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New Vekoma Flyer in China 2008

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If they extended the station there could possibly be 2 trains, which would help capacity. Doesn't look like its included in this model...


The way that thing looks designed, either its going to be a lot bigger than it appears in the photo (I actually think its a cool idea, its just too bad Vekoma won't make it bearable), or there's going to be a lot of sore bodies.

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Other than capacity issues, this looks like a really cool ride. Besides, their Motorbikes were well received, EE is well received, their new SLC trains are said to be great, their new Boomerang trains are said to be great, I think that Vekoma is finally being a good company now. Besides, I'm happy someone is still making Flying Coasters.

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I'm not sure what to make of this. For eaxmple, what about the lifthill? A verical lift while you're lying on your back?


if you picture the train on the lift hill you'll see that your actually just sitting. I don't know what to think of this, it's weird but it's great our national pride is building something new !

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All be the track length looks a bit short for my liking, I'm sure this will be a good ride.


I'm liking the vertical lift, it looks really interesting! I hope we see a few of these come over to England, we have like 1 or 2 fliers... It will deffinately pull in the crowds at smaller parks.

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It hurts just to look at it.. I wish they would go back to track flow school instead of seeing how many times they can make you bang your head.

They spend millions designing all these crazy contraptions and spend all this money on unique lift hills but why cant they spend that money and go to school to make the track flow properly. A gradual turn is much better then a slam turn.. No need to worry about capacity, its going to be a ride it only once and leave so the line will be short.

Why has there been such a switch in what parks are buying. It used to be long coasters with long trains. Now everybody wants to build all the one car rides that have no flow or ride to them. They aren't coasters any more just more like glorified flat rides.

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It is the first Flying Coaster to feature an inversion in the flying position that isn't a barrel roll.


The pretzel loop? Or did you mean the first on Vekoma flyers? Regardless, I think it looks interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed Firehawk (granted it was just relocated so it was probably maintenanced a little), so I'm not gonna say this'll be a bust. I'll be optimistic (or maybe just ignorant...?)

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