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  1. Hey, Just a question. How do you all get to do this stuff? Go around the globe and go to theme parks? Is this your job, fun, long vacation? Thanks! 8) Lexxweb
  2. Yeah whenever you see the "Hot Donuts" light on, there is usually a line out the door, especially in the morning! But I live in Sarasota Florida and the only places I can find with Krispy Kremes are inside our gas stations! 8) Lexxweb
  3. Searching for Souls and Sex Line were the best! The VCR was a bit boring. 8) Lexxweb
  4. I never ask permisson, I just hide my camera as best as possible and film away! The only ride I keep getting busted on for filming is that damn cat in the hat! 8) Lexxweb
  5. Okay well there releasing Coke with rasberry, we have cherry and vanilla and lime coke, what would you like to see? Coke Chocolate? Coke Ornage? Coke Grape? Coke _____? 8) Lexxweb
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