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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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and I'm taking a friend who doesn't get to get out much, and I want to make sure she has a great weekend.


In this case, I would say don't buy the Fast Pass.


The only coasters at CW worth riding are those two big B&M's, the Big Bad Wolf wannabe, Bareback Stunt Lot Coaster and that train coaster that goes through Gander Mountain.


If you dare go on any of the other crappy coasters there, your girlfriend will probably just hate you for taking her on them anyway...even if you get to skip the line.



Don't do it!!!!!

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Best day ever at the park yesterday. The little bit of rain in the morning scared off the masses so me and my family practically had the park to ourselves by the afternoon. Never thought I would say the words (we're going to stay on and re-ride again, thanks in mid July on The Bat). We managed to get on over 50 rides and attractions. It was a big day for my dare-devil daughter who just turned 7 recently and made the 48" cut. My more cautious son who turns 9 in September made the 54" inch cut and worked up enough nerve by days end to ride Behemoth and Leviathan (which were both walk on rides by the afternoon). Considering I chickened out on Disney's World's Space Moutain at that age I was very proud of him. Our coaster list for the day was as follows:


Leviathan (3x)


Back Lot Stunt Coaster (3x)

Mighty Canadian Minebuster (2x)

Widl Beast (2x)

Dragon Fire (3x)

Vortex (2x)

Thunder Run

The Bat (3x)

Silver Streak

The Fly

Ghoster Coaster

Taxi Jam (5x) - ??? don't ask, my kids were high on sugar at the time!


All without any fast passes. Leviathan was really fantastic. I have never been on such a smooth coaster before. Behemoth and Vortex were great as always. We really enjoyed Back Lot Stunt Coaster as well which none of us had been on before. Minebuster was a lot of fun and running pretty smooth for an old woody. Wild Beast was a little rougher but not as bad as some people have complained about in the past. The only coaster I had an issue with was Dragon Fire. There are some really rough parts on that ride with the worst being just before and just after the Corkscrew. Be forewarned, you may need a chiropractor after this one. It's a shame too as this was the first steel roller coaster I had ever been on as a kid.


Anyway, you should all have a great time this weekend. The weather forecast is calling for a sunny weekend so unlike my lucky day you will likely need your fast passes.

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I visited Canada's Wonderland once before Behemoth and Leviathan were built. I believe Paramount still owned it at the time and I remember it had some great flat rides but a mediocre coaster collection. I remember the two big woodies were the roughest I've ever been on. At least now with a couple great steel coasters added my next visit will be much more exciting.

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Got back from the park a little bot ago. Had a blast. Great day. Crowds weren't too bad, but having Fast lane was a savior. I finally got to ride Leviathan. It might be my favorite ride. Very fun and some intense forces. I will upload some pictures for sure.

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Such an amazing day at the park yesterday! The park went all out for the group. Thank you CW and TPR!


There was so much to do. Just amazing. I'm still up on four hours sleep on pure adrenaline from Leviathan and Behemoth. The cold water with Stunt Coaster combo may have had something to do with it as well


I'm also really looking forward to hearing thoughts on Leviathan.

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I'm probably approaching 100 Leviathan rides and I think I had the best rides yet last night. Simply amazing! Behemoth was running VERY well with LOTS of airtime to be had. Thanks for an amazing event TPR! I hope all the first time visitors enjoyed the entire park as much as we locals do.

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Front seat rides on Leviathan at night are where it's at. That was an insane ERT session!


I agree!! Leviathan was GREAT during the ERT session but Behemoth still beat it out! While I loved the first part of Leviathon, it just lacked at the end. It was still an amazing ride more so in the front for me.


Canada's Wonderland was the highlight park of the LeviaTHON Tour for me. The park was beautiful and where it lacks in coasters (some very rough!!!), it was the overall look of the park and the fact that they have a large amount of flats that I loved.


The SLC has to be one of the roughest SLC's I've been on and I can see why Rob and Elissa gave us a Time Warp Survival Kit!

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Going here tomorrow! Any tips for me? Where to head first, where to ride on Behemoth/Leviathan, best eating places, where to expect longer lines, etc, any input is appreciated! First time at this place, want to get on all 16 coasters

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^Get Fast Lane.


Seriously, during the summer, the only way to guarantee you get on all the rides is by buying it because the lines get pretty long. It is so worth it. Leviathan and Behemoth's lines are typical around an hour, so chances are, you'd only be able to get in about 1 or 2 rides each without Fast Lane. Leviathan is usually the busiest in the morning, because people tend to go there as soon as they get in.


Personally, my favourite seat on Behemoth is the back, because you get awesome airtime on the first drop, but it does get a little rattly. Still, it's my favourite ride in the park and the airtime is heavenly. On Leviathan you either need to get the front or back, as the most airtime is found in these seats. The ride ops will assign you seats on Leviathan, but if you ask, you will almost always get the seat you want.


As for food, it's pretty meh, but you should definitely try a funnel cake, they're one of the best things in the park. For a large meal, you can try the International Marketplace Buffet, just inside Medieval Faire. The food is better than the rest of the park (though still pretty meh), it's usually pretty quiet in there. It's about 20 dollars for the buffet, I think.


The flat ride selection here is pretty good! Make sure you try Riptide (you will get soaked), Shockwave, Nightmares, Drop Tower, and Sledge Hammer (It`s pretty dull, but it`s unique!).

Finally, be warned of Time Warp, Flight Deck and Wilde Beast. Your brain may be turned to goo after riding these.


The park is really nice, and is probably the most beautiful of the Cedar Fair parks. The roller coasters for the most part may be mediocre, but Behemoth and Leviathan should make up for that! Hope you have fun!

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I'm going to be arriving in Toronto for an undetermined amount of time at the end of August and I'm wanting to try and get to some parks in the area before they close for the season.


When do the schools go back in the GTO? I see the park is open every day till the end of August. I'll be arriving in Toronto on the 28th would it be better to go for a 2 day pass or one day with fast lane?



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thanks for the suggestions! I had a feeling Behemoth had the edge, I've been on every other B&M of this kind in the USA so adding Behemoth, Leviathon and Goliath at La Ronde is going to rule and Diamondback is my favorite out of those so it's going to be cool to see how these 3 rank with the others! I'll probably have a PTR of my visit, and I'll report crowds for whoever else will be going in the near future!

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