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  1. This first hill is gonna make some turbans fly, looks like almost too much good ...
  2. Sorry about that, I forgot all about the disclaimer. I didn´t mean to insinuate anything about you and Elissa, I was all about being drunk and making a fool of oneself. Don´t get me wrong here, if you can. It is easy to get things the wrong way, isn´t it? If I believed you were bad parents, I would well shut up and not seek to meet with you. Yeesh! I have 3 sons of my own, and they hate it when I´m drunk, and I know and stay away from them, that´s it. Why make stuff up? Do I complain about you insinuating that I am an ignorant dork? Nope. So let´s get over it, I´m getting thirsty...
  3. Well, for me, I liked Piers a lot since the first time I met him, and still do, though we haven´t met for a long time. It is fun, yes, but also kind of an unsettling sight (like Elissa´s peeling wieners). Like Piers is about to make a fool of himself for everyone to see. The day might come he regrets having this posted. That, or maybe he just doesn´t care and never will. As for me, I´d be ashamed of myself talking to children like that, even if they were my own, and don´t think I never did. It is a good bit sad and pathetic besides all the fun. Just look at Elissa, she looks quite a bit underwhelmed to me. Maybe better think twice before you post more of this stuff ? I too like to have a drink or two (ok, eight) but I´d rather keep the outcome in private, it is just funny for the moment.
  4. All you beer price experts better remember that a tip is mandatory. So much, that if you give the waitress a 10 she will keep the change by default. Serious! I never cared/dared ask my change back since i believe they deserve their money - there is no better service anywhere, if you know the average bavarian attitude towards it
  5. ^^ Normally, everybody is qeueing up. However, there is always riffraff who think they don´t have to or drunk people who don´t give a damn. But its not really bad
  6. Well done! You captured the Oktoberfest frenzy very well. How are your heads today? I STRONGLY recommend you try Augustiner for once. I hope you have some money left by tomorrow, so i can meet with you crazy guys
  7. Good thing EGF is up and running again! All those new parts and paint ... wow! Someone must have had a notion about the needs of that machine
  8. This bunny hop after the first drop must have a killer angle thanks for the update
  9. still walking around with that old Nikon D80... planning on upgrading during the next winter period as soon as i know what will replace the D90.. or maybe even a replacement of the D700.. Thanks for the reactions so far. happy to hear people like the pictures and appreciate the effort and time it takes. Yeah I know the hassle when it comes to upgrading anything. You wish you never had to... but all digital stuff grows out of date so quickly. Hope you make the right choice (something like a D700 with half the weight and size)
  10. More great pictures. Are you still shooting with you old D200 (or what it was)? Until today I believed www.coastersandmore.de had the best rollercoaster photos. Now I think you do
  11. I cant remember a note of the theme and my coach didn´t spin a lot. I was with a small group of coaster experts from Stengel, and nobody was too excited (as opposite to Blue Fire or Silver Star). No use discussing this though...
  12. Very cool photos indeed. Nobody else think that Euromir is a piece of crap? When its not boring, it is rough, I wonder what everybody is so excited about....
  13. @ TPR brew -------------- Unfortunately (but fortunately?) my brewer buddy decided to spent his summer in a mountain cabin. So - no brew for the few. Since the feedback wasn´t too big, I figure only 20-50 TPR people will be really p***ed off at me now. Don´t worry, just stick to Augustiner and everything will be alright And I´m gonna help you stick to it ... see you nerds later MfG Norman though... I could still organize a very special event for an exclusive group of say 10 - 12 people out of the already exclusive Octoberfest crew at my place, about an hour away from Munich. Only in the very likley case you would get bored of hanging around in the big town. The options would be: - a pinball tournament at my house (on my Williams Firepower) - a dart tournament at my house - a kubb tournament (viking game, kinda like chess and bowling combined) - spareribs/hamburger/hotdog bbq on my old and battered Weber grill - weird local beer and people How about that for breakfast?
  14. Concerning the book about Mr. Stengel - I`m sorry I can´t offer anybody a copy, mine is the german issue from the Stengel exhibition in Munich back in... when was it? 1999? I´ve heard the rumors about a reprint as well, no idea why they don´t do this, and an american translation above all
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