most boring park id ever been to and now i would definately save up and take some friends across to germany just to go on this. it looks so good i cant believe how close it gets to its themeing. i also love nemesis but i think this one may steal the title of the best BM in europe
  2. with a fish!!! who named an apple, an apple???????
  3. hey guys just been searching the net and came across this site. i thought i would share the link with you im not sure if this will work but if not just use the web address!!!!!
  4. what a film its hilarious!!! the characters are great. i loved every minute of it and so did my 2 year old godson who giggled all the way through it.
  5. hey guys please explain what is so wrong with vekoma coasters. just wondering. love to hear peoples views thanks. tom
  6. ^ cooking at BBQ < Loves the bullet at flamingo land (north yorkshire)
  7. hey guys here is the picture on my desktop
  8. at the end of the day it doesn't matter whether police or the public were targeted, 50 lives are now officially lost with over 700 people injured. NO ONE diserves to experience these events. it makes me feel SICK and disgusted that there are people out there are truely messed up in the head to do something like this. i remember the watching the 9-11 coverage on the news when i got home from school and again i felt disgusted and upset. i am pround of the people of london for the way they kept things together. i believe we the biritish people and the american people need to be united to put an end to terrorists. but then on the other hand i feel that maybe we should retaliate? an eye for an eye........
  9. went to see them last night in bolton reebok stadium. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! had such a good time but i didn't get home until 3.30 am i am well tired. i recommend you go see them if you get the chance. oh and they filmed us in the crowd for there new video for their new single fix you.
  10. hey guys any one going to see cold play on there tour? i am going on tuesday the 5th of july!!! they are playing at the reebok stadium in bolton. let me no if you are!!!!
  11. i dont know is that a trick question. i CAN count buy the way. who had the right to name an APPLE, an APPLE????????????????
  12. hi guys love the disneyland pictures!! i went earlier this year. end of january!!!! freezing and sometimes wet and miserable. i went for four days wi my drama class wi college! we had to go to three talks about backstge performances and costume design and how to put on a parade, quite interesting. i didn't go to see the motor stunt show i was too busy riding the indiana jones ride which was running forwards which i was preety upset about i was looking forward to riding backwards. space mountain was shut when we went due to the winter like that is an excuse apparently the effects dont work in cold weather!!!! i dont how true that is but anyway had such an amazing four days. what hotel did u stay in? we stayed in the cheyanne (full of other students) did you go to the buffalo bills wild west show? that was pretty cool im with elissa on this one i prefer the rock n roller coaster in florida!!!! although i had fun riding the one in paris cant wait to hear from you guys. oh and ive also been to phantasia land in germany about 5 years ago before the fire burnt things down!! what did you think to the micheal jackson thriller ride i loved that that is the best ever runaway mine train EVER!!!!!
  14. funeral for a friend - all the rage 1st track on their new album HOURS. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!
  15. oh my god how ebarrising i dint realise how large the picture is!!!!!! i apologise folks. sorry!
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