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Most thrilling drop?

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Arrow Shuttle Loops, going backwards over the drop. I used to dread that part on KI's Demon.


I'll concur with Intamin first gen freefalls, too. I think it's the claustrophobia of being enclosed in the car that makes them seem scarier than other newer freefall rides.

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^Drop Zone (that's what it was when I last rode it) does have a really good drop. However, El Toro's drop wins my vote. I rode that beast 10 times in a row last trip in a bunch of different rows and in everyone it was amazing. Plus when you get to the bottom everybody ducks and I hold my hands up high. I love that coaster.

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I am glad to see a few other people have mention Hurakan Condor, it still scares the crud outta me!


Tower rides are my only real "thrill" remaining as I still get the good shot of Adrenaline afterwards (Fear of unsafe heights (sitting on a tiny chair 330ft in the air I class as semi-unsafe)


And it took me 3 days to pluck up the courage to ride it (and that was on my own, the other half doesn't touch drop towers at all!)


After riding it, I was straight back in line for another Adrenaline shot, love it!!!!


Found the seated version better, less painful at the end


Andrew "Love Drop Towers" Shakespeare

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I know this sounds like crap and every thing, but I think that Dr. Doom at IOA, gives some pretty good airtime, I just LOVE the thrilling pop of air at the top, and the launch gets me every time.


Dude, I completely agree with you. Dr. Doom was intense! That launch scared the SH** out of me and then the air time coming back down was indescribable! I also love the 1st generation drop towers but I think Dr. Doom takes the cake in my book.

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