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Another hearty "HELLYEAH!" for all these awesome clips! The Bat - never get tired of footage of that legendary ride; oh, to have ridden... The Beast, without the first drop trims... *stares off dreamily and sighs* The Orient Express, man, I wish that ride was still around. Why aren't there more coasters with interlocking loops?! They look so awesome. (Were there any others beyond Nessie, OE and the SFGAdv Lightning Loops?)


And, KCForce, kick-ass contribution as well! Loved hearing your first-person account and that overhead shot is beautiful!

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I never knew that Circus World had the prototype.


The prototypes for the Corkscrew and Launched Loop both featured different support structures over their upside down elements. I am not sure why they changed the design on both of them but it is obvious to see from the pictures below.


The Launched Loop prototype. You can see how the supports aren’t continuous at the top of the loop.


Here is that same prototype coaster at Circus World. Notice how the top of the loop looks different from the picture below.


The production model had a support structure that was continuous over the loop.


The Corkscrew went through the same support modifications.


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Thanks for posting these Shane. Awesome as always. By the way, am I the minority who still loves the lattice supports on Arrow loopers?

Absolutely not. To this day, regardless of how they ride, Arrow Coasters are visually stunning. The only really visually stunning Schwarzkopf loopers were Shockwave and Mind Bender.

Great footage, as always. Shockwave is to this day my favorite looping coaster, and it was also my first. It looks so simple compared to modern day loopers, but in 1978 it was cutting edge. Man, I'm old, lol.

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Time to get away to Cedar Point with this Cedar Point Getaway Guide from 20 years ago. Remember when there were Bears instead of Peanuts? When you see the hotel ads in the back of the magazine you are also reminded that there used to be a Sea World in the state of Ohio.


























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Wow! I'd completely forgotten about the Getaway Guide. I used to get one every year when I was in high school/college. We made our first trip there when Raptor opened. Do they still do the Getaway Guide?


Yes, but it is more or less just a brochure with a couple of coopuns in it now.


Now I need to scan all my stuff from when I worked there 1986-1990! What great memories I made then!


That would be sweet, I also worked there in '93.

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Wow that really takes me back! I haven't been to Cedar Point since 1990. We used to go pretty much every summer when I was a kid and we always stayed at the Camper Village. That was cool because we got to use the back entrance to the park by Gemini.


And I remember going to that Sea World that used to be in Ohio back in the late 80's. I remember the big pearl diving pool and I still have the pearl ring I had made up from the pearl I got.

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It's very different, but for some reason it doesn't seem too different from today. It might be the water park making me think that.


I think Cedar Point looked so much different 20 years ago than it does today, with only ten coaster (Gemini, BlueStreak, Cedar Creek Mine, Iron Dragon, Corckscrew, Mean Streak, Wildcat, Jr. Gemini, Magnum XL-200, and Disaster Transport), Deamon Drop, the Ferris Wheel being near the train track, Berenstein Bear Country where Planet Snoopy is now, a dolphin show, and a wild animal area where Power Tower is now.

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