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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Here's my new list:



1.) Sheikra @ Busch Gardens Africa

2.) Incredible Hulk @ Islands of Adventure

3.) Raging Bull @ Six Flags Great America

4.) Wildfire @ Silver Dollar City

5.) Superman: Ultimate Flight @ Six Flags Great America

6.) Rock n' Rollercoaster @ Disney-MGM Studios

7.) Tennessee Tornado @ Dollywood

8.) Revenge of the Mummy @ Universal Studios Florida

9.) Expedition Everest @ Animal Kingdom

10.) Batman: The Ride @ Six Flags Great America



1.) Thunderhead @ Dollywood

2.) Viper @ Six Flags Great America

3.) American Eagle Red @ Six Flags Great America

4.) American Eagle Blue @ Six Flags Great America

5.) Zippin Pippin @ Libertyland

6.) Arkansas Twister @ Magic Springs

7.) Gwazi Lion @ Busch Gardens Africa

(yeah I've only been on seven wooden coasters)

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Here are my top 10s.



1. El Toro

2. Troy

3. Thunderhead

4. Boulder Dash

5. Cornball Express

6. Phoenix

7. Rampage

8. Viper

9. Dania Beach Hurricane

10. Wild One




1. Mindbender (SFOG)

2. Expedition GeForce

3. Goliath (SFOG)

4. Nitro

5. Apollo's Chariot

6. Superman ROS (SFNE)

7. Kumba

8. Top Gun The Jet Coaster

9. Revenge of the Mummy

10. Klotticoaster

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Since I have only been on 20 coasters my list might not be to amazing of.



2. Incredible Hulk Coaster

3. Dueling Dragons (Red)

4. Rock N Roller Coaster

5. Yankee Cannonball

6. Silver Comet

7. Batman: The Dark Knight (SFNE)

8. Cyclone (SFNE)

9.Big Thunder Mountain (Disney World)

10. Space Mountain (Disney World)

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I have trouble comparing wood to steel.


Top 10 Steel Roller Coasters

1- Superman Ride of Steel (Six Flags New England)

2- Maverick (Cedar Point)

3- Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)

4- Storm Runner (Hersheypark)

5- Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

6- Kumba (Busch Gardens Africa)

7- Mr. Freeze (Six Flags Over Texas)

8- Superman Kyrpton Coaster (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)

9- Incredible Hulk (Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure)

10- Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)


Top 10 Wood Roller Coasters

1- Voyage (Holiday World)

2- Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)

3- Shivering Timbers (Michigan’s Adventure)

4- Hades (Mt. Olympus)

5- Avalanche (Timber Falls Adventure Park)

6- Raven (Holiday World)

7- Beast (King’s Island)

8- Legend (Holiday World)

9- Son Of Beast (King’s Island)

10- Renegade (Valleyfair!)

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Here are my top 5 steel and top 5 wood which equals my top 10.


Steel :

1. Steel Force - dorney

2. Nitro - six flags NJ

3. Great Bear - hersheypark

4. Talon - dorney

5. Phantom's Revenge - kennywood



Wood :

1. El Toro - six flags NJ

2. Lightning Racer - hersheypark

3. Phoenix - knoebels

4. Comet - hersheypark

5. Leap the Dips - Lakemont (just because its so old and neat)

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I'm not sure I could put them in order from 1-10 so here are ten of my favorite coasters in no particular order...


Dueling Dragons Fire-IOA

Dueling Dragons Ice-IOA


Incredible Hulk-IOA

Dania Beach Hurricane-Boomers





Batman: The Ride-SFMM

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1. Chang-SFKK

2. Nitro-SFGADV

3. Mr. Freeze-SFSTL

4. Kingda Ka-SFGADV

5. Raging Bull-SFGAM

6. Deja vu-SFGAM

7. T2-SFKK

8. Batman: The Ride-SFGAM

9. Medusa-SFGADV

10.Tony Hawk's Big Spin-SFSTL





1. El Toro-SFGADV

2. Avalanche-Timber Falls

3. Viper-SFGAM

4. Cyclone-Lakeside

5. American Eagle(red)-SFGAM

6. Boss-SFSTL

7. Screamin Eagle

8. American Eagle(blue)-SFGAM

9. Zeus-Mt. Olympus

10.Hades-Mt. Olympus

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I'm hesitant to post my list because I'm rusty in terms of park visits and am hitting at least three new ones within the next month. Something tells me SFMM and Knott's are gonna force me to seriously reconfigure my Top 10.


That said, I love seeing the Scorpion at BGA on thefitness's list. That's such an intense Schwarzkopf. (Vertical loop fangirl here.) I always get afraid that the older loopers are going to be forgotten among all the hypers and LIMs.

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My top ten coasters!


1. MAVERICK - Cedar Point:

I could barely talk from yelling so much through out the ride! Holy $!%#!! This ride is freakin' insane! It's all speed and action from start to finish. There's airtime on all levels EVERYWHERE! Maverick has it all: Airtime, Speed, Inversions, Turns, Special Elements, and SMOOTHNESS! Allthough my first ride got abit vibratey coming out of the launch. I was expecting a fun headbanger with an insane element taken out. But wow, this is an amazing roller coaster. It's deffinately a Top Ten, and I bet you will agree! It just proves that you deffinately don't have to build the tallest and fastest with most inversions to be the best! But it's my 61st credit and Number One on my top ten!


2. MILLENNIUM FORCE - Cedar Point:

Such a great ride! Airtime and speed all over the place. With a 310ft drop nearly straight down, it has to be a top ten coaster!



Another CP ride. TTD is an amazing experience! The set up and theme of the ride is great and the ride is even better. The launch takes your breath away, and so do the incredible views!



A fantastic forcefull B&M with no headbanging! I love the zero-g!


5. MAGNUM XL 200 - Cedar Point

An old school Arrow with great airtime! A classic.


6. THUNDERHEAD - Dollywood

An insane wooden coaster that provides airtime and lateral g's that will blow your mind!


7. FIREHAWK - Kings Island

It's a great experience! And what I think is the best loop ever!


8. GEMINI - Cedar Point

A great coaster that is wayyyyy under rated! You get to slap hands on every turn and airtime on every drop!


9. FLIGHT OF FEAR - Kings Island

A fun launch with an intense cobra roll and the best corkscrew ever!


10. MANTIS - Cedar Point

Though I didn't ride it this year, I did last year and it was a great ride! No headbanging at all!


Off the list:

RACER (backwards) - Kings Island

So, this ride has no line...rpretty much never....and it has some great airtime!


RAPTOR - Cedar Point

It's a fun B&M invert....too bad there is alot of headbanging.


BEAST - Kings Island

I LOVE it at night!

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1. MF

2. X

3. Tatsu

4. Maverick

5. Apollo's Chariot

6. TTD

7. Expedition Everest

8. Alpengeist

9. Titan (SFoT)

10. B:TR (SFoT, SFGam, SFMM)


Honorable Mentions: S:UF (SFGam), Goliath (SFMM), Raptor, Rock n' Roller Coaster, Silver Bullet (KBF), Magnum XL-200, Medusa (SFDK), Top Gun (GA), Mr. Freeze (SFoT), and Roar (SFDK)

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I don't have a top 10, but rather a top 5 of steel and wood seperately.





Holiday World


Mt. Olympus


Six Flags Great America

4)Ghost Rider

Knott's Berry Farm

5)Cornball Express

Indiana Beach





1)Millennium Force

Cedar Point


Cedar Point

3) Raging Bull

Six Flags Great America

4) Flight of Fear

King's Island

5) Expedition Everest

Disney's Animal Kingdom

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1. Apollos Chariot

2. Top Thrill Dragster

3. X/ Tatsu

4. Xcelerator

5. Alpengeist

6. Griffon

7. Fight of Fear (PKD)

8. Raptor

9. Deja Vu

10. Volcano




1. Ghostrider

2. Hurler (PKD)

3. Grizzly (PKD)

4. Gwazi

5. Blue Streak (CP)

6. Colossus (Left) (SFMM)

7. Colossus (Right)

8. Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster

9. Mean Streak

10. Psyclone

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I only have 51 credits, and I may be hitting up SF Over Georgia in a few weeks, but at this point my list is:


1. The Voyage (Holiday World)

2. Raging Bull (SF GrAm)

3. Deja Vu (SF GrAm)

4. The Boss (SFSTL)

5. Batman The Ride (SF GrAm)

6. Batman The Ride (SFSTL)

7. Chang (SF Kentucky Kingdom)

8. The Legend (Holiday World)

9. The Beast (Kings Island)

10. Vortex (Kings Island)


Honorable mentions go to:

The Raven (Holiday World)

The Racer - backwards (Kings Island)

Firehawk (Kings Island)

Tony Hawk's Big Spin (SFSTL)

Mr. Freeze (SFSTL)

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1. Voyage

2. Maverick

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Magnum XL-200

5. Beast

6. Raptor

7. Ozark Widcat

8. Powder Keg

9. Firehawk

10. Mamba

...I'll just go to 20... Mr.Freeze (sfstl), Batman: The Ride (sfstl), Wicked Twister, Millenium Force, Legend, Raven, Flight Of Fear (KI), Wildfire, The Boss, Patriot. That was in order.

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1: NITRO- Six Flags Great Adventure

2: Superman:RoS- Six Flags New England

3: Maverick- Cedar Point

4: Millennium Force- Cedar Point

5: Storm Runner- Hersheypark

6: Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point

7: Kumba- Busch Gardens Africa

8: Montu- Busch Gardens Africa

9: Wicked Twister- Cedar Point

10: Mantis- Cedar Point


Some Honorable mentions: Lightning Racer, Phoenix, Boulder Dash, Magnum XL 200, Kingda Ka, Medusa, Superman: Ultimate Flight.

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1. Voyage

2. Thunderhead

3. Avalanche

4. Shivering Timbers

5. Hades

6. Phoenix

7. Legend

8. Texas Giant

9. Lightning Racer

10. Gwazi



1. Phantom's Revenge

2. Goliath (SFOG)

3. Storm Runner

4. Kraken

5. Montu

6. Dueling Dragons

7. Raptor

8. Maverick

9. Sheikra

10. Millennium Force

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  • 8 months later...

I'm just doing top 5's since my lists get too close after that:



1)Apollo's Chariot

2)Storm Runner


4)Goliath (SFOG)





2)Tonnerre de Zeus

3)Lightning Racer

4)Dania Beach Hurricane

5)Wildcat- Hershey

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