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What is your next park?

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Well, I think my signature says it all.


Disneyland Resort: My family gets DLR withdrawals, and our last visit was July 2011. Veterans Day weekend might work out for us.


CGA: Music in the Parks beckons! Hopefully the new GCI will be operational by then (5/4/13); if not, then next year (Apr/May 2014).


SFDK 2015?: Long story...


Anything else is to later be decided.

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Hershey is a great place, probably my second favorite park.

Knoebels...it's been years! Real family place but I remember loving the 2 woodies there!




My next park is hopefully Kings Dominion with the TPR crew.

This damn job I've been waiting for is really starting to drive me nuts. Not only is the waiting agonizing but if it takes too long I may not be able to afford KD! *chain of profanity*


Cedar Point August 18 and 19 is happening, and I am stoked!

Finally will get to ride Maverick after being denied twice (once thanks to a crappy group of park goers)

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I should be going to thorpe park in the weeks to come with my family. And, my mum is going to be riding the swarm. So that will be her first major coaster, since she suffers from back pain. Well, she has improved through time and the swarm is very smooth. Should be a good time.

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