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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Top Ten:


1. Maverick - Cedar Point

2. Millennium Force - Cedar Point

3. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point

4. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster - Warner Bros. Movie World

5. Afterburn - Carowinds

6. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point

7. Kentucky Rumbler - Beech Bend

8. Mantis - Cedar Point

9. Tower of Terror - Dreamworld

10. Thunderhead - Dollywood


Top Wooden Coasters:

1. Rumbler - Beech Bend

2. Thunderhead - Dollywood

3. Gemini - CP

4. Tornado - Stricker's Grove

5. Racer - KI

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Top 10 wood


1.) Mean Streak (Cedar Point)

2.) Thunderhead (Dollywood)

3.) Thunder Road (Carowinds)

4.) Rebel Yell (King's Dominion)

5.) Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

6.) Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake)

7.) Blue Streak (Cedar Point)

8.) Georgia Cyclone (SFOG)

9.) Hurricane Category 5 (Myrtle Beach Pavilion)

10.) Grizzly (King's Dominion)


Top 10 steel


1.) Wicked Twister (Cedar Point)

2.) Maverick (Cedar Point)

Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

3.) Incredible Hulk (IOA)

4.) Kraken (Sea World Orlando)

5.) Magnum XL- 200 (Cedar Point)

6.) Top Gun: The Jet Coaster (Carowinds) ...now called After Burn

7.) Avalanche (King's Dominion)

8.) Mindbender (SFOG)

Iron Dragon (Cedar Point)

9.) Mystery Mine (Dollywood)

10.) Wild Mouse (Myrtle Beach Pavilion)


This was tied at eight.

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Top 10 Wooden:


Beast- PKI

Thunderbolt- Kennywood

Mean Streak- CP

Blue Streak- ConneautLP

Racer- Hershey

Jackrabbit- Kennywood

Comet- Hershey

Big Dipper- GL

Skyliner- Lakemont

Leap the Dips- Lakemont

Blue Streak- CP


Top 10 Steel



Mellennium Force-CP

Phantom's Revenge- Kennywood

Magnum- CP

Mantis- CP

Dominator- GL (PKD)

Vortex- PKI

Great Bear- Hershey

Raptor- CP

Great Nor Easter- Wildwood

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out of the coasters I've been on.....


1.Dueling Dragons Fire-IOA


3.Superman ride of steel-SFA


5.Riddler's Revenge-SFMM


7.Wild One-SFA

8.Italian Job-KD

9.Joker's Jinx-SFA

10.Big Bad Wolf-BGE

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And if you all want to know my top 10. This is it:



1 - Expedition Geforce (Holiday Park)

2 - Tatsu (SFMM)

3 - Riddler's Revenge (SFMM)

4 - Katun (Mirabilandia)

5 - Xcelerator (KBF)

6 - Goliath (SFMM)

7 - Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

8 - Stealth (once it was called PGA)

9 - Batman The Ride (SFMM)

10 - Deja Vu (SFMM)



1 - Colossos (Heidepark)

2 - Stampida (PortAventura)

3 - Giant Dipper (Belmont Park)

4 - Tomahawk (PortAventura)

5 - Colossus (SFMM)

6 - Sierra Tonante (Mirabilandia)

7 - Bandit (Movie Park Germany)

8 - Robin Hood (Walibi World)

9 - Pegasus (Efteling)

10 - Grizzly (once it was called PGA)


In my "Overall Top 10" Colossos would be 11. Because my last ride on this great woodie was 4 years ago.

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There was some magazine that ranked America's coasters like this:


1. Millennium Force

2. Kingda Ka

3. The Beast


5. Tatsu?

6. Nitro

7. Magnum XL 200

8. Ghostrider

9. ?

10. Lightning Racers


I forget the rest, I'll post when I get home. Haha, I can't believe they put the Beast above coasters like SROS, Nitro, and LRacers!

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1. Deja Vu

2. Screamin' Eagle

3. La Vibora

4. Mr. Freeze

5. Batman the Ride (SFOT, SFOG, SFGAm, SFMM, not SFStL)

6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland > Magic Kingdom)

7. Georgia Cyclone

8. Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)

9. Top Thrill Dragster

10. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom ONLY)

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I)X-Six Flags Magic Mountain

II)Batman:The Ride-Six Flags Magic Mountain

III)Millenium Force-Cedar Point

IV)Dominator-Geagua Lake {At that time}

V)Xcelerator-Knott's Berry Farm

VI)The Riddler's Revenge-Six Flags Magic Mountain

VII)Magnum XL 200-Cedar Point

VIII)Tatsu-Six Flags Magic Mountain

IX)Maverick*-Cedar Point

X)Silver Bullet-Knott's Berry Farm


I)Beast-King's Island

II)Gemini-Cedar Point

III)Blue Streak-Cedar Point

IV)Psyclone**-Six Flags Magic Mountain

V)Raging Wolf Bobs-Geagua Lake

VI)Colosus-Six Flags Magic Mountain

VII)Mean Streak-Cedar Point

VIII)Villain-Geaqua Lake

IX)Ghost Rider-Knott's Berry Farm


*Many people will disagree that I gave Maverick such a low rating. As fun of a ride as it is, it looses points for a the right turn on the initial turn being so sharp it clips you in the jaw.


**Psyclone was an extremely rough ride, but whenever I went, it was always open, and it never had a line. That is saying alot for a Magic mountain ride back in those days.

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1. X (SFMM)

2. Tatsu (SFMM)

3. Millenium Force (CP)

4. Kingda Ka (SFGA)

5. Superman - Ride of Steel (SFNE)

6. Space Mountain (Disneyland)

7. Scream (SFMM)

8. Magnum XL 200 (CP)

9. Goliath (SFMM)

10. Deja Vu (SFMM)

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I am sure I posted in this thread once, but I probably have an updated list now anyway.


1. Maverick

2. Superman: ROS (SFNE)

3. El Toro

4. Millennium Force

5. Nemesis

6. Tatsu

7. Sheikra

8. Dueling Dragons (Ice)

9. Kraken

10.????? Too many rides tied for being "really fun" I cannot really choose.

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1) El Toro-Six Flags Great Adventure

2) Magnum XL 200-Cedar Point

3) Millennium Force-Cedar Point

4) Storm Runner-HersheyPark

5) Alpengeist-Busch Gardens

6) Top Thrill Dragster-Cedar Point

7) Wildcat-HersheyPark

8) Nitro-Six Flags Great Adventure

9) Apollo's Chariot-Busch Gardens

10) Vortex-Canada's Wonderland

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7. Scream (SFMM)



I'm shocked Scream made it to anyone's top 10.


I like Scream. Not sure it's in my top ten, but I liked it.


One might say the same about having Villian in their top ten.


So, Scream is just a mirrored version of Medusa, but in a parking lot..right? And I've heard people say it's one of the rougher B&M's. Has it gotten better? Am I asking the right person?


-J"Trying to collect as much info for my SFMM trip as possible..."Z

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So, Scream is just a mirrored version of Medusa, but in a parking lot..right? And I've heard people say it's one of the rougher B&M's. Has it gotten better?


I had no problem with it. I absolutely loved the thing. Parking lot or not, it comes pretty close to being my favorite B&M floorless. It has a little rattle to it, but I could name five or ten B&M's that I've found to be "rougher."


It's not in my top ten steel, but possibly top twenty.

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